[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Damage Heroes That Wreck Hard!

High Damage Heroes that Destroy!

There are three types of damage in Mobile Legends. Physical, Magic, and True. Physical Damage is the application of basic skills and attacks. The other two are through Passive Skills, which enhance Basic Skills. This list will focus on the most damage heroes that wreck hard.

10. Helcurt

Helcurt is an assassin specializing in Push and Burst, with tremendous potential in abilities and skills. His skills allow him to disable opponents, blink to different areas, and hinder opponent vision. Helcurt at full potential is unstoppable!

Memes once trolled the internet, calling out Helcurt’s insane damage ability as a nightmare where he was once the most consistently banned hero in ML for the longest period of time, to not go unrecognized. Helcurt’s Burst Damage is his greatest damage dealer. He still is a lethal assassin with a damage-dealing basic that is as fierce as his skills. Teams tend to put too much pressure on Helcurt to carry a match every time he is selected, which is part of his decline.

Few may object to Helcurts name on this list, but as a most damage hero who wrecks hard, he most certainly deserves a spot. Though he has been severely nerfed, mastering Helcurt is still worth it and patch changes in the future could see him as a more balanced hero. 

9. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a dual role hero. He is a Tank/Fighter who specializes in Offense. He gains HP while dealing enormous damage and can be built with mage or tank items. He is a major contributor to a team's success and best played well as a Roaming Hero.

Preferably, Gatotkaca is built with mage or tank items, depending on his role. He is extremely versatile and can be played as a core in certain situations. His ultimate skill is potentially essential as a set play before going into team fights. It involves him jumping to nearby designated areas and landing with an impact that stuns opponents for a few seconds. Not utilizing his ultimate skill wisely could lead to suicide scenarios. 

Gatotkaca is quite easy to master, and timing is a major aspect of his gameplay. He is best played as a roaming hero, with tank items. Gatotkaca is a dominant team supporter and his potential is realized more in his contribution to the team. That being said, his damage is insane and usually paves the way for his team to finish off.

8. Aldous

Aldous is a unique hero in Mobile Legends, seeing that he has the ultimate skill to fly through the air, targeting an opponent while landing with force and damage in his attacks. His skills carry a shield, which can stun when generated. He specializes in Burst/Support.

As a fighter, Aldous can be relied on as a tank or core, depending on certain situations and team picks. He is strong in the early game and extremely powerful in the late game. He stacks in subsequent damage and can demolish an opponent with one hit when in full-stack. He provides support through his ultimate skill, which reveals opponents' locations on the map. 

Utilizing Aldous to his maximum potential takes time. He is a simple yet complex hero to master. He is extremely versatile and can be utilized in a tank, fighter, or core role. Aldous is definitely one of the top roaming heroes in ML. As a top damage hero who wrecks hard, he fits the description precisely.

7. Dyrroth

Dyrroth is a Fighter who specializes in Burst. He is well-rounded, durable, and fast whilst equipped with dash and stun skills, and a massive damage dealing ultimate skill where his hands turn into an arrow and penetratingly stabs a target.

Considerably the Prince of Life Steal in Mobile Legends, it is what makes Dyrroth unique. All of Dyrroths skills can harm more than one opponent at a time and his ultimate skill is an execution if hit with precision. Dyrroths basic life steal is an active-passive skill. Utilizing that is the key to realizing his potential. He can be played as a core but is more reliable in pushing lanes.

The key takeaway for Dyrroth making this list is his ability to deal and take damage. He is a solid fighter, with a combination that works like clockwork. Landing hits on opponents is a big part of Dyrroths game, his weakness comes from timing in this situation. He is easy to master and is a big part of late games.

6. Alucard

Alucard is a Demon Hunter and Swordsman as a Fighter/Assassin in Mobile Legends. He is extremely versatile as a dual role hero, with skills that can be incorporated into both attack and defensive plays in pursuit and retreat. He specializes in Crowd Control and his damage comes from his passive life steal ability.

