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Building a Gaming PC: 10 Things You Must Know
It looks simple yet it harbors beastly components. Vybe - the classic gaming pc as defined by MAINGEAR.

4. RAM

The G.Skill Ripjaws 4 series tears games apart with its speed and reliability.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It’s the workbench of the PC where it runs your games and other active applications. A 4GB memory is becoming a standard nowadays, so might as well get at least that much. They usually packaged in pairs when you buy them in stores.

A bigger capacity won’t hurt since it’s advisable to have extra memory space when running applications. This will prevent hiccups and slowdowns when running a handful of applications at the same time. Just remember that it’s not all about the size that matters on this component. Memory clock speed and CAS latency also define how fast the memory handles data throughput.

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