[Top 5] Legends of Runeterra Best Demacia Decks That Wreck Hard!

Legends of Runeterra Best Demacia Decks
Take your sword and put on your armor!

Justice, Honor and Duty.

    These are some of the ideals of Demacia, the region from the fictitious world of Runeterra. This is reflected on the cards themselves, often represented by a strong but straightforward style of play, focused mainly on combat and buffs. 

    If you choose to play this faction, you’ll fill your board with low-cost units and make them work together to be stronger, thus becoming a force to be reckoned with. The lack of damage spells and sneaky tactics might be a little disappointing for certain players, but Demacia is strong by itself, and can be great when allied to certain regions.

    This article will list a few of the top rated Demacia-focused decks that feature different strategies. They are a great starter region and a great source of good strategies by focusing on Barrier, Scout, Challenger and Elites. Without further ado, let’s get to the decks.

5. Banner man mid-range

    It’s only right to start this list with an 100% Demacian deck that features a little bit of everything. It has a lot of buffing, a few barrier-focused units, a few Scouts and some other Challenger allies. By not specializing at anything, it’s a little bit good at everything.

    The ideal early-game for this deck is focused on buffing your Cithria of Cloudfield and Fleetfeather Tracker with War Chefs in order to take out the weaker units and dispense damage to the Nexus. You also have some Brightsteel Protectors to give Barrier to Fiora and other valuable units. Vanguard Bannerman and Cithria the Bold are essential for buffing your entire board once you’re ready to attack.

    This is a simple, straightforward deck that focuses a little bit on every aspect that Demacia is good for. Recommended for beginners.


4. Scout and Rally

    From a full Demacia deck to a 50/50 Bilgewater one. This deck is focused on attacking as much as possible and dealing as much damage as you can in one turn. It uses the Scout keyword, which allows you to attack twice and Rally effects to potentially attack three, or even 4 times in the same turn.

    You can use Miss Fortune and Crackshot Corsair to increase the damage output in the early game, so try to keep them alive and attack with War Chefs or other Scout units. Once you play Quinn and Island Navigator, you can start attacking twice every turn and, if your opponent’s board is clear enough, use Relentless Pursuit and Playful Trickster to increase the amount of attacks you can make.

    Although it can be stopped by bigger creatures and control decks, this Scout and Rally is quite solid and can be used to reach great heights. It’s also very fun to play when it works out.


3. Try Demencia

    This deck can be summarized in one word: Elites. It’s based on what Demacia does best, which is strong allies that complement and buff each other. You will never run out of units, and although it has Garen in it, there are other units which are more important.

    In order for your strategy to work, you must keep a Battlesmith or two alive at all times, because he will buff all the elite units you play. It’s also good to keep Dawnspeakers around, to buff your allies when one of them dies. Try to use your Challenger units to keep enemies from killing Vanguard Firstblade when he is attacking.

    Although strong and combat-focused, it’s a little slower than other aggro decks. It can also be denied by Shadow Isles decks with The Ruination or even Vengeance. But besides that, it’s quite straightforward and a great deck for combat-focused players.


2. Safeguarded Squad

    Taking advantage of Barriers and more Barriers, Safeguarded Squad is focused on not losing your important units by shielding them whenever they need it. It combines Demacia and Ionia’s Barrier units, spells and champions in order to achieve board control without sacrificing your allies.

    If you try your best to start with Greenglade Caretaker and Greenglade Lookout, you will have a good opportunity to do some damage early on while taking advantage of their abilities. Fiora is very important in this deck, and once you get her, you can just give her every barrier you have until you manage to get her victory condition. Shen is here too, and he will help shielding your important allies when needed.

    This deck is really good, but can be obliterated by aggro decks. Since the units need sometime to prove their worth, it’s mostly for the mid-game, although it can have a strong late-game presence with Brightsteel Formation.


1. Lux Mageseekers Diamond Rank

    I have already put this deck on another list, and I’m gonna put it here too. It is a great spell-focused Demacia deck and the only one of this top 5 that has Lux in it. By combining Demacia and Piltover & Zaun, it’s focused on using your mageseekers and Lux to dish-out damage mid-game.

    It’s very important to start with Eager Apprentice and Unlicensed Innovation if you can. The first one will allow you to get some mana while also having an ally capable of attacking and defending and the second one will summon a 5/5 unit besides allowing your mageseekers to use their abilities once they are played. Play Shady Character to copy your or the enemies’ strongest allies and keep playing spells once you get Lux in order to level her up.

    It might not be very good for early-game threats, but it makes it up by being a Demacia deck capable of dishing out damage with spells, which is something this Region is not usually capable of doing. Just remember to play a 6-cost spell by turn 3 and you are set.


    These decks are strong and all, but it’s important to remember that focusing on only one region limits your options a lot. Runeterra’s gameplay is strengthened by making different decks and mixing different regions, and Demacia works well but differently depending on the combination. 

    So, forge onward! For Demacia!

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