[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Assassins That Wreck Hard! (2022 Edition)

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Gusion: The Holy Blade


Assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offer a fun variety of playstyles that is both challenging and very rewarding to pull off.

This Top 10 list will show you the top 10 assassins in MLBB in the current patch so you may get a grasp on which assassin you should pick up on your next match!

Assassins are an extremely beneficial asset to the team. They have become more flexible with the latest update, allowing them to flourish in the jungle or in the side lanes. Assassins are generally equipped with high burst damage and high mobility. This allows them to disrupt team fights and chase low-health targets that are trying to escape.

You can rely on an assassin to quickly eliminate squishy heroes that attack from a distance. They can sneak up with ease and wipe out the entire backlines when in the hands of a great player. This list will help you choose the best assassins in the current meta.

10. Natalia

Natalia (Assassin)

Natalia is an assassin that specializes in stealth and invisibility to ambush unsuspecting enemy heroes. Bushes are Natalia’s best friend as she is able to go invisible if she does not take or deal damage in the bush for a while. When she is in the stealthed state, she gains buffs to her movement speed and physical attack.

Her skills enable her to ambush an unsuspecting target by attacking them while invisible, unleashing a smoke bomb that slows the enemies down, and finishing them off in a few seconds. She is one of the assassins who are best at avoiding team fights and are better at waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

What makes Natalia great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage
  • Invisibility

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Saber (Assassin)

Saber is a powerful assassin who excels at 1-v-1 ambushes. His kit allows him to delete heroes off the battlefield in only a few seconds—especially when they are alone. His passive ability reduces the enemies’ Physical Defense every time he damages them. This gives Saber an increased advantage and makes him strong even in the early game.

Saber’s abilities are geared towards a hit-and-run playstyle. His ultimate ability is the main reason why he is deemed very dangerous: he locks on an enemy hero and deals high burst damage. This is usually enough to eliminate squishy heroes such as marksmen, mages, and assassins. His first skill also grants him skill cooldown reduction and that allows him to engage in fights more often.

What makes Saber great?

  • High Mobility
  • Extremely High Damage

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8. Ling

Ling (Assassin)

Ling is an assassin who excels in chasing enemies around the map because of his extremely high mobility. He can stand on and jump across walls and is the only hero to do so. Because of this, he can navigate the map very quickly to take care of escaping enemies. Similar to Fanny, Ling’s movement abilities cost Lightness Points (similar to mana and energy). Therefore, Ling benefits greatly as a jungler.

His kit enables him to quickly chase and attack enemies. He is capable of engaging in team fights because of the ability that grants him invincibility and movement speed before knocking up enemies in a circle. His ultimate ability allows him to recover Lightness Points quickly. This allows Ling to continuously deal damage to the enemies in his range.

What makes Ling great?

  • Extremely High Mobility
  • High Damage
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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7. Gusion

Gusion (Assassin)

Gusion has been consistently good with the meta of the game. Although he was mainly used as a jungler, now he is great at handling the lanes because of how easily he can get kills once he unlocks his ultimate ability. Gusion is a flexible assassin that can deal burst damage while also having blink and dash skills to make him hard to catch.

Gusion’s kit allows him to target an enemy, blink behind the target, deal burst damage, and then escape unscathed. Gusion’s combo is fairly simple; however, precision is key in order to effectively eliminate the enemy. Gusion is great at ambushes and finishing off low-health enemies. However, he is also effective at dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

What makes Gusion great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage

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6. Benedetta

Benedetta (Assassin)

Benedetta is an assassin whose skills have a dash-damage element to them. This makes Benedetta a great pick against enemies with low mobility. She is able to infiltrate team fights and retreat from them very easily. Her mobility and constant dashing make her a bother to chase around the map.

Benedetta’s abilities are geared towards a hit-and-run type of combat where she can enter fights and escape from them as soon as she has killed the enemies off. When timed correctly, she is also able to avoid crowd control effects. Benedetta is quite difficult to master but is a very terrifying assassin to go up against if you manage to play her well.

