How One Hearthstone Player Rose To Legend Spending $0

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Disguised Toast plays a Free 2 Play Hunter deck to achieve Legend status in Hearthstone (image via youtube/Disguised Toast)

Who is the gamer that rose to Legend for free?

The popular Blizzard card game, Hearthstone, can be an expensive endeavour. Players are presented with multiple options to spend money to advance in the game. It’s one thing that puts many people off, however with diligent playing, it is possible to reach the top tier, elusive rank of Legend for free. The Free to Play (F2P) Challenge is well known across Hearthstone, with many players attempting the feat. One player recently stands out

Toronto based player known as DisguisedToast plays Hearthstone full time. Popular on YouTube and Twitch, he has almost lost his social life, but it doesn’t bother him as he is getting paid to play his favourite game. Another downfall of having a public internet life is the rigidity of the schedule. He has to stream at the same time, every day, and if he doesn’t, or takes a long vacation, he risks losing his audience.

On May 28th, 2017, he announced on his Twitter that over three weeks, he completed the F2P challenge with 189 games, a 67% winrate, and no epic or legendary cards. How did he do this? Pull up a chair by the hearth and let’s find out!

How did he do it?

Disguised Toast started his F2P challenge after hearing many of his fans and followers talk about it and he decided to try for himself. He made a new account and used a mid-range Hunter deck that he live streamed from rank 25 right up to Legend, rank 1.

The Twitch streamer made a of couple rules. First, no disenchanting good cards just to build one deck. The only cards Disguised Toast dusted were ones that saw no gameplay. Two, no arena runs. While arena runs can give significant rewards to players, not everyone can play well. Disguised Toast only played his first free arena run, collecting just the first reward for having two wins.

Disguised Toast says that having a strong opening hand is the key to a good game. Alleycat and Crackling Razormaw are both low cost cards that can be board controllers early on. He also recommends using your hero power as often as possible.

Cards that don’t cost a lot of dust, like Firefly, Ravasaur Runt, Nesting Roc, and Eaglehorn Bow are all great cards to get for your deck. Another essential card is Direwolf Alpha who synergises perfectly with your Beast cards. His last tip is not to forget that you can play Kill Command to the face, even when there is a taunt on your opponent’s board.

By completing a Free to Play competition and documenting it along the way, Disguised Toast has shown that it’s not money and luck, but skill and determination that make Legend players. He has released his winning Hunter deck and to date it has 132,544 views, making it the most popular F2P Hunter deck on

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be attempting this challenge after seeing it.

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