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Charging on to the next fight.

3. A Refined Inventory System

A step in the right direction.

Once you hit level 15 or so, your inventory becomes a cluttered mess. Sure you can dump everything back at home, but one expedition later and you’re right back to being ear-deep in gear and junk. It’s most noticeable when you’re trying to find specific things.

Where’s that note you just picked up? Lost forever in your trans-dimensional pockets. What about that weapon that’s good against insects? Time to dig through all your pistols, hats, and armor pieces!

If all your items went by specific categories, such as weapon, armor, key, note, you wouldn’t feel dizzy every time you brought up your Pip-Boy. There are mods that streamline the menu, but it would be great to see an excellent inventory system in the vanilla game. Hopefully Fallout 5’s menu will make spring cleaning a little easier!

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