[Top 5] Hearthstone Best Free Decks That Wreck Hard!

10 classes and 10 decks, all with their own strengths and weaknesses

Confused about what you should get as your first deck?

Building your first competitive deck can be very challenging, especially for new or free-to-play players. Because of this problem, Blizzard launched a new feature back in March 2020 that allowed new or returning players to claim one free deck from 10 choices, one for each class. These free decks are often built using popular deck archetypes as the basis and are updated with every expansion.

With the release of Hearthstone’s newest expansion Murder at Castle Nathria, the one-time free decks have been updated once more. Some decks ended up being meme-worthy, and some are outright Tier 1 competitive-ready. Here are the Top 5 best free decks for this expansion to jump-start your climb on the rank ladder.


5. Demon Hunter – Abyssal Assault

When ancient heroes drove a felhunter into the sea, they thought it was the end. But for Xhilag, it was only the beginning...

Demon Hunter decks have always leaned towards an aggressive minion-based play style, and this deck is no different. Featuring plenty of weapons and weapon buff spells, this deck starts the game off at full speed and aims to kill the enemy first before running out of steam.

After you burn down your enemy’s health and removal, Xhilag of the Abyss comes down to hopefully close out the game, as your gas reserves will not help much in late-game situations.

What is great about this deck:

  • Standard aggressive Demon Hunter deck with a lot of weapon synergy and burst damage spells
  • A lot of damage to the enemy’s HP can be done within 1 turn, allowing you to surprise control decks and claim wins even against hard matchups


  • 2x Battlefiend (1)
  • 2x Dreadprison Glaive (1)
  • 2x Fury (Rank 1) (1)
  • 2x Metamorfin (1)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Amalgam of the Deep (2)
  • 2x Chaos Strike (2)
  • 2x Fel Barrage (2)
  • 2x Fossil Fanatic (2)
  • 2x Multi-Strike (2)
  • 2x Spectral Sight (2)
  • 1x Lady S’theno (3)
  • 2x Predation (3)
  • 2x Felgorger (4)
  • 1x Bone Glaive (5)
  • 1x Kurtrus, Demon-Render (6)
  • 1x Xhilag of the Abyss (7)

Here is the deck code:



4. Paladin – Popping Bubbles

Her faith, unshakable. Her shield, immovable. Her enemies, irredeemable.

Lightforged Cariel and The Leviathan, that’s it, that’s the reason this free deck is so good. Arguably the best value card last expansion, the buffing capability of Lightforged Cariel is sadly a bit too slow for this expansion.

Despite being considered a slow deck in a control meta, the mech synergy for this deck still packs a punch, with Bubblebot having the capability to completely shut down aggressive decks. This free deck can still capitalize on enemy misplays to seize board control and rely on hand-buffed to close out slower games.

What is great about this deck:

  • Lightforged Cariel is still one of the best value cards in this expansion and can solo win a game through hand buffing cheap minions
  • The Leviathan is a great card draw engine that is also difficult to remove once protected by taunt minions
  • Bubblebot is good for stalling out aggressive decks due to the Divine Shield + Taunt combination


  • 2x Click-Clocker (1)
  • 2x Prismatic Jewel Kit (1)
  • 2x Righteous Protector (1)
  • 2x Amalgam of the Deep (2)
  • 2x Annoy-o-Tron (2)
  • 2x Radar Detector (2)
  • 2x Seafloor Savior (2)
  • 2x Security Automaton (2)
  • 2x Alliance Bannerman (3)
  • 2x Azsharan Mooncatcher (3)
  • 2x Gorillabot A-3 (3)
  • 2x Stonehearth Vindicator (3)
  • 2x Bubblebot (4)
  • 2x Mothership (6)
  • 1x The Leviathan (7)
  • 1x Lightforged Cariel (8)

Here is the deck code:



3. Druid – Vanndar’s Reinforcements

Guff faced his biggest challenge yet: making friends on a battlefield.

Vanndar’s Reinforcements takes Big Druid to another level, allowing you to ramp up to 20 mana with Wildheart Guff and slam down dragons upon dragons to crush the enemy. There are also six legendary minions in the card list, far surpassing all the other free decks in terms of dust value.

