[Top 10] Hearthstone Best Aggro Decks That Wreck Hard!

Face is the Place

Aggressive decks take the most straightforward approach to winning: reducing the enemy’s health to zero as fast as possible

Trading stability in favor of more early game dominance, aggro decks are known for their low mana curve and for favoring direct face damage versus board control. Overall, aggro decks seek to punish a weak early game by either flooding the board with cheap minions or dealing an immense amount of damage early on with spells and weapons.

From your classic Face Hunter to the sometimes unfair Naga Priest, Murder at Castle Nathria features a huge variety of aggressive decks for an expansion that leans towards a slower meta. Let’s go over the Top 10 list of Hearthstone’s best aggro decks for this expansion:


10. Aggro Demon Hunter

"Welcome to Dun Baldar Felwings! Do you want 'em mild, spicy, or BURNING Legion?"

This expansion has not been kind to Demon Hunter, with most of the new class cards focused on relic synergy and almost no new additions for the aggressive deck archetypes.

Despite being brought down to a Tier 3/Tier 4 deck, Aggro Demon Hunter retains its core of chipping away at the enemy hero’s HP with multiple powerful weapons and achieving board control by attacking minions with your hero power.

Being a jack of all trades and master of none, this is a good beginner deck since it has a good balance of card draw, board control, and direct damage using spells and weapons.

What is great about this deck:

  • Strong weapon synergy brought by Dreadprison Glaive, Battleworn Vanguard, and Multi-Strike
  • There are not a lot of cards that directly counter weapons, with taunt minions and freeze effects being the most common
  • Kryxis the Voracious is effectively a 4 mana 7/7 without downside since the deck has a low mana curve and does not keep many cards in hand
  • Kurturs, Demon Render serves as late game insurance, allowing for a last barrage of damage


  • 2x Dispose of Evidence (0)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Metamorfin (1)
  • 2x Irondeep Trogg (1)
  • 2x Fury (Rank 1) (1)
  • 1x Dreadprison Glaive (1)
  • 2x Multi-Strike (2)
  • 2x Fossil Fanatic (2)
  • 2x Fel Barrage (2)
  • 2x Chaos Strike (2)
  • 2x Bibliomite (2)
  • 2x Battleworn Vanguard (2)
  • 2x Predation (3)
  • 2x Magnifying Glaive (3)
  • 1x Lady S'theno (3)
  • 1x Kryxis the Voracious (4)
  • 1x Kurtrus, Demon-Render (6)

Here is the deck code:



9. Mine Rogue

A Naval Mine? I'd rather it be Naval Yours.

Perhaps the most gimmicky deck in this list, Mine Rogue lives and dies by triggering Naval Mine’s deathrattle effect. With such reliance on a single card out of 30 cards, surely just burning or discarding the card will make Mine Rogue useless, right? Not exactly. Considering that cards with discard or similar effects are very few and not even in the meta right now, your enemy has no choice but to accept these explosive gifts.

Even if the enemy has a way to burn Naval Mine, this deck can fetch and trigger the deathrattle effect so quickly that it will be a challenge for the enemy to outpace you, let alone survive while being bombarded by countless mines.

What is great about this deck:

  • Tons of support cards to fetch and duplicate Naval Mine with cards such as Gone Fishin’, Forsaken Lieutenant, and Snowfall Graveyard
  • This deck is hard to disrupt since discard and mutual card draw effects are uncommon and not meta right now
  • If Naval Mine is discarded, Burning Blade Acolyte, Masked Reveler, and Stoneborn General remain as backup win conditions


  • 2x Preparation (0)
  • 2x Backstab (0)
  • 2x Shattershambler (1)
  • 2x Gone Fishin' (1)
  • 2x Door of Shadows (1)
  • 2x Blackwater Cutlass (1)
  • 2x Naval Mine (2)
  • 2x Forsaken Lieutenant (2)
  • 2x Snowfall Graveyard (3)
  • 2x Swiftscale Trickster (4)
  • 2x Counterfeit Blade (4)
  • 2x Burning Blade Acolyte (5)
  • 2x Masked Reveler (6)
  • 2x Smokescreen (8)
  • 2x Stoneborn General (10)

Here is the deck code:



8. Miracle Rogue

He’s not going to tear down the walls of Stormwind sitting around in the Hall of Fame.

Going in and out of the meta every expansion, this deck feasts on slower decks by allowing Edwin, Defias Kingpin to grow bigger and stronger for every card played. Preparation and Shadowstep further discount the already low-cost cards on the deck, making sure that Edwin will strike with enough power to shake the board.

