[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Duos That Are Amazing

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Are you looking for the best partner for your favorite hero?

In Mobile Legends, a team is composed of five heroes. Depending on your strategy, you can combine various heroes that match well with your preference. 

At one glance, it's challenging to know which among them is perfect for each other. Others even take time to use all heroes available in a game to witness each skill truly. That's a little bit tiring, isn't it?

To save you time and energy, we have already gathered up some of the best hero combinations in Mobile Legends. If used wisely, these duos will easily secure your match win.


10. Valir + Vale

Never underestimate these brothers!

To begin this list is the fire bender and air bender siblings! Both of these heroes deal deadly magic damage. However, players pick Valir most of the time, leaving Vale behind in his brother's shadow. 

But, we are here to tell you that they are one of the best duo combos in Mobile Legends. When used together, they can easily wipe out enemies in a snap!

What Makes Valir + Vale Great:

  • Stong even in the early game
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • Best in poking enemies


9. Atlas + Guinevere

Beware of that sudden jump.

You might think about how these two heroes are not related to each other. So, how come they are a great duo in the game? Well, it is because of their skills!

Atlas combined with great AOE damage heroes will significantly overpower the enemies. The moment Atlas uses his ultimate and drags the targets toward him, Guinevere can then execute her ultimate too. Easily jumping toward the targets and damaging them will truly give your team an advantage. Basically, all AOE damage heroes are great with Atlas. You can also consider using Kagura and Odette when playing with Atlas.

What Makes Atlas + Guinevere Great:

  • Skills are very useful in team fights
  • Good initiators
  • Decent crowd control abilities


8. Karina + Selena

Girl power it is!

Next on our list is none other than the Assassin sisters. This duo is best for a 2 vs 1 fight and when enemies are spread out on the map. 

With her trap skills, Selena can immobilize an enemy. Karina can then use her abilities to deal great damage to the target. If nearby enemies attempt to back up their teammate, that is not a problem because every time Karina gets a kill, her cooldown resets! Not to mention that Selena's skills can easily take down a full HP hero too. This tandem is indeed something that you should try on.

What Makes Karina + Selena Great:

  • Best in ganking lanes
  • Strong in the early game
  • Good mobility
  • Excellent in hunting squishy damage dealers


7. Esmeralda + Terizla

What a defensive combo!

Terizla has great crowd control skills. When he activates his ultimate, he will jump down toward the designated area and knockdown enemies. The moment his Scaffold is summoned, he will release a hook that will pull targets. When enemies are already pooled near him, Esmeralda can then unleash her skills!

Esmeralda is best in close combat battles since she can ignore all shield effects and transform them into her HP. Terizla and Esmeralda's tandem is indeed frightening. If opponents cannot find a hole in their combination, then they must expect an extreme bloodbath in the game.

What Makes Esmeralda + Terizla Great:

  • Crowd controllers
  • Deal great damage 
  • Can chase enemies
  • Can effectively survive solo laning


6. Tigreal + Gord

Use this in lower ranks and you will easily rank up.

Tigreal is one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends. It is also a plus factor that he is popular among beginners since his skills are not difficult to master. 

On the same note, Gord is also an easy-to-use mage. When you combine these two heroes, expect hellfire! Tigreal can grab, push, and toss enemies. After that, Gord can then stun them and deal burst damage. Very deadly combination, isn't it? But just remember that their combo requires timing. So, be sure that you are in sync with your teammate.

What Makes Tigreal + Gord Great:

  • Easy to play
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • Deals burst damage
  • Decent mobility


5. Badang + Pharsa

A very deadly combination.

We rarely see this combination in ranked games, but believe us, they are fatal! Badang is such an underrated hero. He surely needs to be recognized by other players. Meanwhile, Pharsa is already a popular mage. Most players are already aware of how dangerous her ultimate can be. 

Badang's ultimate can cage enemies in certain areas and deal insane damage. Pharsa can then release her ultimate, too, and attack the trapped enemies caused by Badang’s skill. 

What Makes Badang + Pharsa Great:

  • High burst damage
  • Wide skill range
  • Great DPS damage


4. Fanny + Grock

They say only the mighty ones can pull this duo off.

We all know that Fanny needs walls and her cables to move around the map without walking. With Grock, she can now utilize her skill anywhere because of Grock's ultimate. 

Grock can release a stone wall which can block enemies for 5 seconds. Fanny can then enter the scene and use her mobile abilities for the final kill.

What Makes Fanny + Grock Great:

  • High burst damage
  • Wide skill range
  • Great DPS damage


3. Franco + Eudora

Hook and lightning? No one knew that these two would be a perfect combination.

This combination is mostly seen in lower ranks. Eudora is a squishy hero, so she is sometimes ignored in higher ranks. However, pro players, who are willing to take the risk, are very open to using her in ranked games.

Meanwhile, Franco's skills are easy to master. The only difficult thing about him is executing his hook perfectly. But with practice, you can definitely master him in no time.

With that being said, you probably now have an idea of why these two heroes are great duos. Well, hooking an enemy is difficult, especially if they keep on moving. But with Eudora's stun, that will become an easy job for Franco.

Eudora can just cast her second skill, immobilize the enemy, and give Franco the opportunity to hook the target. It's that easy!

What Makes Franco + Eudora Great:

  • Great for poking enemies
  • High burst damage
  • Deadly crowd control abilities


2. Johnson + Odette

Well, everyone already knows about them, right?

When someone in your team picked Johnson as the tank, right then and there, someone would say that the best mage to use is Odette. Am I right?

Johnson's ultimate enables him to transform into a car, pick up an ally hero, and together, they can move around the map. When Johnson finally found his target, he could just crash himself into it. Then, Odette can cast her ultimate, restricting the target from escaping! An instant kill, indeed.

The Johnson and Odette tandem is already a household name in Mobile Legends. Their combo is very deadly that there is a little chance for you to survive once Johnson has already crashed towards you.

What Makes Johnson + Odette Great:

  • The percent of instantly killing a target with their combo is high
  • Can impair damage dealers since they can move all over the map
  • Excellent Area of Effect damage


1. Aldous + Angela

If you are up against them, just expect the worst.

Despite all the new releases, Aldous and Angela are still a superior duo. It is much easier to secure a kill when Aldous has already earned a lot of stacks. With just one punch, he can instantly kill any target!

We know that Aldous' ultimate lets him crash towards any target on the map. Although that is an advantage, that can be risky on his part, especially if other enemies are near the target. This is why Angela is essential to keep Aldous in the game.

With Angela's ultimate, she can attach herself to Aldous, deal damage to enemies, and heal him at the same time. If Aldous is on the other side of the map, that is not an issue because Angela can cast her skills to any ally, even if they are far from her. Their combination will truly be challenging to tear down.

What Makes Aldous + Angela Great:

  • High sustainability
  • Good mobility
  • Can provide vision to allies

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