[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Carry Heroes That Wreck Hard! (2022 Edition)

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Who will be the best carry hero among them all?

Check out the best carry heroes in the Land of Dawn that will guarantee you a win!

One of the myths in Mobile Legends is that only assassin heroes are fit for jungling. However, that’s not the case. Even fighters and marksman heroes can also be an effective carry—as long as you know them nitty-gritty.

After all, Mobile Legends is a mind game. You must be equipped with the best knowledge and information to perform during gameplays effectively. So read until the end of this article to feed your mind with the best core heroes as of the moment, and maybe, you can finally decide on what’s the perfect hero to use.


10. Bruno

Feel Bruno's kick?

Bruno is surely one of the strongest marksman heroes. He can easily reposition himself and speed up his farm. Also, he has an early damage advantage against other marksman heroes since he has a high critical chance.

Because of this, Bruno can quickly join early team fights and assist teammates.

What makes Bruno a Deadly Attacker:

  • Every successful attack is an increase to his passive stack
  • Can easily dash and stun enemies

See Bruno in Action: 

BRUNO NEW BUILD | Mobile Legends | MobaZane


9. Aamon

Is it better to be feared than loved? 

This lethal assassin that wields mana shards is 9th on our list. Aamon is a relatively new hero, and he is feared immediately after release. Who will not if his skills are very tricky and difficult to counter?

Aamon’s passive lets him enter into a semi-invisible state each time he hits an enemy with a skill. By that period, he is invincible!

Another reason why Aamon is one of the top banned heroes is his ultimate skill. When this is activated, he will cast all shards at the targeted enemy and slow them down. The damage increases with the target’s lost HP and at the maximum when the target’s HP is below 30%.

What makes Aamon a Deadly Attacker:

  • High mobility
  • Great for ganking
  • Untouchable and untargeted for seconds
  • Regenerates HP

See Aamon in Action: 



8. Harley

No one could ever predict Harley's moves!

This mage genius is truly a hero to look out for. Harley remains to be one of the best picks because he can easily deal damage to the target without even receiving any damages!

His basic attack deals physical damage instead of magic damage. Then, every time he hits an enemy, he reduces that enemy’s magic defense for a few seconds.

Moreover, the skill that truly makes Harley lethal is his ultimate. He shoots a magic fire ring at an opponent. After its duration, the ring will explode and will deal a huge amount of magic damage to the enemy. This is the very reason why Harley is an ultimate Killer Mage!

What makes Harley a Deadly Attacker:

  • High movement speed
  • Great escaping abilities

See Harley in Action: 



7. Karrie

Keep up to the rhythm; keep up with Karrie!

If you are an avid pro-MLBB fan, you might notice that Karrie is still among the top pro picks. Even if Karrie is a considerably old and basic hero, it deals so much damage that it remains indestructible. When equipped with the right items, of course.

Karrie adds a Lightwheel Mark to enemies with each attack. When a target acquires 5 Lightwheel Marks, it becomes an actual Lightwheel, dealing lethal damage to the enemy.

Karrie is perfect to be equipped with items that can increase its attack speed.

What makes Karrie a Deadly Attacker:

  • A tank killer
  • Can blink through walls
  • High mobility

See Karrie in Action: 



6. Jawhead

Is Jawhead too strong for you?

Next on the list is Jawhead. He is also a great jungler at the moment. He has good mobility since he can increase his movement speed with his 2nd skill. This skill also provides a shield, which helps in boosting his sustainability.

The best thing about Jawhead is his damage. His first skill deals a big amount of damage in seconds. This is perfect in fighting against one enemy or jungle monster. Not only that, his passive will increase the damage every time he hits a target.

He also has the ability to throw enemies, which is helpful in ganking and jungling.  

What makes Jawhead a Deadly Attacker:

  • Sustained damage, single-target fighter
  • Can throw off an enemy for offense or an ally for defense
  • A very aggressive hero

See Jawhead in Action: 



5. Helcurt

Let the killing begin!

This hero can deal a high amount of damage in a small amount of time and also is a very mobile hero. This makes him very good at ganking and can be the best pick in certain situations.

He has been a good hero ever since his release. One of the reasons is because of his very annoying ultimate. His ultimate skill does benefit not only himself but also his teammates. When this is activated, all your opponents won’t see anything on the map for some time.

This ultimate is deadly because your team can take out the enemy’s damage dealer by surprise!

What makes Helcurt a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has a special disabling ability
  • Very effective burst damage to enemies

See Helcurt in Action: 

Supreme Helcurt Legendary Build [ Top Global Helcurt ] See you in the Dark - Mobile Legends


4. Saber

The man with sad stories.

Landing on our 4th spot is the OG assassin—Saber.

Saber can clear the jungle with ease and is really scary if he’s able to farm quickly. Once he reaches level 4, he can start looking for pick-offs. He might not be able to one-hit someone yet, but his ultimate would be very helpful in poking enemies and slowing their gold input.

Saber is an excellent pick against squishy damage dealers. As long as he is positioned perfectly, opponents would be having a hard time targeting him!

What makes Saber a Deadly Attacker:

  • Can single out an enemy
  • A threat against all backliners

See Saber in Action: 

Saber Jungle | MLBB | MobaZane


3. Fanny

What's your command?

Who will ever forget this assassin? Fanny is a very difficult hero to master, but you will be unstoppable once you’ve mastered it!

Fanny must be able to gain blue buffs in order to perform well in a game.  You must defend your blue at the beginning to avoid tilting the game towards the other side.

Fanny can just throw her cables on any obstacles and move freely on the map. This makes her a very hard-to-catch hero. Even if you’re trying to hide away from her, as long as there’s a wall, you will surely be Fanny’s prey.

What makes Fanny a Deadly Attacker:

  • Very high mobility
  • Difficult to target
  • Dives into enemy formation swiftly and lethally

See Fanny in Action: 

Aggressive Tornado Fanny Wipe Out All! - Top 1 Global Fanny by ArkQ15 :3 - Mobile Legends


2. Hanzo

Hanzo is definitely looking for more blood and flesh!

Hanzo is a strong hero to play in certain situations, especially when the enemy has a blue-dependent jungler like Fanny or Ling.

 If you managed to steal the first buff, your team could have a huge advantage! A good Hanzo user is someone who is focused on stealing the enemy’s buffs.

Hanzo is also a little tricky to kill because his ultimate makes him almost invincible. When this is activated, he can safely attack enemies and even go beyond the turrets to finish an enemy.

What makes Hanzo a Deadly Attacker:

  • A very fast jungler
  • Has a high mobility
  • Perfect for ganking lanes

See Hanzo in Action: 



1. Barats

Run fast because Barats has arrived!

Barats is really one of the strongest junglers at the moment. Barats might not have the best mobility among them all, but his defense, CC skills, and great damage make up for that!

The primary thing to note about Barats is that he is even stronger when you have a high number of stacks. This can be achieved quite easily when jungling. Barats can achieve level 4, having 25 stacks and both buffs, in 1 minute and 30 seconds.

At this rate, he can already solo a tank and a marksman or a fighter!

What makes Barats a Deadly Attacker:

  • Can devour an enemy
  • His passive increases his physical and magic defense
  • Can gain resilience

See Barats in Action: 

Hard To Kill Jungler, Barats New King - Top 1 Global Barats Nyyt - Mobile Legends Gameplay And Build


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