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What are the three best decks for new players to get started? Read on to find out!

Hello again and welcome to another Legends of Runeterra ranking list. Today we will be looking at the best decks to start your journey across the Rune Earth with. The following three decks are rated based on the difficulty and accessibility of the deck, whether the deck will teach you fundamentals of the game and lastly whether the deck is affordable and easy to craft. To the last point I should add that it wont carry too much weight since Legends of Runeterra is a very free-to-play friendly game and generally getting any deck wont take you much effort. With those preliminary notes out of the way, lets get started!

3. Annie Jhin

Just because it's easy doesn't mean it's not fancy.

Coming in at number three we have Annie Jhin, the most aggressive deck in the current meta and the spiritual successor to the pirate aggro archetype. This deck is simple to play but requires a degree of planning ahead in order to use cards like Solari Sunhawk and The Stagehand optimally. Likewise Noxian Fervor is a great card to get used to the spell interactions in Runeterra and learn the value of reactivity.

Annie Jhin is simple and powerful deck with fast games and the fundamentals of aggressive play styles in Legends of Runeterra. A great deck for beginners, not the cheapest in terms of Wild Cards but great for a fast and productive climb.

What is great about Annie Jhin:

  • Very fast games let you climb the ranks faster and see more games in general.
  • Simple, intuitive and aggressive playstyle. You really just need to get that number from 20 to 0.
  • The different stuns in the deck will force you to think about how the opponent can block most efficiently thus teaching you the basics of trading in LoR.
  • Managing your burn spells and your aggressive units will teach you the basics of tempo.


Deck List: 

3x Annie 

3x Crackshot Corsair

3x Legion Rearguard

3x Legion Saboteur

3x Boomcrew Rookie

3x Imperial Demolitionist

2x Solari Sunhawk

3x The Stagehand

3x Tusk Speaker

1x Arachnoid Sentry

3x Doombeast

3x Noxian Fervor

3x Jhin

3x Decimate

1x Augmented Experimenter



2. Pyke Rek’Sai (Lurk)

Dip your toes into the waters of Runeterra

From the 10th rank on my top 10 decks list this deck sees quite the upgrade when we take into consideration how beginner friendly it is. Lurk is a straightforward deck with thematic and synergistic cards and large core. The large core means that not much will change at the heart of this deck and once you have crafted it, the deck will probably stay the same for a long time. 

Apart from that the deck will play it’s own strategy and will not do much to adapt to the opponent strategy. Due to that you will be able to master this particular style without having to worry too much about all the matchup-tables and different gameplans that exist in the meta.

What is great about Lurk:

  • Fast games let you play more, climb faster and practice more efficiently.
  • Easy to learn hard to master. You will do well with this deck right away and in time you will explore it’s intricacies and unlock the full potential of Lurk.
  • A modicum of interaction will give you an opportunity to get used to the spell interactions of LoR.


Deck List:

1x Bloodbait

3x Sharkling

3x Xer’sai Hatchling

2x Aspiring Chronomancer

3x Call the Pack

3x Redfin Hammersnout

1x Ruthless Predator

3x Snapjaw Swarm

3x Rek’Sai

3x Xer’sai Caller

3x Pyke

2x Blood in the Water

3x Xerxa’Reth, the Undertitan

2x Xer’sai Dunebreaker

2x Jaull-fish



1. Miss Fortune Quinn (Scouts)

Yes Quinn, just let the bird do all the work.

The best deck for beginners, what a surprise, is Scouts. Not only is this deck very good in the current meta (5th on the top 10 ranking) it is an amazing deck to get started in Legends of Runeterra.

The powerful curve of this deck will allow newer players to hold their own even in the higher ranks. At the same time a degree of planning will be required to map out your rally turns or to calculate in advance how to best level up your champions. Likewise knowledge of the meta will allow you to know what you need to protect Miss Fortune against and how much you can commit to a specific gameplan.

What is great about Scouts:

  • Fast games once again. Not as fast as the other two but in turn your win rate should be a bit higher for it.
  • This deck will have you use the Challenger keyword a lot, teaching you how to set up optimal trades.
  • The simple and champion focused playstyle of Scouts will ease you into the basics of this game.


Deck List:

3x Fleetfeather Tracker

2x Ranger’s Resolve

1x Shellshocker

2x Brightsteel Protector

3x Durand Sculptor

3x Inspiring Light

3x Marai Warden

3x Petricite Broadwing

3x Miss Fortune

3x Vanguard Sergeant

3x Island Navigator

1x Zap Sprayfin

3x Quinn

2x Genevieve Elmheart




This concludes my top 3 of the best, most beginner friendly decks to start in LoR with.

I hope, as always, that you found this article useful and until the next time!


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