[Top 15] Mobile Legends Best Epic Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

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Which among these will stand out? Let's find out!

Do you want to level up your hero's physical appearance? Read until the end of this article. 

Mobile Legends heroes are provided with unique clothing to highlight their distinct characteristics. Identifying them becomes easier now just by looking at what they're wearing. In addition to that, you can also dress your favorite Mobile Legends heroes with outfits that match your preference. Just pick an epic skin you want, and you can already fit them to your taste!

With that, refer to our guide below as we rate the best epic skins in Mobile Legends right now.


15. Blazing Axe


See Franco's look with fiery attire.

This Northern Vale warrior will look even fiercer once you equip him with the Blazing Axe. Your Franco character will surely be redefined with the fiery details and accessories on his appearance. 

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it makes you look more powerful with Franco's bold look
  • Because of the all-new display animations
  • Because of the skill effect changes

How To Get Blazing Axe: Purchase on shop / 899 diamondsSee Blazing Axe in action:

Franco Blazing Axe New EPIC Skin MVP Play - Top Global Franco Sir Prize Hook - MLBB

Skin Rating: 8/10


14. Phantom Pirate


Bow down to the Master!

If you prefer a damage dealer hero,you should check out Roger's Phantom Pirate. This epic skin makes the human-wolf look mightier and more regal. The Phantom Pirate skin is popular among Roger users.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because the royalty concept makes your hero king-like
  • Because of the gold attachments on the coat
  • Because the skin features an Underworld Master Roger 

How To Get Phantom Pirate: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See Phantom Pirate in action:

Roger Phantom Pirate Revamp-Roger Epic Skin Revamp 2022 Mlbb

Skin Rating: 10/10


13. S.A.B.E.R. Regulator


Ever seen a Saber that came from the future?

For players who love science fiction, this epic skin of Saber is something that you'll definitely love. The S.A.B.E.R. Regulator highlights Saber in more modern society, with advanced technologies and equipment.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it is one of the exclusive S.A.B.E.R. Squad skin series
  • Because the futuristic style of Saber enhances your gaming experience
  • Because of the voiceover changes
  • Because of the exclusive recall animation that you can get

How To Get S.A.B.E.R. Regulator: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See S.A.B.E.R. Regulator in action:

Offlane Saber Regulator Skin Gameplay - Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Skin Rating: 9/10


12. Emerald Enchantress


The mage queen became even more enchanting.

Eudora may be one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends, but she remains to be relevant up to this day. Pro-players still use her, especially in trapping very mobile heroes like Fanny.  

Her powerful lighting power is matched with the Emerald Enchantress epic skin, showing off her great skills in manipulating magic damage. The skin features a green-themed Eudora, which shows an entirely different aura from her original character.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it makes Eudora look more enchanting
  • Because it is a limited edition skin
  • Because the new skill effect re-shapes Eudora's gameplay 

How To Get Emerald Enchantress: Limited-time event

See Emerald Enchantress in action:


Skin Rating: 10/10


11. Soul Revelation

Witness how Gusion will reveal his true power in the game

Heads up, Gusion main! If you are a fan of this lethal assassin, you must try the Soul Revelation skin. The dark and light color combination on the skin offers a much captivating Gusion. 

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because the new voiceover provides a unique feature compared to his other epic skins
  • Because it has a twilight orb theme
  • Because it adds additional magic power to Gusion

How To Get Soul Revelation: Purchase on shop / 899 diamondsSee Soul Revelation in action:


Skin Rating: 10/10


10. Draconic Flame

Feel Valir's heat.

Valir's fire manipulation abilities will even rise higher, thanks to his Draconic Flame skin. The skin showcases a much scarier and terrorizing Valir, all with that blazing eyes and clothes.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because of the new voiceover that comes with the skin
  • Because it is one of the exclusive Dragon Tamer skin series
  • Because it has an all-new display animation 

How To Get Draconic Flame: Purchase on shop / 899 diamondsSee Draconic Flame in action:


Skin Rating: 9/10


9. Blazing Shadow

Esmeralda is truly sexy, isn't she?

If Esmeralda is already one of the sexiest heroes in Mobile Legends, the Blazing Shadow skin even added proof to that. The epic skin delivered a chic and fiery Esmeralda with its black and red outfit.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it shows a fiercer Esmeralda, making you look more badass in the game
  • Because of the unique display scene
  • Because it provides new voiceover displays
  • Because it is one of the Blazing Bounties skin series

How To Get Blazing Shadow: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See Blazing Shadow in action:

Top 1 Global Esmeralda by Ninsei - MLBB


Skin Rating: 9/10


8. Virus 

A very dangerous lady assassin in the neon suit.

