Hearthstone: 3 Best Decks To Destroy Your Opponents With

Hearthstone: 3 Best Decks To Destroy Your Opponents With

Destroy Your Opponents With These Best Hearthstone Decks

Poor sportsmanship is an idea made up by people who lost one too many times.

I aim to give you the best Hearthstone deck possible to win every time you enter a game.

Nobody goes into a game with the intention of losing so there is no reason to hold back any tricks to get their health down to zero.

With the amount of crazy strategies available it is hard to know exactly what to choose to win, but these 3 strategies are guaranteed by Pros to help you win.

3. Mage Explosions Deck

The Mage Explosion deck in action dealing a lethal combo.

Cards you'll need:

Bloodmage Thalnos
Cone of Cold
Antique Healbot
Emperor Thaurissan
Arcane Missiles x 2
Arcane Explosion x 2
Frostbolt x 2
Sorcerer's Apprentice x 2
Arcane Intellect x 2
Frost Nova x 2
Ice Barrier x 2
Ice Block x 2
Dragon's Breath x 2
Mad Scientist x 2
Novice Engineer x 2
Acolyte of Pain x 2

Now, the Mage Explosion deck requires some patience and you will find yourself getting dangerously low on health if you do not draw all the right cards before you hit 10 mana.

This is why the Ice Barrier cards are there as well as the Antique Healbot.

This deck works off of the combo of Emperor Thaurissan reducing the cost of 2 out of 5 of either your Malygos, Arcane Explosions or Sorcerer's Apprentices.

It never hurts to hold the board with some Frostbolts and some Arcane Missiles so that you don't lose.

2. The Colma Tempo Warrior

 Colma's Warrior deck laying waste to the opponent.

Cards you'll need:

Argent Commander
The Black Knight
Loot Hoarder
Azure Drake
Grommash Hellscream
Execute x 2
Whirlwind x 2
Fiery War Axe x 2
Armorsmith x 2
Cruel Taskmaster x 2
Death's Bite x 2
Kor'kron Elite x 2
Amani Berserker x 2
Acolyte of Pain x 2
Harvest Golem x 2
Sludge Belcher x 2

The number one trick of the pro players is board control, you can have the best Hearthstone deck in the world but if you don't have board control you will lose faster than you can draw.

The cards in this deck are mean to easily clear anything your opponent has on the board but make sure to use your shield power if you need to because you won't have many

Taunt cards to defend you if you cannot control the board early.

If you do start to lose control of the board there are a few cards in this deck you can use to clear it without using minions which are always helpful.

1. Gang Up Miracle Rogue

The Gang Up Rogue taking control of the board.

Cards you'll need:

Gang Up
Blade Flurry
Bloodmage Thalnos
Kobold Geomancer
Big Game Hunter
Dr. Boom
Backstab x 2
Preparation x 2
Deadly Poison x 2
Eviscerate x 2
Shiv x 2
Fan of Knives x 2
SI:7 Agent x 2
Sprint x 2
Earthen Ring Farseer x 2
Violet Teacher x 2
Azure Drake x 2
Sludge Belcher x 2

This deck is all about seizing the right opportunity to gain an advantage in the game.

It is impossible to tell what advantage you may gain, but you will be using the Gang Up card to copy minions from the battlefield into your deck whether it be taunt cards, spell strengtheners, minions, the possibilities are all there with this deck.

With the addition of Dr. Boom, you could even go as far as to just copy him and his bombs and go insane destroying everything on the field for board control.

This is the best hearthstone deck for adaptability in the match because you can catch your opponent off guard and turn the tides quickly against them.


These decks are great for some destruction on the battlefield, but there are many strategies you can use.

Either draw out your opponents death by draining their deck and then their health or hide behind a shield wall or walls of ice until the right cards come along.

Another strategy is to try to throw your opponent off their path with magic and silence cards.

With so many class combos, it's always hard to gauge exactly what goes best against another class. What classes and cards do you use to stay on top of the game?

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