[Guide] Legends of Runeterra Best Ways To Get Cards (Top 5 Ways)

Legends of Runeterra Best Ways To Get Cards
Top 5 Ways To Get Rich In Legends of Runeterra

Say goodbye to card scarcity and hello to a full collection! Check out my list of the top 5 ways to get cards in Legends of Runeterra. From secret missions to shiny vaults, these methods will help you acquire all the cards you need to build the perfect deck. So let's dive in and get ready to splurge!

5. Daily PvP Win Bonus

Method Overview:

Not exactly a way to get cards, but it is something that leaks into the other ways and helps you get cards way faster than you would if the PvP win bonus did not exist.

This is an easier way to gain Exp, which will progress your other ways and thus help you get cards. And when it comes to getting Exp, it doesn’t really get simpler than that. 

You just play games. If you win, you gain Exp. If you don’t, not really. That’s all there is to it. You don’t even have to do anything extra.

Method Analysis:

There isn’t much to analyze here. Every time you play a game, for the first three games, you have a boost in the Exp points you get after a win. Jhin is probably hiding somewhere, mad that the number is 3 instead of 4.

You get 400 points for your first win, 200 points for your second win, and 100 points for your third win. After that, you get 50 points per win. For every win. Forever.

This can be more grindy than a meat grinder, but slowly you can get enough Exp to progress the rest of the ways coming up and buy the cards you want.

And it doesn’t even have to feel like a grind if you don’t want to. 

You can only play until you get your first 3 wins every day if you want to. That way, you get 3 wins per day, but the points count like you got 14 wins instead. You then do the same the next day. And the next day. And the day after that.

Suddenly, you win 21 games in a week but the results are like you won 100 games. Maximum time efficiency.

4. Event Passes

Method Overview:

Event passes are available after every new expansion, right when you need them the most. Almost like a superhero.

What they do is unlock a path of easy-to-do missions for you to complete. After each completed mission, you get a bunch of event points. Then, once you have enough of those event points, you unlock tons of the new cards

Method Analysis:

Once the new expansion comes out, a new event pass becomes available for the next few weeks and everyone in the world is happy. 

Once this pass comes out, you can go to the events tab and unlock it. From there, it’s eventin’ time! Which means that you get some really easy missions to complete.

For example, a mission could be to “Draw 50 cards OR Play 5 games.” Like, how easy is that? The answer is “very.”

Completing these missions gives you event points. If you go back to the event tab, you can see that there are milestones that unlock you cards.

For example, you get 3 Wildcards at 20 event points. Then, you get three copies of card X at 50 event points. Then, 3 other cards at 100 points, and so on and so forth.

Now, there is a way to supercharge it. A way to unlock all the champions you want to unlock and craft all these decks you’ve been thinking about.

You can unlock the event pass’s full version. This will give you more than DOUBLE the cards that you would get otherwise and it’s not just Wildcards. The event pass will give you the actual CHAMPION. Just for completing the mission!

And the rewards are even more frequent. Instead of getting new cards every 20 or 40 or 60 event points, you are suddenly getting new cards every 10 points.

The only issue with this method is that you have to pay to unlock the full event pass. But the initial event pass, the one with the Wildcards, is completely free.

The full pass costs around 10€ but the cards you eventually get are worth way more than that.

3. Weekly Vault

Method Overview:

Think about the Weekly Vault as some sort of loot box. Once every week, on Thursdays (just like a fan-favorite TV series), the Weekly Vault gives you a BUNCH of cards, shards, and Wildcards. It’s freakin’ pog.

Method Analysis:

Every single week, every Thursday, you get the Weekly Vault for free. 

The Weekly Vault consists of 3 loot chests and each of these chests gives you cards, shards, and Wildcards.

They are bronze chests, which are the worst chests you can possibly get. But don’t worry, there is a way to swap them for better chests instead.

The way to do this is by playing more games and getting more points through wins. You start at “level 1” and every time you level up, one of the chests changes. 

At level 2 you have 1 silver chest and 2 bronze chests. At level 3 you have 2 silver chests and 1 bronze chest. At level 5 you have 1 gold chest and 2 silver chests. See where I’m going with it?

