[Top 15] Mobile Legends Best Beginners Heroes That Are Powerful (2022 Edition)

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If you are reading this now, then you are probably curious about what Mobile Legends hero best fits you. 

It's either that battle points are difficult to save and you want to make sure you will buy the correct one or are simply researching. Well, to satisfy that curiosity, worry no more. 

We will lift the burden of being a beginner as we present this year's best Mobile Legends' beginner heroes that are not just effortless to play but also powerful. 

15. Aurora

Are you ready to come with the wind?

Aurora is a mage hero but deals a big amount of damage. Using the first skill, Aurora shoots a missile towards a location that explodes when it hits a target. This deals magic damage and slows the target. 

To use the second skill, you need to select a target. This also offers magic damage and slows the enemy. Her third skill is her ultimate. Aurora summons a giant icy rock towards a location that deals great magic damage to enemies in the area. 

The best way to play Aurora is to start with her second skill. Then, use her ultimate and first skill immediately to deal a huge amount of damage in just a matter of seconds.

What makes Aurora Great for Beginners:

  • Her passive skill freezes the target after every time she casts her 4th attack
  • Deals a great amount of damage, an extra 20% of damage when enemies are frozen
  • Can take down an enemy at full HP by casting all her skills against a hero

See Aurora In action:

Aurora Is Such A Deadly Mage Now | Mobile Legends


14. Hanzo

The strongest ninja just arrived!

If you are looking for an assassin hero, Hanzo is the perfect fit for you. A jungler mainly plays this hero. 

His first skill is not possible to use against heroes. This is best used for farming, where Hanzo eats the target without damage. Within seconds, you earn the gold and XP from it.

The second skill deals physical damage to a particular area. The skill continues to deal damage for a few seconds or until no more targets are left in the area. His ultimate skill is the reason why Hanzo is a great hero for starters. By casting his 3rd skill, he leaves his body behind and moves through obstacles. 

He can utilize his first and second skills to shed blood on enemies at this stage. If Hanzo's lethal soul dies, he will just return to wherever his body is. 

What makes Hanzo Great for Beginners:

  • A manaless hero, so you can cast his skills anytime
  • You can execute your ultimate skill in a safe place
  • Fast in terms of jungling

See Hanzo In action:

Hanzo Perfect SAVAGE!! - Top 1 Global Hanzo by D.


13. Uranus

Move back because Uranus has awakened!

In case you want an easy and powerful tank hero, then Uranus is the one that you're looking for. 

This hero heals himself while getting attacked. So it is easier to stay alive during a team fight. This is because of his passive, which heals him every time he receives damage within 10 seconds. 

His first skill deals magic damage and slows the surrounding enemies. When you cast his second skill, Uranus jumps forward to deal magic damage and gets a shield for 4 seconds. This shield explodes after it's gone to deal additional damage. 

His ultimate removes all slow effects, restores some HP, and increases his movement speed for 8 seconds. 

What makes Uranus Great for Beginners:

  • Gets healed when receiving damage
  • Every attack adds a stack. The more stacks Uranus has, the more he gets healed.
  • Can easily protect damage dealers

See Uranus In action:

Uranus Perfect SAVAGE!! - Top 1 Global Uranus by MantanProGamer


12. Balmond

Prepare to be crushed by this hero.

If you are eyeing a manaless fighter hero, Balmond might be the answer to that. Balmond heals himself when he kills minions or heroes.

His skills are very easy to understand, making him a good pick for beginners. By using his first skill, Balmond dashes towards a location. He deals physical damage and slows the target.

The second skill is his main source of damage. This skill continuously deals physical damage to all enemies surrounding him. The damage increases by 25% every time Balmond hits the same target, up to 100%. 

His ultimate is used to knock out enemies. His skill deals physical damage in a fan-shaped area in front of him. The damage increases the lower the HP of the target is. 

Balmond's passive effect is for every minion he kills, he heals 8% of his maximum health. Also, he gets 20% of his maximum health for every hero he kills. 

