21 Free FPS Games That Are Amazing!

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Don't want to choose between a Norse god and a nun? Don't!

Free-to-play, free-to-win, and free to save some cash.

Ever feel like shooting zombies, but you just don't feel like shelling out the 59.99 to do it? No problem, I got you covered.

The market is saturated with FPS's where you have to pay to play, but check out some of these free-to-play FPS's and get all the bang without the buck.

21. Walking Zombie 2 (PC, Android)

Walking Zombie 2 gam​eplay

Walking Zombie 2 is a single-player RPG with hints of Fallout and a polygon aesthetic.

Playing as the subtlety monikered “chosen one” (who looks oddly like Negan from TWD), help your band of survivors take on various tasks while uncovering a deeper secret.

With its user-friendly interface, good RPG/FPS mix, and fast-paced zombie action with challenging boss fights, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in this fun shooter.

Play it here.

20. Destiny 2 (XBO, PS4, PC)

Destiny 2 gameplay

Widely hailed as superior to its predecessor with better character development and a more robust storyline, Destiny 2 offers tons of free to play fun.

Join forces with your friends in co-op to defend humanity against a massive force from outer space.

Choose your class as the Titan, Warlock, or Hunter, go PVP with your friends and use an exotic arsenal to lay waste in multiple maps, game types, and planets.

Play it here.

19. Black Squad (PC)

Black Squad gameplay

Join the ranks of an elite military special force in this squad-based tactical shooter.

With components of CSGO and CoD, play in urban battlefields, modern training stations, and virtual war zones.

Choose from a wide variety of weapons, characters, and roles; and of course, join with thousands of players online in a strategic deathmatch.

Fall in here.

18. Team Fortress 2 (XB360, PS3, PC)

Team Fortress 2 gameplay 

The infamous TF2 is one of the most well-known hero shooters, and for good reason!

Choose from 9 unique classes such as a demolitions expert, a pyromaniac with a flamethrower, and a spy who can infiltrate the ranks of the enemy team.

TF2 is also known for being well supported, with constant updates adding new game modes, new guns, and yes… hats.

See what it’s all about here.

17. PlanetSide 2 (PS4, PC)

PlanetSide 2 gameplay

For players looking for a shooter with a massive world, player-base, and army action akin to that of the Battlefield series, look no further.

Planetside 2 is an FPS set on a global scale where you fight alongside hundreds of teammates forming huge armies to fight for their faction and themselves.

Use tons of futuristic and modern weapons, pilot land and air-based vehicles, and most importantly, strategize with your teammates to dominate the battlefield and rout the enemy.

Join the battle here.

16. Paladins (PC, XBO, PS4)

Paladins gameplay

One of the newest games to get in on the hero/shooter bandwagon is Paladins, and to its credit, it carries its weight.

Choose from 4 classes: tank, attack, support, and flank, from which all 44 heroes are typed from.

Using a combination of unique abilities, firearms, and fighting style, Paladins offers enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

Check it out here.

15. SCRAM (PC)

SCRAM gameplay

SCRAM, as the name implies has a single goal- to get the f*** out of there!

In SCRAM you play as an innocent villager who must survive a mutant attack until your rescue copter can arrive...but be careful!

If you’re killed, you become a mutant! If you turn into a mutant your objective then becomes to teach those pesky villagers a lesson. GET TO DA CHOPPA!

SCRAM to the game here.

14. MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7 (PC)

MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7 gameplay

A thousand years from now, battles are fought not by troops or tanks, but by giant mechanized robots appropriately called BattleMechs.

Like the humans who pilot them, choose your abilities for each craft; will you be quick and agile or huge and resilient?

Enter the Solaris Arena, choose your Mech, and compete against other players to become the Deus of the Machina.

Pilot your mech here.

13. Hellbound: Survival Mode (PC)

Hellbound: Survival Mode gameplay

Fans of 90s grindhouse first-person shooters will feel right at home in Hellbound.

Combine DOOM, add some Quake, and sprinkle on some Duke Nukem and you get this hellscaped, gore-filled masterpiece of fun and violence.

This “Survival” mode is just a tease of the single-player campaign that is available for pre-order. 

Try it out in Survival Mode here!

12. Cry of Fear (PC)

Why does it seem like scary sh*t is always happening in Scandinavia?

Originally a Half-Life mod, Cry of Fear has been backed by popular demand to make it it’s own game, and it’s terrifying.

In a mysteriously deserted Scandinavian town, search for answers, fight off undead creatures, and try to maintain your sanity… best played at night.

Face your fear here.

11. Quake Champions (PC)

Quake Champions gameplay

Quake is back as a combination of Quake III Arena and new character abilities for a more up-to-date playstyle.

Known for its fast-paced action, loads of powerups, and sexy weapons like the lightning gun, each champion now has different abilities to master, some passive some you must activate, and all unique and intense.

Summoning turrets, spitting acid, phase shifting and calling in a drone strike are just some of the new abilities- who will you choose? 

