The Top 10 Bestselling CPUs of 2017

Bestselling CPU 2017

A new year means upgrades of the latest tech, in this case the new central processing units (CPU) for laptops and desktops. During this time many get pulled into the hype for the latest and greatest, while forgetting that the one’s that came out just last year are still available.

What is a CPU and why is it important for gaming?

A central processing unit or CPU is the brain of a computer. It carries out every order we input into the PC, whether you are typing out an essay or watching a video, it goes through the CPU. From software and hardware to accessories, the CPU handles everything.  If a task on the PC requires a lot of processing power to get done then it limits a PCs multitasking ability.

In terms of gaming, CPUs affect the entire gaming experience. CPUs read all of the information that a game has and translates it into character controls, levels, saved files, etc. on the PC.  

Having an inadequate CPU will affect the response time and the smoothness of a game. If the processor can’t keep up with the requirements of a game then the game would react slower to player commands and moving the camera to look around the game’s environment will pause or even freeze. This can results in a bad experience for gamers in player vs player mode and even those who are playing solo. 

The power and performance of the CPU plays another important role in PC gaming. Different games have different power requirements, meaning they require a certain amount of watts to operate. A first person shooter will need less power than a game like League of Legends that has multiple characters, with a wide array of gameplay, controls, etc. Games that have lower power requirements will usually have a better performance because they take up less watts, so they aren’t causing the processor to push itself.  

Why do some CPUs sell more than others?

CPUs are readily available online and in stores, but the processors that are available all differ from one another.  There are many different CPU models for gamers and non-gamers. Some models sell more than others due to the needs of the user. Gamers will want CPUs that are fast and have high performance ability, while non-gamer’s will want CPUs that can handle basic programs and daily use.

Within the different CPU series there are several different features and specs. Meaning that each CPU series is made to handle certain jobs or focus on certain features. There are high-tier processors that are built for gaming and a heavy workload, low-tier processors that are made for basic programs and everyday use, and of course we have mid-tier processors that is a combination of both. Different models sell better because of these features.

The other deciding factor is the price of a processor. While PC users want to have the right processor, the fact is that money plays a large role in the decision making process. The more powerful CPU models that can handle gaming are more expensive. These models, like Intel’s Core i7, are made with gaming and entertainment in mind. Some processor’s costs around $350-$700 alone depending on the make and model and if you are buying a prebuilt laptop or desktop the CPU model can cause the final price to go up or go down.

Top 10 bestselling CPUs of 2017

These CPUs were chosen based on the number of units sold from February-December of 2017 from a sales report made by Mindfactory and looking at the top sellers from, excluding the 8th Generation Intel Processors and AMDs latest Ryzen processors.

1. Intel i7 7700K  

Price: $330   Core: 4   Base Speed: 4.2 GHz   Max Speed: 4.5 GHz

One of the first models that came out in 2017. The i7 7700K has good gaming capabilities, but according to several reviews it runs hot so a better fan or cooling system may be needed.

2. Intel i5 7600K

Price: $230   Core: 4   Base Speed: 3.8 GHz   Max Speed: 4.2 GHz

A CPU with multitasking abilities and can handle gaming. Comes with a “turbo” setting where it will kick in depending on the current workload.

3. Intel i5 7500

Price: $195Core: 4   Base Speed: 3.2 GHz   Max Speed: 3.8 GHz

Similar to the 7600k model this CPU offers the same abilities as the 7600K, but has a lower speed and cheaper price.

4. AMD R5 1600

Price: $180   Core: 6    Base Speed: 3.4 GHz   Max Speed: 3.6 GHz

Not the most powerful AMD CPU, but offers a cheaper alternative to the more expensive models.

5. AMD R7 1700

Price: $300   Cores: 8   Base Speed: 3.0 GHz   Max Speed: 3.7 GHz

One of the cheaper options to the R71800X, this model offers the same capabilities as the 1800X the only difference being speed.

6. Intel i5 7400

Price: $180   Core:4   Base Speed: 3.0 GHz   Max Speed: 3.5 GHz

Like the other i5 models offered in 2017 this CPU is good for multitasking and boosting speed where it needs to. The only downside, according to reviewers, is that there were times where the CPU stayed in the “turbo” mode and started to produce more heat.

7. AMD R7 1800X

Price: $500  Core: 8  Base Speed: 3.6 GHz   Max Speed: 4.0 GHz

This processor possesses many good gaming qualities, but is one of the more expensive models.

8. Intel i3 7100

Price: $115   Core: 2    Base Speed: 3.9 GHz    Max Speed: N/A

Not the fastest CPU around, but according to buyers it’s a good CPU for everyday use. It didn’t reach the same sales number, but it was consistently purchased throughout 2017.

9. AMD R5 1400

Price: $140   Cores: 4   Base Speed: 3.2 GHz   Max Speed: 3.4 GHz

Similar to Intel’s i3 AMD’s R5 1400 model was purchased consistently in 2017. Compared to other CPUs this model is pretty basic, but it does offer gaming capabilities suited for gamers.

10. Intel i7 8700K

Price: $330  Cores: 6  Base Speed: 3.7 GHz   Max Speed: 4.7 GHz

This model was released near the end of 2017 and was one of the more popular CPUs being bought.

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