In truth, this free deck is almost identical to the current Tier 1/Tier 2 version of Ramp Druid, but the lack of Prince Renathal makes it more difficult to survive the early game. Overall, a very solid deck that needs a few tweaks to contend in the current expansion.

What is great about this deck:

  • Ramp Druid is one of the strongest decks in the game right now due to games being more focused on board control
  • 4 Legendary Dragons are included, providing massive effects that can turn the game around
  • Plenty of card draw and ramp due to Nourish and Miracle Growth


  • 2x Aquatic Form (0)
  • 2x Innervate (0)
  • 2x Earthen Scales (2)
  • 2x Moonlit Guidance (2)
  • 2x Wild Growth (3)
  • 1x Vanndar Stormpike (4)
  • 2x Boomkin (5)
  • 2x Nourish (5)
  • 2x Onyxian Warder (5)
  • 2x Spammy Arcanist (5)
  • 1x Wildheart Guff (5)
  • 2x Best in Shell (6)
  • 2x Scale of Onyxia (7)
  • 1x Kazakusan (8)
  • 2x Miracle Growth (8)
  • 1x Alexstrasza the Life-Binder (9)
  • 1x Ysera the Dreamer (9)
  • 1x Raid Boss Onyxia (10)

Here is the deck code:



2. Hunter – Beasts of the Deep

Right where I want ya.

Go face and win the race, this statement has always been Hunter’s identity and fully describes how aggressive the class can be. With that said, this free deck features a midrange style of play, complementing the best aggressive hero power with a balanced mana curve.

Early game cards such as Vicious Slitherspear with Doggie Biscuit allow you to stall and clear token-based decks. After slowing the game down, fetch your big beasts using Harpoon Gun and outvalue the opponent with Ambassador Faelin. Against control or slower decks, the hero power and the Naga synergy should give enough kill pressure for King Krush to finish the job.

What is great about this deck:

  • Hunter’s hero power is the best aggressive hero power due to being direct damage to the enemy hero’s health
  • A midrange deck gives a decent matchup against many of the meta decks right now, offering enough control against the hyper-aggressive Imp Warlock while having enough value against the 40-card decks such as Ramp Druid
  • Many of the cards such as Beaststalker Tavish, Mountain Bear, Harpoon Gun, and Doggie Biscuit are used in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Hunter decks, making this deck a solid foundation for future Hunter decks


  • 1x Devouring Swarm (0)
  • 2x Peasant (1)
  • 2x Tracking (1)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Doggie Biscuit (2)
  • 2x Murkwater Scribe (2)
  • 2x Selective Breeder (2)
  • 2x Harpoon Gun (3)
  • 2x Naga’s Pride (3)
  • 1x Ramming Mount (3)
  • 2x Revive Pet (3)
  • 1x Ambassador Faelin (4)
  • 1x Azsharan Saber (4)
  • 1x School Teacher (4)
  • 2x Pet Collector (5)
  • 1x Beaststalker Tavish (6)
  • 1x Hydralodon (7)
  • 2x Mountain Bear (7)
  • 1x King Krush (9)

Here is the deck code:



1. Priest – How Illuminating

Do you have any fishy business with me?

The low-cost minions allow for an aggressive playstyle that maximizes the strength of the Naga synergy by creating cheap minions with huge stats. Princess Valishj tops it off by refreshing your mana crystals, letting you cast your buffing spells. The resulting army of buffed minions will surely finish the enemy before they can mount a resistance.

What is great about this deck:

  • The deck only needs Boon of the Ascended to be an updated Naga Priest deck, one of the best aggressive decks right now
  • Serpent Wig allows you to create a huge minion on a meta where hard removal is not that common
  • Naga synergy and cheap spells will allow you to overwhelm the board with minions that have high stats


  • 1x Priestess Valishj (0)
  • 2x Serpent Wig (1)
  • 2x Shadow Word: Devour (1)
  • 2x Shard of the Naaru (1)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Amalgam of the Deep (2)
  • 2x Bless (2)
  • 2x Murkwater Scribe (2)
  • 2x Queensguard (2)
  • 2x Radiant Elemental (2)
  • 2x Thrive in the Shadows (2)
  • 2x Crushclaw Enforcer (3)
  • 2x Handmaiden (3)
  • 2x Treasure Guard (3)
  • 1x Zola the Gorgon (3)
  • 2x School Teacher (4)

Here is the deck code:



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