Intel 8th-generation processors – What is it?

Intel 8th-generation processor
Intel's Next Generation CPU

2018 has not been great for Intel, but that isn’t stopping them from releasing their next generation of core processors. Intel released the 8th generation core processors for desktops last year while also teasing at the new processors for laptops and notebooks for 2018. It can be frustrating trying to tell the difference between the available processors and what is coming out, so here is what you need to know.

What is it?

Every year Intel releases a new generation of processors that are better than the last, this time however rather than being a better version of the previous model they have made drastic changes to the 8th generation processors. Intel will be releasing several different series this year, such as the 8th gen. Intel Core U-series and the Intel Core H-series with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics.

This article is focused on the i5 and i7 core processors with AMD’s integrated Radeon chip for laptops. Both the i5 and the i7 are geared for high performance and gaming.

Release Date

Intel’s 8th generation core processors will be released this spring.

How is it Different?

The new Intel 8th generation core processors have been completely redesigned from previous generations. This is thanks to Intel’s Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), which is a built-in connector that increases the communication speed between the connected chips.

Previous designs were more spread out, requiring laptops to be bigger and bulkier to compensate for that layout. With the new design the different units of Intel’s core processor are packaged together, making it slimmer. Due to this redesign gaming laptops will no longer need to be as big, making them more mobile.

Perhaps the biggest difference between this generation and the previous one is that Intel is also incorporating AMD’s Radeon graphic chip. This is a game changer, as this is the first time AMD and Intel have collaborated together. With the Radeon chip Intel’s core processors will bring top tier gaming capabilities of AMD to laptops and notebooks, while also providing the processing speed and strength of Intel.

This combination of using the Radeon chip and using EMIB will make the processors faster without needing more power or creating more heat. Radeon chips are low powered and the EMIB design allows for the different processing units to share power rather than each unit using power independently.

Bottom Line

The new 8th generation Intel processors will bring changes to pc gaming. With the new design gaming laptops will no longer have to be thick and heavy. This processor will combine both the strengths of Intel and AMD for the first time, improving the gameplay capabilities of gaming laptops.

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