MHW Best Augment Sphere Farm [Top 5 Ways]

MHW Best Augment Sphere Farm
Let's Gamble for Spheres, Shall We?

Keeping up with your armor spheres for upgrading armor is just as important as keeping up with your zenny in Monster Hunter: World. Armor Spheres are pretty easy to find as long as you are staying busy in active event quests and also keeping up with daily and weekly quests. The following farms are mostly just event quests and other quests that are good to complete that reward armor spheres and other augmentation gems.

5. “ Talk About a Party Foul” Farm

The quest “Talk About a Party Foul” and “ is a decent recurring event quest that will provide good armor spheres and is worth farming. Just hop in and do the typical rinse and repeat and also watch as you pull in some decent decorations.

How "Talk About a Party Foul" Works

  • Complete Quests for Reward
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Incredible number of Armor Spheres and Tickets to Unlock Previous Armor Available
  • Also a Great Decoration Farm

4. Best Armor Sphere “Brand New Brute” True Armor and King Armor Spheres Farm

True Armor and King Armor Spheres Brand New Brut Event Quest Farm. An easy arena quest that boasts high rarity reward for hunting a non tempered monster, you really don’t lose at all hunters. Using earplugs while trapping often will carry you through each hunt faster for rinsing and repeating. Additional and just as important as final reward gems shiny drops from wall bangs are always encouraged.

How True Armor and King Armor Spheres Farm Works

  • True Armor Sphere is the rarest armor sphere gem to pick up in Monster Hunter: World
  • Go Into Easy Brand New Brut Event Quest and Receive High Level Rewards 
  • Possible Hard Armor, Heavy Armor, King Armor Spheres and Even True Armor Spheres
  • Carvable Armor Spheres As Well 

3. Streamstone and Gleaming Streamsone Shard Farm 

Augmenting can be expensive and the opportunity to upgrade mass amounts of armor in Monster Hunter: World is definitely available with limitless possibilities and outcomes to satisfy your every upgrading desire. Laugh as you frivolously weigh your opportunities out like a 38 year old human trapped in a responsibility/identity crisis and figure out indeed what is your best path.  

How Streamstone and Gleaming Streamstone Shard Farm Works:

  • Farm Purple Investigations
  • Small Chance of Receiving Lv8 Hero Streamstones From Farming Lv2 Monster Such as Legiana
  • High Level Elders Offer Higher Level Streamstones
  • Gleaming Streamstones are Used to Remove Weapon Lv Limits on Augmentation Lvls
  • Removing Higher Augmentation Weapon Level Caps Means Higher Overall Weapon/Armor Levels
  • “Relish the Moment” in Event Rotating Event Quest that Offer High Lv Streamstone Rewards 
  • Use Special Rewards Filter in Investigation Search
  • Specific Weapon Sullied Streamstones Also Offered

2. Cylestial Wyverne Print Steamworks/Armor Sphere Farm

Gatherers and Geologist skills will carry you far in the mining realm of Monster Hunter: World. a Keep up with your area mining levels,upgrading them almost to completion but when your mine levels get up to red and about to upgrade to final levels, simply farm each mining node three times instead of four which will prevent any further upgrading keeping your mine levels from restarting to white. insing and repeating will drop Armor Spheres drop like candy..

How Cylestial Wyverne Print Steamworks/Armor Sphere Farm Works:

  • Need Dragonvein Goal Chunks
  • Find Them at Rare Mining Outpost in Guiding Lands
  • Farm Individual Farm Nodes For Map Regions But Not Over Cap
  • With Geologist, Simply Harvest 3 instead of 4 times to Prevent Upgrade
  • Multiple Farming Nodes Listed
  • Assassin’s Hood Event Mantle Give Mobility Boost

1. Great Spiritvein Gems Farm

Go into the Guiding Lands with Geologist level 1 skill and hunt tempered level 3 monsters in level seven regions of the Guiding Lands. The Geologist skill will allow to pick up dropped shinies two times whenever they drop. And the hardest part about this is getting your regions up to level seven after doing the Ruined Nergiante MR 99 Break Quest to remove the region level cap. But once that is done gear up with Geologist and Partbreaker and make those parts fly and drop valuable top tier Spiritvein Armor Augmentation Gems. How many gems you actually pick up really depends on the RNG so good luck hunters.

How Great Spiritvein Gems Farm Works

  • Hunt Lv 3 Monsters in Lv7 Regions of Guiding Lands
  • Use Geologist and Partbreaker Skill
  • Unlock Region Level Cap by Doing “To The Very Ends With You” MR Assigned Quest


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