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Charging on to the next fight.

6. Co-Op Gameplay

Sometimes you just need a friend.

If Fallout was an MMO, it would be an entirely different game (a la The Elder Scrolls Online). It wouldn’t have that personal sandbox spirit we’re all drawn to. But two-person co-op opens up a whole new can of fun while keeping the original flavor intact.

Being able to jump into your buddy’s game or pulling a friend into yours would add countless layers to gameplay. Fighting together through the bulletsprays of a street brawl. Dropping in for support against a tough boss (enemies would probably level, though!) Sabotaging their world by setting fire to an innocent settlement of now-crispy friends. Getting shot in the back as punishment…

Saving the world or destroying it—it’s all the more fun when you’re side by side with a friend. Cooperative gameplay would make Fallout 5 even more amazing.

And hey, if you prefer playing lone wolf style, you can completely ignore the co-op feature. That's the beauty of choice.      

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