[Top 15] Mobile Legends Best Attack Heroes That Wreck Hard! (2022 Edition)

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Command. Fierce. Glory. All for one goal.

Ready to smash your opponents but don’t know what hero to use? Check this one out.

Playing Mobile Legends is quite tricky at first. You might find it challenging to sort out which among those heroes can really impair any enemy because of the hundreds of options to choose from. It will also take some time to check each of their descriptions to compare and contrast.

To save you that trouble, presented below are Mobile Legends heroes that are truly indestructible. If you get to master any of them, you should have no problem dominating the game!

Remember, a gamer who masters his hero so well is a gamer who is ready to win.


15. Roger

Have you already seen a half-human, half-wolf? 

Roger is a dire wolf hunter. His ability to chase down on low HP opponents is what makes him someone to be terrified of. If you want to rank up on Mobile Legends, this is definitely a hero you should consider mastering. 

This fighter/marksman hero is unique for his ability to transform into two forms. Roger can utilize both his human and wolf form to hunt down enemies. He can deal damage from a distance when in human form, and he can also attack enemies from close combat in his wolf form. 

If you ever encounter an enemy using Roger, you better max up your physical defense because this hero could surely tear down anyone in an instant. 

What makes Roger a Deadly Attacker:

  • Roger's two forms both deal a great amount of damage
  • His human form has a passive skill of slowing down enemies while his wolf form deals extra physical damage that is equal to 5% of the enemy's lost HP
  • Has a wide range of versatility and mobility

See Roger In Action:

Top 1 Global Roger by RUSTEZ - MLBB


14. Clint

Chivalry is dead, but Clint will revive it.

Clint is undoubtedly one of the strongest marksman heroes. This western marksman can fire with both his rifle and revolver, proving that he deserves a spot in the list of the best attack heroes in the Land of Dawn.

What sets Clint apart from others is that the range of his basic attack increases after every skill he casts. This allows Clint to shoot enemies from a far distance. 

Not only does his range get increased after casting a skill, but his basic attack also deals damage to all enemies in a line. This means you can hit multiple targets at once, making you attack a big amount of damage.

What makes Clint a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has a high basic attack range
  • Can cast Clint's ultimate skill frequently if you have some stacks
  • Clint's second skill can immobilize the enemy while jumping back in a small distance to return to safety

See Clint In Action: 



13. Karina

Any last words? Karina is ready to take down anyone. Even you.

Next hero on the list is also a great hero to take down squishy heroes— Karina.

Karina is just perfect for dealing so much damage and taking out the next enemy whenever she kills the target. You only need to remember that farming in the early game is a must for this hero. 

You should consider getting as much gold as possible to quickly equip her with the right items. This will increase your damage output.

More damage means a bigger chance of killing enemies. And the more kills you make, the more gold you obtain. This will then turn Karina into a very powerful and deadly assassin.  

Karina is actually a hero who gets savages during gameplay every now and then.

What makes Karina a Deadly Attacker:

  • Can easily take down enemies at full HP
  • Has a high movement speed
  • The cooldown of her skills gets reduced whenever she makes a kill or assist

See Karina In Action: 

Karina One Hit Delete - Build Top 1 Global Karina ~ MLBB


12. Bane

Never underestimate Bane. Even the strongest currents failed to claim him!

This Frozen King is infamous for his skill that can disrupt any enemy's formation! Bane is an all-around hero. When using Bane in a game, you can always choose whether to go for a burst or poke playstyle.

His first and ultimate skills are the damage dealers. And both have a very low cooldown! What's nice about Bane is that you can just stay in the back lane and keep poking the enemies while still dealing damage. You can do this by using minions to ricochet his first skill.

Also, anyone who would dare to get close to him would be having a hard time because his ultimate could easily drive all of them away.

You just have to be patient when you use this hero to get the perfect time to attack and melt all of your enemies down.

What makes Bane a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has a great defensive skill, making him difficult to kill
  • Can poke enemies at a safe distance
  • Counters all close-ranged attackers

See Bane In Action:

19 Kills MANIAC Bane [ Top 1 Global Bane ]


11. Kagura

Discover the hundreds of monsters living under Kagura's umbrella.

Kagura is by far a very consistent hero. She remains to be a good pick no matter what the meta is.

She is excellent for her skill to burst down enemies while still having a lot of means to escape from danger. To top it off, her skills already grant her immunity and dash.

