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As a Witcher, you carry two swords upon your back: one for humans, one for monsters.

Part 2: Steel Swords

9. Arbitrator

Weapon Specs

170 Damage

Crit Damage +50%

Dismember Chance +10%

Stagger Chance +10%

Materials Needed

1x Leather Scraps

2x Steel Ingot

1x Amethyst

2x Monster Blood

1x Monster Claw

Required Level: 17

Steel swords are used for taking down human enemies, and while many of the ones you meet are far weaker than monsters, it’s always best to go into every battle well equipped for any threat. That’s where the Arbitrator comes in. With a 50% bonus to critical hit damage and a decent dismember chance, the real stat to draw you in here is the 10% change to stagger. Forcing your opponent to disengage in battle for even a second opens up your chance to deal massive damage, and shielded opponents become trivial. 170 damage at level 17 makes this a great pickup.

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