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Building a Gaming PC: 10 Things You Must Know
It looks simple yet it harbors beastly components. Vybe - the classic gaming pc as defined by MAINGEAR.

6. Motherboard

Even Golumn will throw away the One Ring for this precious. The Rampage III Extreme from ASUS

It’s called mother for a reason: it babies all the components of a PC together, holding them all in one place. It comes in different sizes called form factor. The larger the board, the more components it can handle which is especially useful for memory modules (RAM) and graphics cards.

When you’re buying a mobo, you’ll find lots of combinations of numbers and letters like Z97, 990X, and LOL123 in the box. They represent the chipset of the board which defines the features and hardware supported by the mobo. You really need to do research on this to make sure all other components are compatible with each other. The more expensive, higher-end boards tend to be sturdier and have better support for overclocking.

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