[Top 21] Best Hearthstone Legendary Cards in 2020

Best Hearthstone Legendary Cards
If you're going to craft, craft these.

Legendaries that will last.

There are so many Hearthstone cards it’s hard to know which are worth crafting. Here are the best classic and year of the dragon legendaries. Use this list and spend your dust wisely.

Classic Set

21. Harrison Jones

  • Always useful when a weapon meta comes around
  • Draws cards!
  • Great tempo swing

20. Bloodmage Thalnos

  • Good in many decks
  • Draws cards!
  • Good turn two play

19. Alexstrasza

  • Sets up combos and one turn kills
  • Lets you play control early
  • Used in many decks

18. Ysera

  • Can win the game alone
  • Used in many decks
  • Turns on dragon synergies

17. Archmage Antonidas

  • Great one turn kill card, Exodia Mage
  • Very fun card, fireball slinging!
  • This card will not go out of style

16. Tirion Fordring

  • Good stats
  • Great deathrattle
  • Core card in many decks

15. Malygos

  • Core card in many combo decks
  • One turn kill spell explosion turns are very fun
  • Good stats and dragon synergy

14. Edwin VanCleef

  • Used in most rogue decks
  • Stacking a big Edwin is satisfying
  • Combo is a core rogue mechanic

13. Leeroy Jenkins

  • The one expensive card for all budget aggro decks
  • Auto include in aggro decks
  • One of the highest damage charge cards

Year of the Dragon Set (Rotates out 2021)

12. Armagedillo

  • Combos with control warrior for massive value
  • Buffs add up quick if it survives the first turn
  • Taunt Warrior is a consistent archetype

11. Ancharrr

  • Pirate Warrior is one of the best aggro decks
  • Great card draw which is lacking in aggro decks
  • Best legendary to craft for the best budget deck

10. Deathwing, Mad Aspect

  • Big stats for the mana
  • Battlecry is board clear if needed
  • Dragon synergy

9. Flik Skyshiv

  • Quality removal
  • Counters combo decks
  • Removal with a body

8. Kronx Dragonhoof

  • Good stats with an effect
  • Auto include in any Galakrond deck
  • Devastation provides flexible choices

7. Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

  • Further strengthens highlander decks
  • Activates dragon synergy
  • Provides card draw

6. Dinotamer Brann

  • Provides burst damage to close out games
  • Turn seven King Krush, Turn nine King Krush
  • Core to highlander hunter

5. Archivist Elysiana

  • Key card in winning control matchups
  • Turns off fatigue
  • Useable in any control deck

4. Barista Lynchen

  • Useful in any battlecry deck
  • Lots of value from replaying battlecries
  • Replay major cards like Zephrys the Great

3. Zephrys the Great

  • One of the strongest highlander cards
  • Very flexible
  • Used in every highlander deck

2. Siamat

  • Rush provides an instant board effect
  • Rush and divine shield can get two four one value
  • Very flexible for any deck

1. Zilliax

  • Can go in any deck
  • Lifesteal wins aggro matchups
  • Usually trades two four one

Dust can be hard to come by. I hope this list helps you craft wisely. Happy hearthstoning!

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