[Top 5] Hearthstone Best Battleground Hero

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Battlegrounds is the newest Hearthstone game-mode. It is similar to other auto-chess games.

Captain Hooktusk

Captain Hooktusk’s hero power is “Remove a friendly minion. Discover one from a Tavern Tier lower”.

What’s great about Captain Hooktusk:

  • She is very flexible
  • She doesn’t need to refresh the tavern as often
  • Her hero power costs 0 mana

How to play Captain Hooktusk effectively:

  • Your hero power can be very strong when using it on a token in the early game. For example, you can remove an Alley Cat to discover a Vulgar Homunculus
  • Use your hero power on strong battlecry minions like Strongshell Scavenger
  • When using your hero power look for minions that synergize with your current build

Captain Eudora

Captain Eudora’s hero power is “Dig for a golden minion! (4 digs left.)” and it costs 1 gold.             

What’s great about Captain Eudora:

  • The golden minions you get from her hero power are added to your hand, which means that when you play them, you will be able to discover a minion from a higher tier
  • Her hero power is very cheap and can easily fit in every turn

How to play Captain Eudora effectively:

  • Don’t use your hero power on the first turn
  • After your first turn use your hero power as often as possible
  • Taking a token generator like Alley Cat on the first turn can be very good because it allows you to tier up and use your hero power on turn 2

Kael’thas Sunstrider

Kael’thas Sunstrider’s hero power is “Every third minion you buy gains +2/+2.”

What’s great about Kael’thas Sunstrider:

  • He has strong early game
  • He isn’t hard to play
  • He can consistently buff his minions with his hero power

How to play Kael’thas Sunstrider effectively:

  • Try to buff important minions with your hero power. Pay attention to the green spheres, showing which minion will get buffed
  • Tier up on turns 2 and 5
  • You usually want to sell your minion on turn 3 and buy 2 new minions, one of which will be buffed. This will help you win the early game

Arch-Villain Rafaam

Arch-Villain Rafaam’s hero power is “Next combat, add a plain copy of the first minion you kill to your hand.” and it costs 1 gold.

What’s great about Arch-Villain Rafaam:

  • He can get very strong minions just for 1 gold
  • He can steal important rare minions from his opponents

How to play Arch-Villain Rafaam effectively:

  • Buy a minion and hero power on turn 2 instead of upgrading your tavern
  • Don’t be afraid to use your hero power every turn because even if you get a bad minion you can sell it for 1 gold

Dancin’ Deryl

Dancin’ Deryl’s hero power is “After you sell a minion, randomly give two minions in Bob’s Tavern +1/+1”

What’s great about Dancin’ Deryl:

  • He is one of the hardest heroes in the game and it can be very interesting and challenging to learn to play him
  • He can give minions +20/+20 with his hero power once he makes his combo

How to play Dancin’ Deryl effectively:

  • Prioritize buying token generators like Murloc Tidehunter because you will be able to use your hero power twice with them
  • Try to get a lot of minions in hand and sell them all at once to buff the minions in Bob’s Tavern as much as possible
  • When selling your minions try to buy the minions you don’t want to buff from Bob’s Tavern so that all buffs land on the minions you want
  • Usually, divine shield minions, as well as cleave minions like Cave Hydra, are the best options to buff
  • Don’t play Dancin’ Deryl on mobile phone because you will often mess up your combos on the small screen

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