Because of her diverse abilities, Kagura seems more like an assassin than a mage. You just need to have a little bit of practice to master her six skills. But don't worry because once you get the gist of it all, it will not be hard killing enemies!

 What makes Kagura a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has great mobility
  • Has innate Purify and dash skills

See Kagura In Action: 



10. Chou

The man who can beat Chou has not been born yet.

Chou is actually a versatile hero. He can be used for defense or offense—just adjust his build. Either way, he works well for both roles.

The only thing about Chou is he needs mastery to dodge and kick in perfect timing. But fret not because that practice is worth it. The moment you have already caught the enemy with your skill, they can no longer escape unless they ensure their Purify skill is activated.

If you have already mastered the nit and grit of Chou, you can also try other tricks. Like pairing his skills with Flicker. You can work them all together. 

This shows that Chou does not only deal with a lot of damage but is also fun to play with!

What makes Chou a Deadly Attacker:

  • Can effortlessly chase down enemies
  • Chou's passive deals 180% basic attack damage after moving for 8 yards
  • Knocks down enemies into the air

See Chou In Action: 

Chou Offlane Gameplay [ Top 1 Global Chou Best Build 2021 ] By Cake.


9. Yi Sun-Shin

A true warrior who never backs down from a fight.

Yi Sun-Shin is a marksman in the game that is also an assassin, which means he gets the full stats from War Axe. Because of this mechanic, he becomes even more damaging against opponents.

His skill sets and passive allow him to farm and clear lanes quickly. One exciting thing about Yi Sun-Shin is his ultimate where he gives vision to his allies. This opens up an opportunity for the whole team to strategize and win the game.

When you combine Yi Sun-Shin's abilities and skills, you can really conclude why he is one of the strongest marksman heroes in the current meta.

What makes Yi Sun-Shin a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has lots of physical penetration
  • Deals a great amount of damage
  • Has high mobility

See Yi Sun-Shin In Action: 

Top Global Yi Sun Shin BTR Kenn. - Mobile Legends


8. Vale

Behold! The fury of the winds is here!

On the 7th spot is one of the strongest one-shotter mage heroes in Mobile Legends. Vale cannot only kill a full HP opponent at the get-go, but he can also disrupt an entire fight with his long-ranged Windstorm skill.

His passive skill gives him tons of movement speed, which is an opportunity to check sneaky assassins and fighters.

The only way to perfectly execute Vale is to avoid much exposure on the map. You should utilize the bushes, then only get into the team fight when most of the enemies' skills are already used.

What makes Vale a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has a high movement speed
  • Vale's ultimate skill upgrades where it can be specialized for either damage increase or crowd control

See Vale In Action: 



7. Hayabusa

Meet the shadow that stole the hearts of Kagura and Hanabi.

Hayabusa is one of the deadliest and most annoying assassins to deal with. The thing is, he can easily kill a target even when the enemy is within the turret zone. Then, he just blinks away as if nothing happened!

Hayabusa gets even more tough to kill because his first skill animation is a lot faster now. Thanks to the recent updates. Now, he is truly a nightmare against other heroes.

What makes Hayabusa a Deadly Attacker:

  • Hayabusa's shadow skill makes him one of the most difficult heroes to kill
  • Has a high movement speed
  • Has excellent for-escape abilities

See Hayabusa in Action: 



6. Granger

Experience the euphony of suffering with Granger.

Granger has been an all-time favorite hero of many. Despite Moonton nerfing the quick lane clearing of marksman heroes, Granger's first skill was buffed. 

Now, his first skill deals more damage to jungle monsters. This will help him in earning gold advantage during the early game.

Granger can fill his gun up to 6 bullets, where the 6th one deals critical damage. Not only that, his second skill gives Granger the ability to blink in any direction.

Another reason to get scared of Granger is his ultimate. This skill ignores minions along the way and only hits enemy heroes!

What makes Granger a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has fast mobility
  • Equipped with a long-ranged ultimate skill
  • Massive damage output
  • His specialty is burst and reap damage

See Granger In Action: 

Top 1 Global Granger Gameplay By ༺✟GODFREE✟༻ ~ MLBB


5. Beatrix

Do you want to experience Beatrix's bullet shower? I hope your answer is no.

