Hearthstone Class Guide - What To Pick

Hearthstone Class Guide
Each one of the 9 classes in Hearthstone is unique. This article will help you decide which is your favorite.

1.    Shaman

Shaman is the strongest class right now. Shamans are the masters of elements. They can overload their mana in order to rise to the needs of the moment. They can also summon totems, which boost their powers.

Currently, the strongest Shaman decks are Evolve Shaman, Murloc Shaman, and Quest Shaman. You should choose this class if:

  •        You like elemental synergies
  •        You enjoy playing token strategies
  •        You want to cast powerful spells and summon strong minions for lower mana cost, but reduce the mana crystals you can use next turn

Class overall power: 95/100

2.    Hunter

Hunter is the second strongest class in the current metagame. Hunters are known for their beast synergies, strong weapons, secrets and ways of dealing direct damage to the opponent’s hero. This has allowed the existence of a deck called “Face Hunter”, which only hits your opponent’s face.

Currently, the strongest Hunter decks are Secret Highlander Hunter, Quest Hunter, and Mech Hunter, all of which are somewhat aggressive decks. You should choose this class if:

  •        You want to kill your opponent fast, using direct damage such as your hero power
  •        You want to be sneaky and trick your opponent with your secret traps
  •        You like aggressive decks
  •        You want to use beast synergies

Class overall power: 90/100

3.    Paladin

Paladin is the third strongest class right now. Paladins are most popular with their buffs, divine shields, and strong weapons, as well as secrets and some healing synergies.

Currently, the strongest paladin decks are Secret Highlander Paladin, Secret Paladin, and Murloc Paladin, all of which are midrange decks. You should choose this class if:

  •        You like powerful buffs
  •        You prefer to play proactively but not to just go face as a hunter would do
  •        You want to use powerful minions and make them even stronger

Class overall power: 83/100

4.    Druid

Druid is currently the fourth-best class in the game. Druids have powerful choose one effect, which allows them to adapt to every situation. They also have the ability to increase their mana crystals, allowing them to play stronger cards in the early stages of the game. Token strategies are also quite common among this class, which has many powerful buffs.

Currently, the strongest Druid decks are Quest Druid and Token Druid. You should choose this class if:

  •        You want to cheat out mana crystals
  •        You want to be versatile and adaptive
  •        You like big taunts such as Ancient of War and Ironbark Protector
  •        You enjoy using token strategies and want to buff all of your minions

Class overall power: 75/100

5.    Priest

Priest is in the middle of the tier list. He is ranked 5th and is most popular with his healing effects. Priests are the masters of the light, however, they possess some dark abilities such as Shadowform and many Shadow Words. This class has many powerful board clears and is also capable of taking control of the enemy minions.

Currently, the strongest Priest decks are Combo Priest and Resurrect Priest. You should choose this class if:

  •        You like combo decks, which can kill your opponent with just 1 attack
  •        You like playing control decks and want to play games that take a lot of time
  •        You want to use your opponent’s cards against them

Class overall power: 68/100

6.    Rogue

Rogue is the 6th best class at the moment. Rogues are known for their combo effects, which allow for huge tempo swings. This class also has many powerful weapons and weapon buffing effects. These evasive assassins specialize in dealing a lot of burst damage out of nowhere and in killing their opponents when they least expect it.

Currently, the strongest Rogue decks are Tempo Rogue, Quest Rogue, and N’Zoth Rogue. You should choose this class if:

  •        You like stealthy minions and assassins
  •        You like huge combos, like the ones Miracle Rogue does
  •        You enjoy playing aggressive decks

Class overall power: 63/100

7.    Warrior

Warrior isn’t one of the best classes currently, as it is 7th in the tier list. However, warriors still have strong decks that can easily climb the ladder. This class specializes in gaining huge amounts of armor and withstanding the strongest attacks. Warriors are also known for damaging their own minions to gain benefits like enrage effects and for their strong control decks.

Currently, the strongest Warrior decks are Aggro Warrior, Control Warrior, and Bomb Warrior. You should choose this class if:

  •        You aren’t afraid to charge recklessly at your enemies
  •        You want a class that has strong aggressive decks. Warriors have multiple ways of dealing direct damage to the opponent
  •        You want a class that has strong control decks. Warriors have many strong boardclears and can easily stabilize any game while gaining a lot of value.

Class overall power: 57,5/100

8.    Mage

Mage is one of the most popular classes among new players because of its strong basic cards. Currently, Mage is the second-worst class in the game. This class is the master of spells, wielding arcane, fire and frost magic. Strong spells and spell synergies are common in this class, as well as many secret synergies.

Currently, the best mage decks are Highlander Mage and Quest Mage. You should choose this class if:

  •        You want to win the game using mostly spells, instead of minions
  •        You want to burn off your opponents using powerful fireballs generated from Archmage Antonidas
  •        You want to trick your opponents into falling into your traps and activating your secrets

Class overall power: 45/100

9.    Warlock

At this moment Warwock is the worst class in the game. Warwocks have a lot of demons. This class often sacrifices its own health, minions or cards to cast powerful spells and summon strong minions. Warwock’s hero power is the strongest one in the game and allows the class to have both aggressive and control decks.

Currently, the best Warwock decks are Zoo Warwock and Quest Warwock. You should choose this class if:

  •        You are willing to pay terrible prices for your powerful demons
  •        You want to be adaptive and have the ability to play both aggressive and control decks
  •        You aren’t afraid to harm yourself if that allows you to finish off your opponent

Class overall power: 30/100 

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