Adding Sinstone Graveyard and Necrolord Draka to the mix further strengthens the combo turn of Miracle Rogue by generating another big minion and a big weapon, respectively.

Finally, Maestra of the Masquerade serves as a pseudo-tech card, tricking the enemy into changing their opening hand if they see you as a different class.

What is great about this deck:

  • Very powerful and easy to execute combo since the only requirement is to play Edwin, Defias Kingpin and keep up the card draw using Preparation and Shadowstep
  • Lots of single target damage spells to clear out enemy minions while you are digging for your combo cards
  • The deck can also be played as a direct damage deck, relying on the damage spells and generated weapons such as Maldraxxus Dagger from Necrolord Draka and Crabatoa Claws from Crabatoa


  • 2x Shadowstep (0)
  • 2x Preparation (0)
  • 2x Backstab (0)
  • 2x SI:7 Extortion (1)
  • 2x Gone Fishin' (1)
  • 2x Door of Shadows (1)
  • 2x Blackwater Cutlass (1)
  • 2x Wicked Stab (Rank 1) (2)
  • 2x Tooth of Nefarian (2)
  • 2x Sinstone Graveyard (2)
  • 2x Serrated Bone Spike (2)
  • 1x Maestra of the Masquerade (2)
  • 2x Shroud of Concealment (3)
  • 1x Edwin, Defias Kingpin (3)
  • 1x Necrolord Draka (4)
  • 2x Wildpaw Gnoll (5)
  • 1x Crabatoa (6)

Here is the deck code:



7. Naga Priest

Some of the more stoic priestesses worry that she's living too lavishjly.

Blazing through the ranks as 7th in the list, Naga Priest just got two very strong additions in this expansion with Pelagos and Boon of the Ascended. The deck plays very much like the Divine Spirit OTK deck where multiple low-cost high-HP minions are buffed, with their attack set to match their HP using Pelagos.

Pushing the aggressive playstyle to the extreme, this deck borders on being a combo deck with how it spends all its resources on a short number of turns, generating giant minions to demolish everything in its path. But as an “all or nothing” deck, it can be very hard to clinch the victory if the game is still not finished after your Priestess Valishj turn, so make sure to train up on your APM before handling this deck.

What is great about this deck:

  • Insane amount of damage in a very short amount of time due to Princess Valishj effectively granting you another turn due to the mana refresh effect
  • Unlike Divine Spirit OTK Priest, Naga Priest can survive longer and contend with midrange decks due to Pelagos and Boon of the Ascended
  • Great supplementary cards in the form of Bless and Shadow Word: Devour to increase a minion’s HP


  • 1x Priestess Valishj (0)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 1x Shard of the Naaru (1)
  • 2x Shadow Word: Devour (1)
  • 2x Serpent Wig (1)
  • 2x Thrive in the Shadows (2)
  • 2x Radiant Elemental (2)
  • 2x Murkwater Scribe (2)
  • 2x Bless (2)
  • 2x Amalgam of the Deep (2)
  • 2x Treasure Guard (3)
  • 1x Pelagos (3)
  • 2x Handmaiden (3)
  • 2x Cathedral of Atonement (3)
  • 1x Partner in Crime (4)
  • 1x Najak Hexxen (4)
  • 2x Boon of the Ascended (4)
  • 1x Blademaster Samuro (4)

Here is the deck code:



6. Face Hunter

When you play the Coin, he deals emotional damage.

Face Hunter always has a spot in the list of best aggro decks, being one of the oldest and most effective deck archetypes because of Hunter’s hero power.

Relying on wildseeds which is pretty much a rebranded Animal Companion, Face Hunter now has a consistent way to generate minions that can contest board control while peppering the enemy with damage spells. Raj Naz’jan almost doubles your damage to the enemy, so much so that even Prince Renathal control decks will find it hard to sustain the relentless direct damage.

In summary, Face Hunter remains a very strong Tier 2 aggro deck for this expansion, a good deck for those that want to point and click spells at the enemy’s face.

