[Top 5] Best Hearthstone Addons You'll Ever Need

Best Hearthstone Addons
Deck trackers, get your deck trackers here.

Check out these great and legal additions to Hearthstone.

Never used AddOns? These AddOns will take your game to the next level. Get more out of your Hearthstone game

1. Hsreplay.net’s Deck Tracker

Demo and Setup Video

Take the randomness out of Hearthstone. Win more.

Hsreplay.net’s deck tracker will help you make informed decisions and:

  • Let you know what cards remain in your deck
  • The percentage of drawing each card
  • What cards your opponent has played

Make each turn count. Get hsreplay.net’s deck tracker "here".

2. HearthArena Companion App

Demo and Setup Video

Do you find yourself agonizing over what card to pick in the arena draft? Take the advice of a team of people dedicated to analyzing the best cards and strategies. The Hearth Arena Companion App provides a wonderful overlay which:

  • Rates each card according to their tier score
  • Accounts for synergies 
  • Recommends a balanced amount, aka “curve,” of low-cost cards to high-end game cards.

Download the HearthArena Companion App  "here"

3.Meta Detector

Demo and Setup Video

Have you taken some time off from hearthstone? Missed a few expansions? The meta detector will help keep you up to speed.

  • Detects what deck you are probably up against
  • Helps you plan your strategy
  • Regularly updated with the latest meta stats

Download the Meta Detector "here"

4. Auto Squelch

Demo and Setup Video

Are you one “Well Met!” away from uninstalling? Check out Auto Squelch.

  • Automatically mutes your opponent at the beginning of the game
  • Reduces tilt!
  • Say goodbye to frustrating taunting

Download Auto Squelch "here"

5. Graveyard

Demo and Setup Video

Playing some wild N’zoth deck or resurrect priest? This addon will allow you to:

  • Keep track of which deathrattle minions have died
  • Know your odds of resurrecting the minion you want
  • Know what minions your opponent can resurrect

Download the Graveyard addon "here"

I hope you enjoy testing out these addons. Happy Hearthstoning!

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