Top 10 Rastakhan's Rumble Best Shrines

Rastakhan's Rumble Best Shrines
Which Loa do you worship?

<a href="/articles/rastakhans-rumble-best-cards">Top 10 Rastakhan's Rumble Best Cards</a>Let's see the best shrines in the Rumble Run.

Soon after the release of new Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion we also gained new Solo Adventure. This time we got Rumble Run. A lot alike to Monster Hunt and Dungeon Run, but still unique in its own right, it brought us a lot of fun. Only if you were winning.

What is new in this Solo Adventure, that we haven’t seen before. Well, we have shrines. Shrines are class specific minions that are already on board at the beginning of the game. Each class has three available shrines, but you can’t choose a specific one to start Rumble Run.

  • You start every Rumble Run as a young Troll Rikkar, who still didn’t choose which Loa he will serve. There are three random shrines which are available to choose from and after you choose you will play as a Champion for that specific class. Your goal is to beat eight other champions and proclaim your Loa as the best one.

  • After every game, which gets harder and harder as you progress, you can choose buckets of cards to help you. Also, after the second and fourth win you can pick a Teammate to help you and after the sixth, you can upgrade your shrine. Every class has six teammates available to choose from, and there are nine upgrades available.

  • Which shrines are the best, is a little hard to determine because of a lot of random effects. First, are the games themselves, then what to pick after a win and of course what kind of an opponent you are facing against in early or late games. Other Troll Champions stand in your way of conquering every Rumble Run.

  • Here we have 10 best shrines at least in the consistency of doing a good job in Rumble Run. Their placement on our list can be moved over and over again if circumstances are different in different Rumble Runs. But overall these 10 should be consistent enough to bring you to the final win.

10. Gonk’s Mark

Gonk's Mark

This may be the most subjective choice since every other one is related to one of nine classes. Those nine shrines were certain on this list, while the last one was a hard choice. So why this one?

  • Gonk’s Mark is as it appears very aggressive shrine and probably the most aggressive one on the list since others are mostly control type of shrines or at least they shine the best in the late game.

  • After you summon a minion this shrine gives it +1/+1. When you start the game, you start with these cards: Enchanted Raven, Power of the Wild, Witchwood Apple, Mounted Raptor, Swipe, Wax Elemental, Bloodfen Raptor, Infested Tauren, Stormwind Knight, Arena Patron. A lot of these cards gain benefits from the shrine ability while the Swipe is there to finish the opponent or remove opponents board if there is one.

  • The most effective way to use this shrine is to snowball your minions on board. It may suffer from board clears but if you push enough damage in the early game and don’t encounter classes with good board clears (Mage) you are in a good position.

  • Best card buckets for this shrine are Nature's Blessing, Saplings and Wise Decisions, but if you don’t find these the ones with card draw are also good options.

  • Zandalari Striker is an excellent Teammate option with Water Spirit as a great reserve, especially in early game.

  • The best upgrade is for sure Everlasting Devotion which brings even more stats on board. Next best choice is Pact with the Loa which shortens your shrine return to the game after it was killed from three to two turns.

The main reason for this shrine to appear on this list is it's fairly easy gameplay and good chance to overwhelm other Champions even in games six to eight.

9. Tribute from the Tides

Tribute from the Tides

Tribute from the Tides is a Shaman shrine with the ability to trigger Battlecries two more times. You start with these cards: Blazing Invocation, Totemic Smash, Lightning Storm, Hot Spring Guardian, Windspeaker, Fire Elemental, Emerald Reaver, Fire Fly, Belligerent Gnome and Murloc Tidehunter.

  • All of the minions have Battlecry effect while spells are divided to generate value or clear the board.

  • You should control the board with this shrine especially because of the shrines low health.

  • Best card buckets to choose are those that give you Battlecry minions or the ones which are full of elementals. Elementals are greatly synergized in Shaman decks and a lot of them also have Battlecry effect. Good examples are Kalimos, Primal Lord, Blazzecaller and Hot Spring Guardian which provides health and even Ozruk in some cases.

  • If you fill your board with 1/2 elementals from Fire Fly and your shrine is still alive until the next turn to play Ozruk you will have enormous Taunt minion.

  • Elemental Fury bucket is also good because in some cases you will need board clears. As for teammates Leap Frog is a great choice when empowered with shrine ability. Naga Tonguelasher can also be a good choice to stall the opponent for a turn.

  • Best upgrade is Pact of the Loa while Everlasting Devotion can be used as a good substitute.

Even with low health, this shrine gives a lot of value which can bring you to eight wins. But you must also be wary not to burn cards because sometimes is easy to fill your hand with a lot of cards.

