[Top 16] Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Cards

Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Cards
Battlegrounds is the new everything.

Blizzard accidentally made a game mode that is better than their original game.

If you haven't heard, Hearthstone battlegrounds is the new game mode for hearthstone. This list will help you recognize the core build cards and speed up your learning curve. 

There are four main end game builds:

  • Demons
  • Murlocs
  • Beasts
  • Mechs

This list has the top four core cards for each build. Enjoy!


16. Wrath Weaver

  • Main synergy with Floating Watcher
  • Pick up two and grow Floating Watcher twice as fast
  • Ends up huge by late game

15. Floating Watcher

  • Grows really quickly
  • Strong mid-game into late
  • Main demon win condition

14. Soul Juggler

  • Juggle damage adds up fast
  • Can snipe opponents main combo minions
  • Synergizes with Void Lord

13. Void Lord

  • Protects your Soul Jugglers
  • Synergizes with Soul Jugglers
  • Deathrattle eats up divine shields


12. Coldlight Seer

  • Buffs ALL your Murlocs
  • Combos with Brann
  • Health + poison is your win condition

11. King Bagurgle

  • Coldlight Seer’s big brother
  • Combos with Brann
  • More and more health!

10. Brann Bronzebeard

  • This card ties in all your other cards
  • Stacks health up quick
  • Sets up the Gentle Megasaur win condition

9. Gentle Megasaur

  • This is your main win condition
  • Combo with Brann for poison and divine shield
  • Subsequent copies add tons of health and attack


8. Rat Pack

  • Major value from deathrattle
  • Strong early through late game
  • Combos with Mama Bear and Goldrinn

7. Cave Hydra

  • Combos with Mama Bear and Goldrinn
  • Cleave can take out opponents core combo cards
  • Cleave takes out multiple divine shields
  • Cleave is awesome

6. Goldrinn, The Great Wolf

  • Sets up your Pack Rats
  • Sets up your Cave Hydra
  • Helps Mama Bear survive the first hit

5. Mama Bear

  • Makes Cave Hydra massive
  • Turns Rat Pack into a win condition
  • Buffs every beast played, consider replaying Cave Hydras and Rat Packs for the buff


4. Cobalt Guardian

  • Carries from mid-game to late game
  • Divine Shield is easy to refresh
  • Stick a few Screwjank Clunker buffs on it to get your endgame win condition

3. Replicating Menace

  • Magnetic doesn’t take up board space
  • Deathrattle triggers Cobalt Guardian divine shield
  • Accessible from mid-game

2. Mechano-Egg

  • Strong deathrattle
  • Combos with Baron Rivendare
  • Triggers Cobalt Guardian divine shield

1. Baron Rivendare

  • Doubles Mechano-Egg’s deathrattle
  • Tech in Kaboom Bot for boomtastic damage
  • Also works in beasts end game builds

If you haven’t warmed up to Battlegrounds yet, persevere, it gets really fun. I hope some of these card builds get you into the top, but not if I'm in the lobby. 

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