What makes Benedetta great?

  • Extremely High Mobility
  • High Damage 
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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5. Selena

Selena (Assassin/Mage)

Selena is one of the few heroes who can transform into different forms. She is able to turn into a long-ranged attacker in Elven Form and a melee attacker in Abyssal Form. She is a great asset to the team and can dominate the Mid Lane with ease.

Selena’s kit grants her the ability to summon three traps at a time. These traps give her vision around its surroundings and are great at revealing heroes hiding in a bush. She can send out arrows that damage and stun enemies depending on how far the arrow has traveled. This stun duration allows her and her team to jump on the target. She is great at initiating 1-v-1 situations and almost always comes out victorious. 

What makes Selena great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage and CC
  • Gives Vision Around the Map

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4. Lancelot

Lancelot (Assassin)

Lancelot is a very agile hero who can quickly travel from the frontlines to attack the squishy heroes located at the back of a team fight. This disrupts the enemy team’s formation and sends targets to panic. Similar to Benedetta, his skills have a dash-damage element to them. However, what makes Lancelot different is that his dash has no cooldown when he hits an enemy for the first time.

Lancelot’s kit makes him great at chasing and diving to enemies. He is capable of engaging in a team fight because of his short skill cooldown and invulnerability when he dashes. This makes Lancelot quite hard to pin down especially in the hands of a skilled player. He is quite hard to master but the payoff is really high as his damage output is really high.

What makes Lancelot great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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3. Karina

Karina (Assassin)

Karina is a powerful assassin that specializes in cleaning up the battlefield by going after low-health enemies. Her passive is great at initiating 1-v-1 scenarios as attacking three times in a row with Karina allows her to deal more damage on the third attack. Although she can initiate a 1-v-1 fight, she is more effective in waiting for the enemies’ health bars to go low before attacking during team fights.

Her kit allows her to be immune to basic attacks for a few seconds while also dealing damage to the attacker. Her ultimate ability makes Karina charge at an enemy hero and deal high damage while leaving a mark. If the marked enemy dies, her ultimate ability’s cooldown is reset—allowing her to attack immediately. This cooldown reset is what makes Karina a lethal assassin, especially at the end of team fights.

What makes Karina great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage
  • Low Skill Cooldown

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2. Hayabusa

Hayabusa (Assassin)

Hayabusa is an assassin who specializes in deception using his phantom clones. He is great both at poking and chasing enemy heroes. Hayabusa is excellent at 1-v-1 encounters and is also very efficient in cleaning up a team fight.

His abilities rely on the use of his phantom clones where he releases three of them in different directions. He can immediately teleport to a clone’s place making him quite troublesome to catch or chase. This speedy tactic also enables him to be very unpredictable allowing him to succeed in 1-v-1 encounters especially against heroes with low mobility. His ultimate ability makes Hayabusa untargetable while he damages enemy heroes, and this grants him an easy kill against heroes who are low in health.

What makes Hayabusa great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage

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1. Aamon

Aamon (Assassin)

Aamon is the latest assassin to be added to the roster of the game. Aamon’s main perk is his ability to easily go into a camouflaged state each time he hits an enemy with a skill. When he is in this state, he cannot be targeted, restores HP, and also gains movement speed. Although he does not have any blink skills, his ability to go into camouflaged state where his movement speed increases balance things out.

Aamon’s kit makes him great at chasing enemies as well as escaping from them when he needs to. With each skill allowing him to go invisible, it is no surprise that Aamon has quickly risen to be one of the most banned heroes currently. His ultimate ability locks on to one hero and deals damage depending on the target’s lost HP as well as the number of shards on the ground.

What makes Aamon great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage
  • Low Skill Cooldown

Aamon details here!

See Aamon in action! 

Assassins are a great addition to a team. They can deal with squishy heroes and are able to escape team fights and finish off low-health enemies. The assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are all unique in their playstyles, and they are all fun to use. Each assassin in the game is viable and having a great player who knows how to handle their assassin means certain victory for the team.


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