Once you max out all your chests, aka you have 3 diamond chests, every next time you level up, since you can’t get more or better chests, you gain extra bonuses.

Remember the Daily Win Boosts? Yeah, they work here too. The first few wins you get every single day propel you forward and make leveling up so much easier. 

You start playing at level 4 and just an hour later you are somehow at level 8. That’s damn cool.

Unfortunately, you can’t open up your Weekly Vault earlier even if you wanted to. They always open on Thursday. You press the button and get showered with cards and shards and all sorts of cool things

Then, your level drops back down to 1. Time to start rebuilding your level to get those diamond chests next week too.

2. Daily Missions

Method Overview:

One of the most fun ways to get more XP points (and thus new cards eventually) is by completing the daily missions.

Come back every day, complete the missions you have available, and profit massively.

Method Analysis:

Every single day, you are getting two new missions in your client. Each mission gives you massive bonuses in shards. And they are very easy to complete, especially if you actually try to do so.

One mission could be to deal 30 damage to the enemy nexus. Total. Over as many games as you want.

All you have to do is get your favorite Aggro deck and go HAM for a couple of games. Boom! You’re there!

Another mission could be to draw 25 cards. Time to grab your favorite Twisted Fate deck. Nice and easy!

Or another mission could be to play 12 PnZ units. Just grab a PnZ deck and play a couple of games.

And each of these missions gives you TONS of points. The harder ones give you even more than TONS. And they are still not that hard.

The best part? These bonuses from missions add up on Weekly Vault too. So, completing a mission could also get you 2-4 levels higher on your Weekly Vault. You do one thing and benefit from two different things. Now that’s what I call smart.

But let’s say that you don’t like a certain mission. It says you need to play Targon units and you feel like playing Noxus/SI. No worries.

You have two Rerolls for your missions. Reroll is the opportunity to select a mission, throw it away and get a new one in its place. Hopefully, this new one will be better.

You start with two Rerolls but once you use at least one of them, you are getting a new one every day. So, if you have 0 Rerolls left today, you’ll have 1 Reroll tomorrow. And 2 the day after.

But you can’t have more than 2 Rerolls. It maxes out at 2. Still good enough to find exactly the mission you want.

1. Region Exp Boost

Method Overview:

This is by far the best, easiest, and most fun way to get new cards, more shards, and more Wildcards.

Choose your favorite Region (which is SI. That’s the only correct answer). Start playing and unlock cards from that Region (*cough* SI *cough*).

Method Analysis:

There are 10 different Regions in Legends of Runeterra. Riot has confirmed that there won’t be any more Regions coming our way, but they are still plenty.

And each of these Regions can give you tons and tons of free cards. You do that utilizing the game’s Region Exp Boosts.

You go to the Regions screen, choose your favorite Region and unlock it.

From there, a mini-game starts.

Each Region has a “level”. It goes from level 0 all the way up to level 40. And while you have selected this Region, every time you win a game, you progress your next level-up. 

And every time you reach a new level, you gain a bunch of rewards specific to that region. You could get a gold chest. Or you might get an Epic Wildcard. Or you may get a whole champion for free! 

And imagine how cool it would be if you got the exact champion you wanted! You would be that much closer to completing the next deck you have in mind!

Plus, you know what? By completing Daily Missions and capitalizing on the Daily Win Boost, you are ALSO progressing your Region level. That’s 3 things that you can work on at the same time, without any extra effort.

Now, 40 levels is a lot. This means two things. 1) It is going to take a while to complete the whole region and 2) You are getting TONS of rewards and basically unlock half the region that way!

And that’s just 1 region! You still have 9 more to go! It is almost infinite value!

By the time you are done completing all the regions, you will have virtually all the cards in the game and won’t have to think about getting a missing card from a deck ever again. Even I have not completed every region yet!


Legends of Runeterra is a game that has a ton of ways to get new cards for absolutely 0 money. And most of them are pretty damn good!

Plus, you can combine them and progress multiple of them at the same time, which makes you get cards even faster and even easier.

So, open the client and start getting new cards. Or don’t, I can’t tell you what to do, I’m not your mom..

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