Beatrix has been regarded as one of the best picks for the current meta. The technique to play Beatrix efficiently is to make sure that you get to farm first. 

Killing is not that essential during the early game because Beatrix can only become lethal when equipped with a perfect build.

One key in ensuring  high gold input during the game's early minutes is to guarantee that you get the last hit on all minions. That way, you can receive 30% more gold.

Another interesting thing about Beatrix is her sniper combo. By using her basic attack, followed by her 2nd skill right away, she reloads her gun. This lets you use another basic attack in an instant! You can easily kill an opponent with only two basic attacks with this tactic.

What makes Beatrix a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has 4 guns, which have different basic attacks and ultimate skills
  • Has a high damage rate and a very long-range attack

See Beatrix In Action: 

Beatrix Insane Attack Speed Build - Build Top 1 Global Beatrix ~ MLBB


4. Esmeralda

Be careful! Esmeralda knows every secret you hide in darkness.

Esmeralda is a hero that you would want to build with half damage and half tank equipment. What's amazing about Esmeralda is she can sustain while also dealing a significant amount of damage.

You can use Esmeralda as an offlaner, but she is also great as a jungler. This just means that Esmeralda is a very versatile hero.

And just for the record, Esmeralda is one  of the thickest heroes in the game. She is someone that will wear down all of your skills without even losing much HP!

So if ever you get to encounter an enemy Esmeralda, be sure to strategize because fighting her in a one-on-one battle is not always a good idea.

What makes Esmeralda a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has her own ability to regenerate HP
  • Deals both physical and magic damage
  • Her passive ignores any shield of the enemy

See Esmeralda In Action: 

Offlane Esme Perfect Gameplay [ Top 1 Global Esmeralda ] Ninsei - Mobile Legends


3. Ling

Can Ling regain what he deserves?

Ling is a bit tricky to play. This hero requires practice, but his skills are not really hard to master.

One thing to remember about Ling is he is blue-dependent. You definitely need your teammates' help to secure blue and avoid it getting raided.

He is great for pressuring lanes. Ling is also very lethal against mage heroes or any squishy ones. When equipped with a full build, any enemy hero would definitely not want to mess with him!

Ling is difficult to catch. One can only do so if they catch Ling by surprise or trap him. But most of the time, he can always escape. Thanks to his unique skill where he can easily leap on a wall!

What makes Ling a Deadly Attacker:

  • Ling's specialty is chasing enemies down and burst damage
  • Has great for-escape abilities
  • Ling's ultimate skill makes him invincible for seconds

See Ling In Action: 

Perfect Gameplay | Top 1 Global Ling Gameplay By lev̶ι̶ ̶ |神.


2. Natan

It is only in despair that Natan sees the fondest hopes.

Natan is a force to be reckoned with! No wonder why he is constantly being banned during picking. Anyone who goes against him will really be having a tough time countering his damage.

Natan's ultimate even got improved because he now has a blink skill. This makes him even harder to kill during a team fight. Just make sure you are keen on positioning yourself to use the blink skill right before the enemy hits you with their CC skills.

He is a marksman who can deal so much damage in just one skill. And now that he is a lot harder to catch, Natan just proves why he is a sought-after hero.

What makes Natan a Deadly Attacker:

  • His mobility and range
  • Natan's ultimate copies his moves and attacks in reverse, dealing more significant damage

See Natan In Action: 

Top 1 Global Natan by Rage X KidsZ - MLBB


1. Lancelot

Lancelot, the only swordmaster.

This graceful assassin was on the list of the most challenging heroes to master in Mobile Legends. But a lot of pro players truly learned this hero because of his destructive skills against the opponent.

Thankfully, the latest update makes Lancelot easier to use and even deadlier. Lancelot's dashes are now much easier to connect, and you will have no problem resetting them once you get used to the new adjustment. 

His second skill is also a great tool to gain immunity against damaging Crowd Control skills and burst skills of the enemies.

What sets Lancelot apart from others is his passive. Every time Lancelot charges, his damage is increased by 7.5% for 4 seconds, stacking up to 4 times! If that isn't catastrophic, then I don't know what is.

What makes Lancelot a Deadly Attacker:

  • Has high damage output and mobility
  • Can easily penetrate back-line heroes
  • His ultimate skill makes him invulnerable during the whole duration

See Lancelot In Action: 

[ Top Global Lancelot ] Dens Kasady - Mobile Legends


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