[Top 5] Hearthstone Best OTK Decks That Wreck Hard!

Explore the wonders and horrors inside Castle Nathria with Hearthstone's newest expansion

Unstoppable and unbeatable are just some words to describe a One Turn Kill (OTK) combo in any card game.

Once the conditions are set up, you can only pray that the enemy disconnects so you can survive against an OTK deck. Considered the peak of creativity and innovation, OTK decks have always been the subject of admiration and excitement for the Hearthstone community.

The new expansion Murder at Castle Nathria introduced many powerful cards that warped the meta around them, such as Prince Renathal and Sire Denathrius. With such impactful cards, many interactions and strong combos were found, with many more still waiting to be revealed.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Best OTK decks for the current expansion Murder at Castle Nathria. Who knows, you might just find the next deck that will propel you up to Legend!


5. Curse Warlock

Now, fools, you shall all understand my back pain!

While technically not a true one-turn kill due to relying on the enemy’s deck state, Curse Warlock has the highest damage potential out of all the decks in this list due to the damage stacking up infinitely.

The main card used is Curse of Agony which functions similarly to Hakkar’s Corrupted Blood, a card that deals increasingly more damage when drawn. Multiple Agony cards are shuffled into the opponent’s deck using cards such as Tamsin Roame, Grave Defiler, and Queen Azshara.

Finally, healing and control spells are also included in the deck to survive against either aggressive or minion-based decks.

What is great about this deck:

  • The potential damage is highest amongst all decks in this list
  • A lot of support cards are available to fetch or duplicate Curse of Agony, making the deck more consistent
  • Control cards such as Gigafin, Entitled Customer, and Dreadlich Tamsin are included to deal with wide boards or big minions
  • Plenty of cards with healing are also included, increasing the chances of survival against aggressive decks


  • 2x Curse of Agony (1)
  • 2x Grave Defiler (1)
  • 2x Mistress of Mixtures (1)
  • 2x Touch of the Nathrezim (1)
  • 2x Wicked Shipment (1)
  • 1x Bloodmage Thalnos (2)
  • 2x Drain Soul (2)
  • 2x Seeds of Destruction (2)
  • 1x Brann Bronzebeard (3)
  • 1x Rustrot Viper (3)
  • 1x Tamsin Roame (3)
  • 1x Zola the Gorgon (3)
  • 2x Demonic Assault (4)
  • 1x Queen Azshara (5)
  • 2x Runed Mithril Rod (5)
  • 1x Dreadlich Tamsin (6)
  • 2x Entitled Customer (6)
  • 1x Gigafin (8)
  • 2x Goldshire Gnoll (10)

Here is the deck code:



4. Spell Damage Shaman

The perfect card for Spell Damage Shaman and Spelling Bee Shaman.

Being the only spell-based deck in this list, Spell Damage Shaman has never seen much play or experimentation due to the class not having enough direct damage spells. However, with recent cards such as Radiance of Azshara, Bioluminescence, and Scalding Geyser providing a solid win condition, it was only a matter of time until a viable spell damage deck was made.

In this expansion, the introduction of Criminal Lineup finally allowed the spell-focused deck to see trial and play. With an emphasis on board control, this deck is very reminiscent of the old Freeze Mage that controlled enemy minions until a barrage of low-cost spells quickly ended the game.

What is great about this deck:

  • The dust requirement for this deck is on the lower side and the combo is also simple to execute
  • The massive amount of freeze effects means that the enemy board is controlled, preventing aggressive decks from overwhelming you early on
  • The combo is spell based, meaning that taunt minions will not be able to stop the combo


  • 2x Investment Opportunity (1)
  • 2x Lightning Bolt (1)
  • 2x Scalding Geyser (1)
  • 2x Windchill (1)
  • 2x Bracing Cold (2)
  • 2x Loot Hoarder (2)
  • 2x Sleetbreaker (2)
  • 2x Bioluminescence (3)
  • 2x Brilliant Macaw (3)
  • 2x Far Sight (3)
  • 2x Primal Dungeoneer (3)
  • 1x Radiance of Azshara (3)
  • 2x Granite Forgeborn (4)
  • 2x Wildpaw Cavern (4)
  • 2x Snowfall Guardian (6)
  • 1x Criminal Lineup (8)

Here is the deck code:



3. Miracle Rogue

We originally planned on giving Rogue a Legendary minion called "The Moon", but SOMEONE jumped in the frame.

Miracle Rogue gained another win condition this expansion with Necrolord Draka, allowing Rogues to easily set up a 30 or even 40 attack Maldraxxus Dagger while buffing up Edwin, Defias Kingpin.

Newer additions such as Maestra of the Masquerades also gave the Rogue class another way to fend off aggressive decks by disrupting their opening hand. Tooth of Nefarian can also generate control spells and allow you to bide your time while waiting for the perfect chance to deliver a swift and fatal counterattack.

