AMD Radeon Owners Get Lots of New Goodies in the Latest Software Update

AMD Radeon Owners Get Lots of New Goodies in the Latest Software Update
Biggest Software Release Ever Doesn’t Actually Seem Like an Overstatement

Now You Can Stream and Record Your Gameplay With AMD Radeon Software

With the new software update from AMD, Radeon owners will get a lot of new features that could enchance their gaming experience. Now, with the new Crimson ReLive Edition software update, you will be able to stream, record and even edit your gaming footage.

Not only that, but it comes packed with the Instant Replay option. Nvidia users have been enjoying these features using Nvidia’s Share (or Shadow Play as it used to be called) so it’s nice to see that AMD is keeping up with the times.

Is the Software Any Good

According to AMD, your gameplay will only suffer a small dip in framerate when using ReLive. Battlefield 1 seems to only suffer a 4 percent framerate dip while Overwatch suffers only 3 which sounds impressive. There are also updates to FreeSync. Gradual refresh rate has been added for notebooks and laptops and of course lots of new graphics options which will make your games look just a little bit nicer.

Another useful feature also dynamically adjusts your games settings so they don’t overwork your graphics card (it’s turned off by default, but if you think your computer is getting a bit hot, you might want to flip that switch on).

Anything Else

There are also some minor but cool features like the upgrade advisor which scans your games and tells you what you should upgrade to make the game you’re playing smoother, and a tool which lets you know if your cabels are connected correctly. All in all, it seems like AMD has taken some notes from Nvidia and have done their homework well. 

If you are a proud AMD Radeon Graphics card owner you can download this new update right now.

I Can Stream Too Now, Y’know

For more information check out this link.

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