[Top 15] Best Hearthstone Cards To Craft in 2020

Best Hearthstone Cards To Craft in 2020
1600 dust is no joke.

We all want all the legendaries. 

Arcane dust can be tough to come by. It’s good to spend it crafting cards that will be used in more than one deck and are not going to rotate out of standard soon. Get the most value out of your dust with this list.

15. Baron Geddon

  • Board clear with a body
  • Pushes damage through
  • Useable in many decks

14. Bloodmage Thalnos

  • Good deathrattle
  • Great in combo decks
  • Can always play turn two for the card draw

13. Ysera

  • Strong neutral card
  • Wins games alone if it sticks

12. Malygos

  • Used in every spell damage combo deck
  • Fun card to play

11. Harrison Jones

  • Auto include when a weapon meta comes around
  • Huge tempo swing back into your favor

10. Captain Greenskin

  • Good addition to aggro warrior and rogue
  • Pirate synergy is consistent in the meta

9. Tirion Fordring

  • Playable in most paladin decks
  • Classic set never rotates out

8. Archmage Antonidas

  • Core in many mage combo decks
  • Win condition of exodia mage
  • Classic set never rotates out

7. Alexstrasza

  • Playable in any control deck
  • Core to many combo decks
  • Neutral dragon

6. Edwin Vancleef

  • Used in almost every rogue deck
  • Classic set, won’t rotate out

5. Siamat

  • Playable in any deck
  • Versatile, rush always impacts the board

4. Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

  • Useable in any highlander deck
  • Core card in many decks

3. Kronx DragonHoof

  • Core card in many galakrond decks
  • Galakrond was given out for free

2. Zilliax

  • Can be used in almost every deck
  • Very versatile
  • Lifesteal is clutch

1. Leeroy Jenkins

  • Used in almost every aggro deck
  • Classic set, will never rotate out

As you can see, when it comes to crafting, neutral, classic and the latest expansion are the best bang for your buck. Happy crafting!

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