As King of Life Steal in ML, Alucard's skills require timing in execution, as he is relatively weak but gains an absolute advantage from life steal. If his life steal is executed with precision, he has the damaging effect in his skills combo to wipe out an entire team, given the situation and circumstances. Without timing and precision, he can easily be countered or underutilized.

Alucard has been through all of Mobile Legends Patch Updates and was once referred to as a pacesetter for other heroes in patch updates. This statement cannot be officially proven but may be deemed correct in stating that Alucard is one of the most balanced heroes in ML. This fact is the reason why Alucard is not placed higher on this list as a most damage hero, though he deserves credit.

5. Miya

Miya is an archer, a deadly Marksman with unique speed and stealth in movement. She specializes in Reap/Damage and is best played in the gold lane, where she can farm at greater speed. Miya is the top Marksman Hero in Life Steal and possesses exceptional defensive and attack skills.

Her ultimate skill proves to be her most lethal, allowing her to enter a camouflaged state while shooting up to three powerfully enhanced arrows at different targets at the same time. This same skill is effective in offense or retreat, especially when Miya as a Marksman is an extremely vulnerable target for assassins. This combined with life steal adds great value to Miya as a damage hero that wrecks hard.

Miya is one of the earliest marksmen released by ML and as such, is one of the most balanced and well-rounded heroes. She is undeniably one of the best heroes for newbie gamers in ranking up in lower ranks but in higher ranks, she is much more vulnerable and weak against a wide variety of heroes as compared to lower ranks. That's the reason why she is not ranked higher on this list but is definitely worthy of praise in that category.

4. Esmerelda

Esmerelda, sometimes known as Esme by frequent ML players, is a Mage/Tank with a unique passive skill that allows her to generate a shield for an opponent that then returns to her in the form of HP when she deals damage. She is exceedingly durable and specializes in Offense.

Esmerelda is an ideal roaming hero. Her ultimate skill allows her to jump to a specific location, making her a perfect hero for invading lanes during the pushing phase. She can be played as a core and, unlike other choice roaming heroes, has a wide range of abilities and skills. 

Esmerelda is enhanced by the use of magic and is best built with a Tank or Mage Build. Her damage-dealing abilities are interfaced with her skills and are extremely unique compared to other ML Heroes. Mastering her takes time to understand how to effectively use her skills as she is also quite vulnerable to damage.

3. Vale

Vale is a Mage who specializes in Area of Effect (AoE) and Crowd Control. He conjures sand storms through magic and has enough burst damage to wipe out an entire team. He has one passive and three active skills.

Vale is a unique hero in ML. His passive skill allows him to control the effect of damage in his skills. His passive can be adjusted in his skills to knock back or float an opponent as in stun while his ultimate summons what seems like a sand storm, which explodes and demolishes everything within it.

Vale has made this list at number 4 representing all mages who should be on this list. Mages are powerful damage dealers however, their level of damage always depends on patch updates. It’s safe to say that different patch updates recognize different mages as damage dealers but Vale is who is ideal to master when playing in a mage role.

2. Gusion

1. Aamon

Aamon is an assassin who wields shards as weapons whilst manipulating them through magic. He is a specialist assassin and a top choice for his invincibility attributes. He is best played as a core and in the late game.

Aamon uses magic to control shards and is a class assassin with a lethal skill set that includes disguise and speed. His abilities, like Gusion, are difficult to master yet lethal once mastered. He causes massive damage with his mage abilities and excels at ambush and attack from behind enemy lines. He is a major influencer on games, regardless of where he is utilized.

Aamon has made this list at number one since he is a precedent to other heroes and patch updates. Like Gusion, he is bound to be a hero that is nerfed but still powerful in damage. This is because he is a hero who may be played in a variety of ways. He is adaptable to a variety of circumstances and situations. For serious ML players, mastering Aamon is well worth the effort.














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