The Virus truly brings out the best in Selena because players are still loving it. Its bright neon colors are eye candy to any Selena user or assassin player!

 What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because the neon theme makes you a head-turner
  • Because it has new voiceover effects
  • Because it offers exclusive skill sound effects 

How To Get Virus: Limited-time event

See Virus in action:

Selena Revamped Virus Skin

Skin Rating: 10/10

7. Bren Esports

The best skin for the best team.

Do you know that new skin is dedicated to the winning group every time there's a championship in the Mobile Legends Worlds tournament?  

Yes, you read it right! This Lancelot epic skin was released based on the choice of the M2 World Champions, Bren Esports. It highlighted the remarkable yellow color of the group as well as their logo. If you're a die-hard Bren fan, you should get this one!

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it is solely dedicated to a Mobile Legends team
  • Because it has new display animation
  • Because it offers new skill effects

How To Get Bren Esports: Limited-time event 

See Bren Esports in action:


Skin Rating: 10/10


6. War Angel


Hello, brave lady!

Freya has already been known as one of the bravest female warriors, and the War Angel skin is the testament to that! It showcases an expensive-looking Freya, with its hot pink embellishments and gold wings. 

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it offers a unique physical appearance of Freya, given the wings feature
  • Because it has an all-new display scene
  • Because it features Freya as the Goddess of War
  • Because of its new skill effects 

How To Get War Angel: Limited-time event 

See War Angel in action:iLGiKVPd0Ao

Unstoppable Monster Freya War Angel Perfect Gameplay!

Skin Rating: 10/10


5. Frost Wing

Fighting, Kimmy!

Among other epic skins of Kimmy, this one is the favorite of many players because of its captivating bright colors. It remodeled the plain Kimmy character and transformed her to be one of the Dragon Tamer Squad!

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it adds magic power to Kimmy
  • Because of its all-new display animation
  • Because it provides new voiceover effects

How To Get Frost Wing: Purchase in shop / 899 diamonds 

See Frost Wing in action:

Frost Wing MVP Kimmy

Skin Rating: 10/10


4. Rattan Dragon 

Meet the underrated hero.

Due to the rise of support players in the current meta, Estes gained a lot of new fans. With that, make sure to step up his game by purchasing the best epic skin for him.

The Rattan Dragon is an all-time favorite by supports since it gives off a new Estes aura with its nature-themed costume. 

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it is one of the exclusive Dragon Tamer skin series
  • Because it offers new skill effect colors
  • Because it displays new animation and voiceover

How To Get Rattan Dragon: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See Rattan Dragon in action:

Rattan Dragon Estes, Dragon Tamer Series New Skin

Skin Rating: 8/10


3. Night Shade


It truly symbolizes the colors of the night, right?

Ling is known for his blue-ish outfit, but the Night Shade skin delivered a darker version of him! Once you purchase this, Ling will be covered with a dark violet costume and weapon, representing the colors at night. This is truly one of the best epic skins out there.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it emphasizes the dominant colors that you see at night
  • Because it presents new voiceover effects
  • Because it changes Ling's skill effects

How To Get Night Shade: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See Night Shade in action:VeKZaiRdvWg

Ling Night Shade Skin Gameplay 

Skin Rating: 10/10


2. Eyes of Eternity


Watch Lunox as she balances chaos and order.

The Eyes of Eternity skin surely shifted away from the original bright-looking Lunox. It highlighted Lunox in a bolder way, changing the typical light-colored twilight orbs.

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it presents a fiercer Lunox
  • Because it has new voiceover effects
  • Because the new display animation and skill effects make you stand out during the game 

How To Get Eyes of Eternity: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See Eyes of Eternity in action:

Lunox Eyes Of Eternity New EPIC Skin Perfect Play!

Skin Rating: 10/10


1. Celestial Bastion

Check out a mightier Uranus!

We are finally down to our last epic skin on the list, and this is for all tank users out there. The improvements and additions to Uranus' original character made him more mighty and sturdy to look at.

If you want to step up your Uranus experience, you should definitely get a hand on this one!

What makes this skin awesome /Legendary:

  • Because it provides additional HP to Uranus
  • Because the appearance makes you look stronger on the battlefield
  • Because it provides new display animation and skill effects 

How To Get Celestial Bastion: Purchase on shop / 899 diamonds

See Celestial Bastion in action:


Skin Rating: 10/10


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