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Building a Gaming PC: 10 Things You Must Know
It looks simple yet it harbors beastly components. Vybe - the classic gaming pc as defined by MAINGEAR.

9. Monitor

Now, you can train your peripheral vision while gaming. A visual treat from a 3-screen setup by ASUS.

It can be confusing to choose which monitor to pick for your PC with manufacturers like Samsung, AOC, and LG releasing new displays almost every quarter. To make things simpler, here are few things you might want to take note of in choosing a monitor:

  • Response Time

The response time represents how fast a pixel changes from black to white. A longer response time will produce a ghosting effect. Go for displays with 5ms or lower response time to prevent ghosting.

  • Refresh Rate

Refresh rate can be simply defined as the number of frames displayed per second. A monitor with 60Hz refresh rate is capable of displaying 60 frames per second. Higher refresh rates tend to produce more fluid motion. A 60Hz monitor is good, but you can go for one with a higher rate if you can afford it.

  • Input Outlets

It’s just a matter of versatility when talking about input outlets. Go fo LED monitors that come with DVI and VGA outlets. HDMI and DisplayPort outlets are good to have but not necessary as of the moment.

  • Size and Resolution

Look for a 21" display at the least for a good visual experience. Monitors now have at least 1080p Full HD resolution so no worries on that area. If you have money to spare, go for one with a bigger display size, because bigger really is better in this aspect.

Multi-screen setup is also an option for rich and diehard gamers looking to get eye-strain level 99. 4K monitors are still ludicrously priced, so might as well forgo it for now. There are also monitor TVs in the market for those who want to watch The Walking Dead while playing Minecraft.

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