What is great about this deck:

  • Due to Maestra of the Masquerades, the deck starts as another class which helps with answering aggressive decks since Miracle Rogue lost most of its board clear
  • A lot of direct damage cards have been included like Wicked Stab, Tooth of Nefarian, and SI:7 Extortion, all of which can remove enemy minions or finish off the enemy hero
  • Only Necrolord Draka (arguably Edwin, Defias Kingpin should be drawn too as another threat) needs to be drawn to begin the OTK, as the deck contains many ways to draw or generate new cards


  • 2x Preparation (0)
  • 2x Shadowstep (0)
  • 2x Blackwater Cutlass (1)
  • 2x Door of Shadows (1)
  • 2x Gone Fishin’ (1)
  • 2x SI:7 Extortion (1)
  • 2x Sinister Strike (1)
  • 1x Maestra of the Masquerade (2)
  • 1x Reconnaissance (2)
  • 2x Serrated Bone Strike (2)
  • 2x Sinstone Graveyard (2)
  • 2x Tooth of Nefarian (2)
  • 2x Wicked Stab (Rank 1) (2)
  • 1x Edwin, Defias Kingpin (3)
  • 2x Shroud of Concealment (3)
  • 1x Necrolord Draka (4)
  • 2x Wildpaw Gnoll (5)

Here is the deck code:



2. Denathrius OTK Ramp Druid

A toast to my everlasting reign.

Ramping up until 20 mana, Ramp Druid has always been a fearsome opponent due to its ability to summon 10 cost minions before turn 6 and smacking enemies silly.

In this expansion, Druid’s army of big minions continues to increase with the addition of Topior the Shrubbagazzor. On top of slamming big minions turn after turn, Sire Denathrius provides another win condition to this already overloaded deck. If that is not enough, adding Prince Renethal and Kael’thas Sinstrider allows Druids to cheat out more big threats.

Phew, I already feel sorry for whoever has to go against four legendary dragons being summoned in a single turn.

What is great about this deck:

  • The addition of Prince Renethal lets you survive better against aggressive decks
  • Sire Denathrius along with Brann Bronzebeard will almost certainly finish off the opponent by dealing upwards of 40 damage if used correctly
  • Cards such as Scale of Onyxia and Topior the Shrubbagazzor allow you to flood the board with tokens to deal with wide boards and increase the Infuse count for Sire Denathrius
  • The deck has Wildheart Guff and multiple legendary dragons with big stats and huge effects, allowing for another alternate win condition on top of all the above ways to win the game


  • 2x Aquatic Form (0)
  • 2x Innervate (0)
  • 2x Dozing Kelpkeeper (1)
  • 2x Druid of the Reef (1)
  • 2x Planted Evidence (1)
  • 2x Amalgam of the Deep (2)
  • 2x Earthen Scales (2)
  • 2x Jerry Rig Carpenter (2)
  • 2x Moonlit Guidance (2)
  • 1x Brann Bronzebeard (3)
  • 1x Prince Renathal (3)
  • 1x Smothering Starfish (3)
  • 2x Wild Growth (3)
  • 1x Theotar, the Mad Duke (4)
  • 2x Widowbloom Seedsman (4)
  • 2x Nourish (5)
  • 1x Wildheart Guff (5)
  • 1x Kael’thas Sinstrider (6)
  • 2x Scale of Onyxia (7)
  • 1x Topior the Shrubbagazzor (7)
  • 1x Kazakusan (8)
  • 2x Miracle Growth (8)
  • 1x Alexstrasza the Life-Binder (9)
  • 1x Malygos the Spellweaver (9)
  • 1x Raid Boss Onyxia (10)
  • 1x Sire Denathrius (10)

Here is the deck code:



1. Denathrius Imp Warlock

The imps are a mischievous and nefarious race of small, fiendish creatures.

While Imp Warlock seems more like a Zoo Warlock, the deck’s true finisher is in the massive amount of burst damage dealt by Sire Denathrius. As a token-based deck, there should be no problem keeping up with other aggressive decks and even straight-up winning against slower decks.

Being one of the top-tier meta decks, if the enemy is not yet dead by turn 10, the addition of Kael’thas Sinstrider, Murlocula, and Gigafin should be more than enough to finish the match.

What is great about this deck:

  • The deck’s mana curve is mostly balanced, skewed more on the lower side to deal with aggressive decks and mitigate the early damage
  • Imp King Rafaam and Shady Bartender provide the deck with midgame imp generation, providing firepower to pressure and overwhelm control decks
  • Kael’thas Sinstrider along with Murlocula secures the late game by allowing you to cheat out Sire Denathrius and deal upwards of 30 damage to split to all enemies
  • If the enemy still is not dead, a variation of the OTK can be done by using Kael’thas Sinstrider, Murlocula, Gigafin, Murlocula, random minion, and Sire Denathrius, in that order


  • 2x Flame Imp (1)
  • 2x Flustered Librarian (1)
  • 2x Voidwalker (1)
  • 2x Wicked Shipment (1)
  • 2x Bloodbound Imp (2)
  • 2x Impending Catastrophe (2)
  • 2x Vile Library (2)
  • 2x Fiendish Circle (3)
  • 2x Imp Gang Boss (3)
  • 1x Smothering Starfish (3)
  • 2x Mischievous Imp (4)
  • 2x Murlocula (4)
  • 2x Shady Bartender (5)
  • 1x Dreadlich Tamsin (6)
  • 1x Imp King Rafaam (6)
  • 1x Kael’thas Sinstrider (6)
  • 1x Gigafin (8)
  • 1x Sire Denathrius (10)

Here is the deck code:



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