Play it here.

10. PUBG Mobile (iOS, Android)

PUBG Mobile gameplay

The record-breaking PUBG has made its way to mobile.

PUBG made a name for itself with its 100 player battle-royale deathmatches and its fast-paced arcade-style gameplay where you parachute in, scavenge for weapons, and try to survive.

With massive maps, various terrains, and game modes like team deathmatch and zombie mode, you can play in squads, teams, or go lone-wolf to be the último hombre. There can be only one!

Play it here.

9. Codename CURE (PC)

Codename CURE gameplay

In this squad-based first-person shooter, your objective is to clear the site, but it’s not tangos you’re taking down, it’s zombies.

Kinda like CSGO if the terrorists were already dead and the only way to win is to “cure” them… (psst! Cure means kill!)

Play in co-op with up to 5 players and choose your role between assault, support, tech, sniper, and get to *ahem* “curing” away.

Play it here.

8. Ring of Elysium (PC)

Ring of Elysium gameplay

In this battle Royale inspired by games like PUBG, you must escape Europa Island as a massive volcanic storm spreads its noxious ashen storm across the land.

Oxygen is dwindling, the constantly moving eye of the storm is the only safe zone, and the rescue copter can only take up to 4 people.

Besides guns, utilize gadgets like the biosignal detector, the stealth cloak, gliders, grappling hooks, and even BMX bikes to do what you gotta do to survive!

Try it out here!

7. Cuisine Royale (XBO, PS4, PC)

Cuisine Royale gameplay

Wok for a breastplate? Check. Sexy garter-wearing nun with a sniper rifle? Check.

Summoning zombies using demonic powers while wearing nothing but your skivvies? Also, check.

Thor? You better checkin' believe it.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, almost anything goes in this wild-west of battle royales, so if you can’t decide between playing a zombie survival, a shoot-em-up, or a spell-casting RPG, no worries, you can have it all in Cuisine Royale!
Play it free here.

6. Deceit (PC)

Deceit gameplay

A psychological mind-frag and escape-room horror all mixed as a terrifying whodunit.

Deceit is both literally and figuratively the name of the game as 6 players try to determine which of them is “infected” with a vampiric virus.

Traverse 3 zones and solve puzzles to unlock tools, weapons, and other ways to help you identify the infected but beware: at the end of every zone, a blackout occurs where the infected are free to show their true form.

Can you figure out who’s infected before it’s too late? Or can you hide your infected nature long enough to feed on your innocent victims?

Try it out here.

5. Fistful of Frags (PC)

Fistful of Frags gameplay

It doesn’t get more straightforward than Fistful of Frags: a first-person wild-west multiplayer with weaponry as unforgiving as the wild-west itself.

With fast action and no fancy gadgets or techs to speak of, you have to be a quickdraw and a dead-eye if you want to survive here.

Fight in train depots, saloons, Mexican forts and choose from a variety of realistic weapons from guns to bows to dynamite, and try to frag them before they frag you. 

Frag your enemies here.

4. BLOCKPOST (PC, Android)

BLOCKPOST gameplay

If you ever wanted to play in a Lego world, with Lego guns, where you shoot Lego people, you might like BLOCKPOST.

Using procedural generation, pretty much everything is customizable and the levels are largely random.

The high customization of maps, guns, character, and virtually everything else makes this shooter one of the more replayable and fun ones on this list.

Play it here.

3. Unturned (PC)

Unturned gameplay

Although it takes place in a ruined society’s zombie-infested wasteland, Unturned is not just another zombie survival game.

This game does “sandbox” right, with massive, community-maintained areas, different countries, and the abilities to hunt, fish, pilot aircraft, watercraft, or land vehicles, this is just the tip of the polygonal iceberg.

Being massively customizable and with endless things to do and places to explore, you can easily and happily get lost and immersed in the world of Unturned.

Play it here.

2. Apex Legends (XBO, PS4, PC)

Apex Legends gameplay

Taking place in the same universe as Titanfall, Apex Legends is a sci-fi based, battle royale with the popular mechanic of “hero shooters”.

Playing in groups of threes, players drop over a large, randomly generated landmass with a constantly shrinking safe-zone, forcing surviving squads into a final standoff.

There are 11 distinct heroes each with their own passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities; ranging from Mirage’s team of decoys to Bangalore’s artillery strike, there are countless ways to combine strategies to be the last squad standing. 

Play it here.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  (XBO, PS4, PC)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay

In Counter-Strike you play as either the terrorists whose objective is to set off a bomb or counter-terrorists who attempt to prevent this from happening.

For 20 years, Counter-Strike has been a staple of tactical squad-based shooters, with its fast action gameplay, intuitive controls, and adrenaline-pumping shoot-outs.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest incarnation of this genre-defining game, with new maps, new weapons, and new game-modes; keeping the legend alive and strong, two decades later.

Play it here.

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