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Best PC Games of 2014
Amanda Ripley in Alien: Isolation

10. Transistor

Transistor's reveal trailer.

Transistor mixes a futuristic atmosphere with a story of betrayal and vengeance.

You play as Red, a singer renowned for using her voice to sow seeds of dissent. Unexpectedly, the Camerata strike you with their ultimate weapon, Transistor. The strike was meant to take your life, but you end up losing two things. Your voice. And your friend who heroically took the brunt of the blow is trapped inside the blade. 

Red, striking a pose as she contemplates her next move.

The quest to reclaim your voice and free your friend takes you across the city of Cloudbank. A city crawling with hostile entities known as the Process that will destroy you on sight. Courtesy of the Camerata.   

Red, facing off against The Process.

Combat is versatile in that you can fight in real time or opt for a turn based approach. Think V.A.T.S. from Fallout. Spend your action points and unleash an onslaught of queued attacks. Transistor is a blank slate ready to be modified with a variety of attacks and abilities. Mod the blade until it’s yours and then show the Camerata what it can do.

You're welcome. And remember, the next time someone says you need to stop dwelling on the past, tell them that is exactly what you plan to do. Then play some PC games.

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