What makes Balmond Great for Beginners:

  • Doesn't have Mana
  • Heals himself
  • Deals a great amount of damage
  • A strong and easy-to-use fighter hero
  • Only costs 6500 battle points

See Balmond In action:

24 Kills No Death!! Unstoppable Balmond Build - Road to Top Global Balmond Gameplay #1 ~ MLBB


11. Lesley

Give Lesley a target because her Sniper is always ready!

Lesley is best for beginners who want a marksman hero. She is easy to play with. This hero has a long basic attack range. So it is easier to stay alive during the match.

If Lesley doesn't take damage for 5 seconds, her next basic attack will increase, 40% critical chance and 30% more damage. 

Her first skill increases her movement speed by 30% and adds physical attack. She also enters into a camouflaged state. 

The second skill is her way of protecting herself from enemies nearby. Using this skill will shoot a grenade, which blows enemies away.

The ultimate skill makes Lesley a threat to enemies. Activating this will make Lesley take out her sniper, target an enemy within a big range, and shoot four bullets. The damage increases based on the target's missing HP. 

What makes Lesley Great for Beginners:

  • A long-ranged hero
  • Manaless
  • Lethal in the late game

See Lesley In action: 

Build Top 1 Global Lesley ~ MLBB


10. Nana

Do you want to make friends with Nana?

Check out Nana if you are looking for a cheap support hero. The cool thing about Nana is that she doesn't die immediately because of her passive. 

When Nana dies, she transforms and gets immunity to all damage for 2 seconds. After those 2 seconds, Nana regains 10% of her health and returns to the game. 

Nana's skills are best for poking enemy heroes. Her first skill will throw a boomerang towards a location, dealing magic damage and slow effects. 

The second skill will throw a small creature at a target location. The creature will chase the enemy once it enters the area and transforms him. This will reduce the defense of the transformed enemy, making it easier to kill. 

Her ultimate skill attacks three times on the desired location, dealing magic damage and slowing the enemies in the zone. 

What makes Nana Great for Beginners:

  • Has long-ranged attacks
  • Can revive after a death
  • Only costs 6500 battle points
  • Great for visioning enemies

See Nana In action:

Top 1 Global Nana Gameplay By Jo Jo ~ MLBB


9. Karina

Bow down to the Moon Shadow Queen.

Another hero that is best for beginners is Karina. If you want a hero who can give you an immediate savage, then you are at the right place. 

Karina is an assassin hero with very easy skills yet deals a big amount of damage. Her first skill increases her movement speed and makes her immune to any basic attacks. The second is just simple as it deals magic damage to all surrounding enemies.

Lastly, her ultimate is what makes Karina a powerful hero. Karina moves towards a hero to deal magic damage when you use this skill. This skill is best maximized to get close to an enemy and then use the other skills to deal damage.

Her passive skill marks an enemy when using basic attacks or skills. The 3rd mark on the enemy will deal damage based on the lost HP of the target. 

What's deadly about Karina is her skills get 60-100% cooldown reduction when she makes an assist or kills. So the moment you kill a hero, you are already geared up to kill the next one immediately.

What makes Karina Great for Beginners:

  • Can jungle fast
  • Can easily gank other lanes
  • Can kill a full HP hero just by casting all her skills

See Karina In action:

Karina New Revamped Gameplay - Supreme No.1 Karina by ῆῆჯჯ - MLBB


8. Cyclops

Have you seen someone handsome with one eye?

Cyclops was once the King of Mage. Because of some nerfs and new releases, he lost the spotlight. But that does not mean that he is completely out on the list of easy-to-use powerful heroes!

Cyclops' first skill is best for lane clearing. His second skill is for movement speed. Then his ultimate skill is for a single target lockdown, which freezes an enemy. 

The good thing about Cyclops is his passive. At 40% cooldown of his skills, his passive immediately eliminates them. That means he can spam his skills fast as if they never cool down. 

