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10 Things Every Horror Game Needs To Be Good
Find out why we love our favorite horror games


1. Psychological Horror

The scariest thing we face off with in video games might not always be a grotesque monster dripping with blood, but something that preys on the fears in our minds.

After tons of gory game play sessions we often get desensitized by most of the graphic violence. To keep the scare factor up great horror games will utilize psychological horror to scare players to their core. Horror games can create this discomfort in players by exposing common fears like self-doubt, distrust, and paranoia.

Ready to discover your biggest fears?

Psychological horror games focus on mental conflict. These games will build tension through atmosphere, creepy sounds, and exploitation of ours and our character’s fears. Psychological horror can exist in a game that deals with supernatural entities, but will generally keep the monsters hidden. Our innate sense of fear will create plenty of horrors.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a game that plays on our fear of the unknown, and rightfully so. We never know if the sounds we hear are an indicator of what’s to come or are from our character’s failing sanity. This uncertainty is what makes Amnesia excel, a constant state of unease will warp players’ minds as we transverse the game.


Agree with the list or do you have different criteria that you look for in great horror games? Comment below with that makes your favorite horror games amazing and check out the following horror articles!

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