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As a Witcher, you carry two swords upon your back: one for humans, one for monsters.

6. Caroline

Weapon Specs

139 - 171 Damage

+95 Vitality

+14% Axii Sign Intensity

+17% Critical hit chance

+10% Chance to cause bleeding

Materials Obtained from Deconstruction

1 x Leather straps

2 x Dark steel ingot

2 x Ruby dust

2 x Emerald dust

Required Level: 15

Much like the blade before it on this list, the Caroline sword is all about giving yourself an opportunity to strike hard and quick. The bonuses to the Axii sign and to the chance to land a critical hit both set up a one hit KO chance, while the 10% chance to cause bleeding ensures that any opponent left standing after more than a couple of hits will begin to wish they weren’t so resilient. The real kicker on this one? Even if by chance your battle continues on for longer than you wished, the blade grants you an extra 95 vitality, giving you the edge against nearly any foe you’ll encounter in your travels.

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