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Best PC Games of 2014
Amanda Ripley in Alien: Isolation

6. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Heart's launch trailer.

How does a history lesson in disguise sound to you? I haven’t had a single person tell me that sounds like a bad idea. Well, that is exactly what Valiant Hearts is.

These handrawn scenes are stunning.

World War I is in full swing. Families are torn apart by the call to serve. As you advance through the game by solving puzzles, you are rewarded with morsels of factual information pertaining to the war. Oh yes, and pieces of the fictional story. Good work soldier, now solve more puzzles.

Did you know that tanks got their name due to being disguised as water transports?

It’s a vicious, err, glorious cycle that capitalizes on your thirst for more facts. By the time you realize you’re hooked, the game is over. How about it? Why not play a video game and educate yourself simultaneously?

7. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga's launch trailer.

Grab your axe and kiss your family goodbye. The Banner Saga is a story that unfurls in Viking country as an endless legion of dredge threaten the safety of citizens across the land. But are they the only threat?

Threats from within are just as problematic as threats from outside.

Gameplay is reminiscent of The Oregon Trail in that you travel caravan style and supplies decide the fate of your group. Although obstacles in The Banner Saga make The Oregon Trail look like a cake walk. Narrative intensive situations provide you with many options. Options that carry a variety of consequences.

Expend willpower to reach yellow tiles.

The combat system reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics. If you enjoyed that fighting experience, you shouldn’t have any issues with combat in The Banner Saga. Boasting 25 playable characters, this gem will keep you entertained until the kids come home from school. 

8. Alien: Isolation

Launch trailer for Alien: Isolation.

Do you enjoy suffer through horror games? Me too. I watch my friends’ Steam broadcasts and ALT + Tab out when I know something bad is around the corner. If you’re brave enough, Alien: Isolation is waiting for you.

Located on a remote space station, you take control of Amanda. A woman on a quest for answers regarding the death of her sister. The investigation quickly turns into a survial mission as an aggressive adversary makes it clear that you resemble a tasty bag of chips.

But you aren't snack food are you?

Where is my bag of chips?

The environment is crucial to your survival. So bury your face in a filing cabinet! Pretend you’re a statue! Or you can be more resourceful and craft items that will keep your heart pumping.

Scanner looks good. Tunnel looks iffy...

As we all know in horror games, intervals of homeostasis are short lived. You will once again be on the run from the answers you seek.

9. Wolfenstein: The New Order

The New Order's stealth and mayhem trailer.

Brought to you by a team of storytelling gurus, The New Order is an FPS that depicts the 1960 reality that would’ve been if the Nazi regime had prevailed. Thankfully there are always people like you, ready to join the resistance.

Do you prefer stealth?

To curb this threat you will have to infiltrate and upgrade. The Nazi regime has some wicked technology that you will delight in operating. But weaponry isn’t the only source of joy in The New Order. Dialogues are engaging and some of the villians are downright scary.

Or mayhem?

Wolfenstein is one of those names that led us into the golden age of FPS’s. You will find The New Order is every bit as golden as its predecessors.

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