What is great about this deck:

  • Very consistent face damage caused by your hero power and spells, so heavily contesting for board control is not required
  • Wildseed cards provide disruption against other aggressive decks due to their powerful effects and good stats for the cost
  • Barak Kodobane acts as insurance to draw out more damage spells


  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Irondeep Trogg (1)
  • 2x Click-Clocker (1)
  • 2x Barbed Nets (1)
  • 2x Spirit Poacher (2)
  • 1x Raj Naz'jan (2)
  • 2x Quick Shot (2)
  • 2x K9-0tron (2)
  • 2x Doggie Biscuit (2)
  • 2x Wild Spirits (3)
  • 2x Stag Charge (3)
  • 2x Ramming Mount (3)
  • 2x Aimed Shot (3)
  • 2x Twinbow Terrorcoil (4)
  • 1x Barak Kodobane (5)
  • 1x Ara'lon (5)
  • 1x Collateral Damage (8)

Here is the deck code:



5. Beast Hunter

Even in ancient times, the Night Elves were committed cat people.

Beast Hunter looks like a midrange or control deck at first glance, even running slow cards such as Ambassador Faelin and Hydralodon. But don’t be fooled by what looks like a balanced mana curve, as what awaits you might be a very early King Krush. Cheating out big beasts has always been Beast Hunter’s playstyle, overwhelming the enemy with a huge minion when they’ve only begun to set their board.

Moving on to the latter part of the game, one unique advantage of Beast Hunter is its ability to pressure at all stages of the game. Since the big beasts can be summoned directly from hand, very few decks will be able to contend in the late game against these fanged predators.

What is great about this deck:

  • Small pool of beast minions combined with lots of cards to draw beasts means that you can cheat out your desired minions more consistently
  • Azsharan Saber can also be fetched and discounted, adding another layer of consistency towards fetching your high-value minions
  • Ambassador Faelin provides threat generation for late game on top of the already stat-heavy minions that can be drawn and summoned


  • 1x Devouring Swarm (0)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Tracking (1)
  • 2x Peasant (1)
  • 2x Selective Breeder (2)
  • 2x Murkwater Scribe (2)
  • 2x Doggie Biscuit (2)
  • 2x Revive Pet (3)
  • 1x Ramming Mount (3)
  • 2x Naga's Pride (3)
  • 2x Harpoon Gun (3)
  • 1x School Teacher (4)
  • 1x Azsharan Saber (4)
  • 1x Ambassador Faelin (4)
  • 2x Pet Collector (5)
  • 1x Beaststalker Tavish (6)
  • 2x Mountain Bear (7)
  • 1x Hydralodon (7)
  • 1x King Krush (9)

Here is the deck code:



4. Imp Warlock

Not even death can stop Rafaam from pursuing a life of crime.

Who needs zoos when you have a bunch of imps providing entertainment? Imp Warlock stands tall as the most dominant deck archetype for Warlock by far, all thanks to Imp King Rafaam leading the charge. This deck’s ability to generate tokens probably eclipses even Token Druid, allowing you to swarm your enemy with endless imps.

Furthermore, this deck also features minions that are hard to remove since they have 3 health or above. During the early game, there are not a lot of ways to deal with minions that have more than 3 health, allowing Imp Warlock to keep up the pressure until buffed imps are sent out to finish the match.

What is great about this deck:

  • Imp King Rafaam can provide the last bit of pressure needed to win the game in case you run out of imp-generating cards
  • Minion generation for this deck is currently one of the best, if not the best, along with Token Druid
  • Shady Bartender has a very strong effect for a minion with decent stats


  • 2x Wicked Shipment (1)
  • 2x Voidwalker (1)
  • 2x Flustered Librarian (1)
  • 2x Flame Imp (1)
  • 2x Vile Library (2)
  • 2x Impending Catastrophe (2)
  • 2x Imp Swarm (Rank 1) (2)
  • 2x Bloodbound Imp (2)
  • 1x Smothering Starfish (3)
  • 2x Piggyback Imp (3)
  • 2x Imp Gang Boss (3)
  • 2x Fiendish Circle (3)
  • 2x Mischievous Imp (4)
  • 2x Shady Bartender (5)
  • 1x Imp King Rafaam (6)
  • 2x Sea Giant (10)

Here is the deck code:



3. Murloc Shaman

Diss tracks spitting straight fire.

Yet another deck archetype that received no love in this expansion, Murloc Shaman remains strong despite losing Toxfin, which has been rotated to the wild format. Being knocked down a peg or two doesn’t seem to faze this deck’s dominance, standing at the top of all Tier 2 decks in terms of win rate.

Relying on Nofin Can Stop Us, arguably the strongest buff spell in the standard format, this deck can quickly crush the enemy with high-attack murlocs. On the aspect of board control, Firemancer Flurgl’s AOE effect is all you need to burn down the enemy minions and march your fishy army to the enemy’s face.

