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As a Witcher, you carry two swords upon your back: one for humans, one for monsters.

5. Superior Feline Steel Sword

Weapon Specs

217 - 265 Damage

Crit Chance +5%

Bleed Chance +15%

Bonuses experience from humans and nonhumans: +5%

Materials Needed

1x Feline Steel Sword - Enhanced

1x Leather Scraps

3x Dark Steel Ingot

1x Ruby

1x Monster Tooth

Required Level: 25

It didn’t feel right to include the other Witcher schools on this list without including the Cat school, but don’t think the Superior Feline Steel Sword made it on pity alone. Bonus experience while making your way through the mid 20 level range is always welcome, and the lethality of having bonus percentages to both critical hit chance and bleed chance lets you strike hard and leave a lasting impact. Not to mention that almost all of the materials needed to make it are available to purchase at most any blacksmith.

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