Because of this, you can build Cyclops with multiple spell vamp items. He can also be used as a temporary frontline because of the lifesteal of his skills. 

What makes Cyclops Great for Beginners:

  • His skills are not complicated
  • Can spam his skills from time to time
  • Deals great amount of magic damage and lifesteal 
  • His skills do not require a lot of precision 

See Cyclops In action:

Top 1 Global Cyclops by Nanda x Vallery - MLBB


7. Saber

One man. Same goal.

Though Saber is quite easy to use, it does not mean that he is weak. 

His expertise is singling out a character and instantly eliminating them.

Also known as the One-Shot King, his passive can easily reduce enemies' defense and deal heavy damage in return. It also gets stacked up to 5 times, which will become even deadlier to your opponents. 

To achieve the one-shot skill, always activate your first skill. Next is to dash towards an enemy with your 2nd skill. Then use your ultimate skill. 

If the hero is still alive after that, use your basic attack to finish them off. 

What makes Saber Great for Beginners:

  • Counters all core heroes
  • Can dominate at the early game
  • Excellent for ganking objectives

See Saber In action:

Top 1 Global Saber by Barbecue - MLBB


6. Alice

Can you defeat the Bloodsucker?

Falling on our 6th spot is the queen of spell vamps and jukes, Alice. This hero might not have very high burst damage, but it has lethal continuous damage! Meaning, she can torture enemies over time.

Alice's first kill teleports her. This can surprise the enemy in whatever direction she may be going to. She can also use this as an escape. 

Casting her second skill will immobilize the enemy for 1.2 seconds. The opponent will also slow down at 70% for 0.8 seconds.

Her ultimate skill makes Alice like a bloodsucker. This skill grants her invincibility. If she had multiple enemies within her zone, it would be impossible to kill her at that time. She can restore her HP while this skill is activated and only ends when her Mana is used up.

What makes Alice Great for Beginners:

  • Has excellent lifesteal abilities
  • Has an escape ability
  • Her ultimate skill can last for a longer period of time

See Alice In action:

Top 1 Global Alice by SҽxყCяσωη - MLBB


5. Lolita

Worry nothing because Lolita will always be your shield.

The next hero on the list is Lolita. This hero has very defensive skills rather than an aggressive one. 

This is perfect for beginners who are more inclined to tank heroes and want to protect the damage dealers effectively.

Though Lolita has a total of 6 skills, these are all easy to master and understand. 

Her passive is her Noumenon Energy Core recharges whenever she takes no damage for 5 seconds. At max charge, this temporarily grants Lolita, and her nearby teammates, a shield.

As you may notice, her first and second skills both have follow-ups. If done correctly, these skills will block incoming attacks from enemies. If you think about whether she can block lethal attacks from any Marksman such as Karrie, Miya, or Irithel, the answer is yes! 

Actually, she can block all of them! As long as her Guardian's Bulwark is up, Lolita can negate any threats towards her nearby allies. 

The ultimate of Lolita is best for crowd control. With this, she can stun enemies for 2 seconds. This part requires perfect positioning and timing.

What makes Lolita Great for Beginners:

  • Can take as much damage from enemies and not get hurt
  • Her skills are both defensive and offensive 
  • Offers great protection both for her and her teammates

See Lolita In action: 

Insane Unbreakable Tank | Top Global Lolita Gameplay ~ Mobile Legends


4. Diggie

Let Diggie show his precious!

Heads up because the Ultimate Martyr is here! Diggie is a support hero who has been famous for being used in different game strategies. This shows that even if he is one of the underrated heroes in the Land of Dawn, he deserves to be included in the most powerful ones.

What makes Diggie an interesting hero is the fact that upon death, he transforms into an egg form. At this time, he is untouchable by the opponent. So he can stroll anywhere on the map and not receive any damages. 

After his resurrection timer ends, he will respawn wherever his position is and gets back to his original form. 