What is great about this deck:

  • Really strong turn 1 cards consisting of Murloc Tidecaller, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, or Spawnpool Forager
  • Coldlight Seer’s effect of adding 2 health to all murlocs makes your minions that much harder to remove
  • Early one turn kill potential brought by Bloodlust and Nofin Can Stop Us


  • 2x Spawnpool Forager (1)
  • 1x Sir Finley Mrrgglton (1)
  • 2x Murloc Tidecaller (1)
  • 2x South Coast Chieftain (2)
  • 2x Lushwater Scout (2)
  • 2x Lushwater Murcenary (2)
  • 1x Firemancer Flurgl (2)
  • 2x Amalgam of the Deep (2)
  • 2x Nofin Can Stop Us (3)
  • 2x Murloc Warleader (3)
  • 2x Coldlight Seer (3)
  • 2x Clownfish (3)
  • 2x Wildpaw Cavern (4)
  • 2x Tidelost Burrower (4)
  • 2x Gorloc Ravager (5)
  • 1x Bloodlust (5)
  • 1x Bru'kan of the Elements (8)

Here is the deck code:



2. XL Questline Hunter

Don't shoot until you see the purples of their eyes.

Be it an aggressive early game, a good midgame, or large threats during the late game, this deck has it all. While other decks are struggling to fill the 40-card limit for a Prince Renathal deck due to not having enough good cards, Quest Hunter finally got its wish of adding even more damage spells to complete the quest faster.

Almost exclusively consisting of spells, this deck aims to finish the quest card Defend the Dwarven District as fast as possible and turn the Hunter hero power into a machine gun of arrows headed straight for the enemy’s face.

What is great about this deck:

  • Adding Prince Renethal and expanding the card limit to 40 cards allows for the inclusion of more damage spells to help with a faster and more consistent quest completion
  • Raj Naz’jan allows for an alternate win condition against decks where you cannot afford to complete the quest
  • Secret package with wildseeds package can slow the game down and allow you to finish the quest without compromising your hero’s HP or the board control


  • 2x Wound Prey (1)
  • 2x Tracking (1)
  • 1x Defend the Dwarven District (1)
  • 2x Barbed Nets (1)
  • 2x Arcane Shot (1)
  • 1x Raj Naz'jan (2)
  • 2x Quick Shot (2)
  • 1x Ice Trap (2)
  • 2x Furious Howl (2)
  • 2x Freezing Trap (2)
  • 2x Explosive Trap (2)
  • 2x Dun Baldar Bunker (2)
  • 2x Wild Spirits (3)
  • 2x Stag Charge (3)
  • 2x Shellshot (3)
  • 1x Prince Renathal (3)
  • 2x Aimed Shot (3)
  • 2x Spring the Trap (4)
  • 2x Piercing Shot (4)
  • 2x Multicaster (4)
  • 2x Marked Shot (4)
  • 1x Barak Kodobane (5)
  • 1x Beaststalker Tavish (6)

Here is the deck code:



1. Aggro Token Druid

Day 4: I think they're starting to suspect.

Dread it, run from it, Token Druid arrives all the same and kills you by turn 4. This deck is the epitome of domination through board control, possessing as much token generation as Imp Warlock while having buff spells on par with Murloc Shaman.

Summoning cheap minions with good stats before buffing them up with cost-efficient spells such as Herald of Nature and Pride’s Fury, Token Druid excels in creating sticky minions that are also easy to generate. In a meta that favors slow turns and set-ups, Token Druid cements its place as the top aggro deck this expansion.

What is great about this deck:

  • Currently the deck with the highest win rate across all meta decks while also having the lowest dust requirement, making for a great beginner deck
  • Full of 1-cost and 2-cost minions and HP buff spells, making your board hard to remove without the enemy investing a lot of resources
  • Almost all aggro decks are outpaced by this deck while control decks are easily overwhelmed by your high-health tokens


  • 2x Aquatic Form (0)
  • 2x Vicious Slitherspear (1)
  • 2x Sow the Soil (1)
  • 2x Planted Evidence (1)
  • 2x Peasant (1)
  • 2x Living Roots (1)
  • 2x Irondeep Trogg (1)
  • 2x Druid of the Reef (1)
  • 2x Beaming Sidekick (1)
  • 2x Thorngrowth Sentries (2)
  • 2x Mark of the Wild (2)
  • 2x Jerry Rig Carpenter (2)
  • 1x Crooked Cook (2)
  • 1x Clawfury Adept (2)
  • 2x Herald of Nature (3)
  • 2x Pride's Fury (4)

Here is the deck code:



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