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Dettlaff looks as menacing as ever.

TCG or Trading Card Games are games in which you collect cards and create your deck. It’s a great experience to slowly build your collection and learn how to use your new cards and create your decks. TCGs are a large genre, but only some games last longer than 2 years. We’ll take a look at the best TCGs you can play on the go!

10. Skyweaver

Skyweaver is a TCG that has a simple premise of having to keep your hero safe. Once your hero dies - you lose, however you can always attack with your hero if you think it’s worth the drawback of losing life points once it collides with the enemy unit.

Besides the hero, there are units and spells that you will use in your deck-building. They are exactly what you would expect from the basic units and spells in a card game. The game, however, recently became a blockchain game, which means that it’s largely influenced by NFTS and selling them.

9. Warhammer Combat Cards

Warhammer is a franchise that has lasted for a very long time. It spawned a myriad of different games across multiple genres. Their card game that was released for mobile has an interesting premise but it's rather weak compared to other TCGs you can download and play.

If you like sci-fi or just the Warhammer 40k franchise, you will enjoy the setting of this game. It aims to create something different and it sort of did. The cards you summon to the field take turns fighting against the enemy troops. There are many warlords and different cards to focus on, but that’s the main premise.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links has slightly different rules than the live TCG version. The game is largely simplified and a lot of the strongest and most complicated things from the TCG are not in the game. It’s still fun and has a lot of interesting decks you can build.

The game gives you a lot of free stuff, however, if you want to play it competitively you will have a problem since the game has always been a bit pay-to-win. It’s still interesting and the best Yu-Gi-Oh game to play if you love the anime, due to its interesting events and characters you can play as.

7. Mythgard

Mythgard is a card game set in a fantasy world. There is a large variety of cards and the game is very well balanced. Its biggest struggle is that it’s not marketed properly and as a result of that it doesn't have a big player base.

The game is still very interesting and competitive, and carefully balanced. There is a large number of cards you can use to create your deck and the entire game looks very different while keeping the classic, well-known mechanics from other TCGs.

6. Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse is a game with similar rules to Hearthstone, but it has a vastly different setting and a unique feature that changes how the game functions. Shadowverse takes place in a Japanese fantasy world that is similar to some of the classic JRPG worlds.

Every leader has cards that only their class can use. You can make a lot of interesting decks with a lot of diverse strategies. The game’s most unique feature is the evolve mechanic. You have a few slots to level up any unit in play - which makes the card stronger and it sometimes gets a different effect.

5. Magic: The Gathering Arena

The first modern TCG is none other than Magic the Gathering. The game was created in 1993 and it is still one of the most popular card games. Luckily, for people that don’t like playing the live version, for whatever reason, there’s a great TCG for android and pc.

Magic The Gathering: Arena has the same rules as the real TCG, but it’s easier to get into since all you need to do is download a game on your phone and start playing. It is the best way to get into MTG since you don’t have to buy expensive cards.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel is the newest game on this list. It was released at the beginning of this year and it’s the best Yu-Gi-Oh game for collecting cards and creating your decks. The game is a little simplified compared to real Yu-Gi-Oh but it’s way more like the real TCG than Duel Links.

The game has a variety of cards and decks you can learn and it even made pack openings interesting with the addition of secret packs. The game gives you a lot of things for free, so free-to-play players won’t have any problems with this one.

3. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a genre-defining card game that came out and inspired a lot of new TCGs. It’s developed by Blizzard and takes place in the same expansive universe as World Of Warcraft. It has a lot of interesting expansions and unique decks with beautiful WOW characters.

Although it was released in 2014, it still has a large and loyal player base, which is very good for a card game. Hearthstone set a lot of standards for online TCG and it deserves some slack for its P2W wall.

2. Gwent

Gwent is a game based on the Witcher lore. It first appeared as a mini-game in The Witcher 3 and has since become a standalone title. The Witcher world is expansive and filled with a large number of interesting fighters and armies that quarrel across the world.

Gwent is a bit different from a normal TCG. Instead of fighting your opponent to lower his HP, the goal in Gwent is to build a larger army than your opponent. It’s a best of 3 in which you draw all of your cards at the start and have to strategically decide which rounds you need to win and what cards you can expend.

1. Legends Of Runterra

Legends Of Runeterra is a League Of Legends card game. As it takes place in the same large universe, there are a lot of unique and interesting cards that build upon the already great League lore.

Legends Of Runeterra has a lot of the classic gameplay mechanics that a lot of card games do, but it’s by no means a copy of anything. It’s very unique and interesting, while still being easy to pick up. There are many great factions that you can mix and create a whole lot of different decks with unique win conditions.

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