Diggie is best for poking enemies at the early game and for crowd control. His first skill drops an owl alarm to a targeted location and will chase enemies before exploding. The second skill will pull back enemies to the set location of his Reverse Time, dealing magic damage and slow down effects.

His ultimate makes Diggie a perfect support hero as the Time Journey skill provides immunity against Control Crowd effects of enemies to his surrounding allies. 

What makes Diggie Great for Beginners:

  • Can give vision to him and his teammates
  • Can provide immunity to opponent's attacks

See Diggie In action:

Top 1 Diggie With 98,7% Current Winrate | Top 1 Global Diggie IG: JOKIKU.FAST ~ Mobile Legends


3. Layla

Keep up until you're as brilliant as Layla!

The moment you register for Mobile Legends, this is the first hero you will encounter. You might be having second thoughts if this basic hero is indeed powerful. Well, truth be told, because Layla is even used up to the Mythical Glory Rank!

She may look weak and can easily be killed, but with right protection and positioning, she is deadly. 

Layla's passive is the Malefic Gun. Her basic attack and skill damage increases with the distance between her and her opponents. Meaning, the farther Layla is, the more damage she can give. 

This is why even if she is the easiest target for assassins, she can always fight back because of her passive skill. All she has to do is keep on attacking behind her team's front line and avoid risky placements.

All her skills are also very easy to master. The first skill will fire a Malefic Energy Bomb to a target. Her second skill will cast an energy ball that explodes towards an enemy. 

Lastly, the ultimate Destruction Range increases the range of her first and second skills. Layla will fire an energy blast to enemies on the path. All of these deal a great amount of physical damage.

What makes Layla Great for Beginners:

  • Very easy to use
  • Can attack at a distance

See Layla In action: 

Top 1 Global Layla by Layla - ML


2. Estes

Face of the Chosen One.

Estes might be one of the famous heroes in the Mobile Legends Community at the moment. He is a support hero who might not be a good contributor on the offense but is an expert for the defense. 

What makes Estes powerful is his ability to sustain the lives of multiple people at once. If your team has an excellent line-up, you can surely win the game if you have Estes.

This hero's focus is to really restore both his and his members' HP. Estes' first skill heals himself or an ally right away. The second skill is good for slowing down enemies who might be chasing you or the team. This time, Estes drops a circle-like skill upon the designated area.

Lastly, his ultimate skill is what made him a top-banned hero. The Blessing of Moon Goddess grants Estes the power to heal himself and all his nearby allies. This is very crucial during team fights and will definitely give your team an edge against your enemy.

What makes Estes Great for Beginners:

  • Can heal himself multiple times
  • Can save other members from dying
  • Vital for the team's escape plans

See Estes In action:

Estes Makes The Team Almost Unkillable | Mobile Legends


1. Miya

Miya, the Moonlight that breaks through darkness.

We are finally down to the last hero on the list. And it is none other than the Priestess of the Moon, Miya. 

She is probably one of the oldest heroes in the Land of Dawn. If you are a beginner, you will often see Miya get picked by other players. It is because she is very easy to understand most of the time. 

Her skills are simple and don't need extra calculations to pull off. You only need to be at the right time, at the right place and target the right enemy. Other than that, it is as easy as singing ABC!

Contrary to initial beliefs, Miya is not just for the Warrior Rank because even pro players use Miya. She is the best and basic marksman to use if you are aiming for a maniac or savage. 

The best combination for a fatal Miya is the 3rd – 2nd – 1st skill combo. Miya's ultimate will conceal her and increase her movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Then, her second skill launches an arrow that immobilizes enemies upon landing.

The 1st skill is what fuels Miya's destructive attack. Miya splits her basic attack into two arrows that hit two targets simultaneously when this is activated.

If Miya is built with the perfect items, that savage dream will surely be one step closer to you.

What makes Miya Great for Beginners:

  • Can attack fast continuously with significant damage
  • A long-ranged hero
  • Can provide immunity to herself

See Miya In action:

Top 1 Global Miya Teddiel3ear - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


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