8. Hir’eek’s Hunger

Hir'eek's Hunger

One of the shrines with the highest health totally reverses usual Warlock style of play. In regular Play mode, whether it is Standard or Wild, Warlock players must be careful with how they use the cards that deal damage to them. But with this shrine, they can let loose and enjoy the show. If you play with this shrine instead of you the one who takes damage is your opponent.

  • Call of the Void, Flame Imp, Spirit Bomb, Unlicensed Apothecary, Blood Witch, Hellfire, Waterboy, Knife Juggler, Imp Master, and Blackwald Pixie are the cards with which you are starting the first game.

  • As you can see a lot of them have the effect that deals damage to you on your turn. Best card bucket is for sure Blood, while there are good cards which can be used in buckets like Hir’eek’s Legion, Dire Demons, A Dark Hand and Jinx.

  • Amazing card for this shrine is Unlicensed Apothecary which can be paired with a lot of cheap minions or cards like Fiendish Circle or Imp-losion. Trying to find one more is always a good decision with this shrine.

  • Good teammates for this shrine are Dark Diviner to fill your hand if you lack cards and Vile Necrodoctor to clear opponent’s board.

  • Best upgrade is Everlasting Devotion which doubles the effect of the shrine and has great synergy with Unlicensed Apothecary. The second best option is Pact of the Loa.

Maybe the greatest strength aside from its effect is the high health of this shrine. Your opponent will certainly try to kill it as soon as possible, but if you have a lot of minions on board to protect it that won’t be that easy. Having another shrine thanks to Everlasting Devotion will make sucking the blood from your opponent even easier.

7. Treasure from Below

Treasure from Below

This shrine embodies the essence of the Rogue class in general. Rouge’s are all about stealing right? Right. This shrine is like a bank loan you can’t get out until you drown. They just take from you, am I right?

  • But when you play with this shrine you don’t care about the other side. At the start of every turn, you get to steal one card from your opponent’s deck. Its cost is even 2 less.

  • The advantages this shrine provides in long term are one of the best from all the other shrines. The only weakness of this card is low health. That is why your primary goal should be on board control. Having minions on board will give you constant protection for your shrine. This will also give you two cards per turn and make your opponent reach fatigue faster as you steal more and more cards.

  • Preparation, Counterfeit Coin, Backstab, Conceal, Betrayal, Undercity Valiant, Obsidian Shard, Small-Time Buccaneer, Southsea Deckhand, and Bloodsail Raider make your starting 10 cards.

  • As your main playstyle with this shrine is to steal as much of your opponent’s deck the best card choices are cards which remove minions from the other side of the board. Those cards are Shadow Strike, Eviscerate, Walk the Plank, Preparation and Vilespine Slayer.

  • Other cards should be mainly low-cost because you have to play them with the ones you steal.

  • The teammates you are looking for are the ones that have great synergy with this shrine. Those are Salty Looter and Sharktoothed Harpooner. The first one even further makes your steal tactic good and opponent’s deck lighter. The second one can help you to lower the cost of stolen cards even more. This is good especially if those cards are high-costed.

  • Like with the past shrines Everlasting Devotion and Pact of Loa are obvious upgrades for this shrine. Having even more stolen cards or lowering the time your shrine comes back after death is crucial for your game plan.

Amazing value this shrine generates even with that 2-health handicap is still enough to make this shrine one of the best.

6. Shirvallah’s Grace

Shirvallah's Grace

This is the Paladin shrine on our list. It has a double buff effect. To be specific whenever you cast a spell on one of your minions, you cast a copy of it on your shrine. Its strength only grows over time as you buff the shrine during the game.

  • Your starting cards which consist of Divine Strength, Hand of Protection, Primalfin Champion, Potion of Heroism, Flash of Light, Seal of Champions, Blessing of Kings, Truesilver Champion, Argent Squire, and Banana Buffoon are perfectly made for this shrine.

  • What are the other cards you should choose? Buff cards like Spikeridged Steed and Immortal Prelate from Reinforce bucket are always your first choice. Healing cards whether they are minions or spells are also a good choice. Magnetic and Teambuilding buckets are also solid choices especially because they give more minions to buff. But Reinforce bucket should always be number one pick.

  • As for teammates, the best choice is The Walking Fort. As the name implies this minion is the best one to guard your shrine. Your second pick should be Blessed One. Gaining more spells if you cast a lot before is always a good thing. Especially since a lot of Paladin spells are used to cast on their own minions.

  • The Favor of the Gods is the best upgrade which shields your shrine. Everlasting Devotion is also a great choice because this triples the buff effect.

Great effect and solid five health make this shrine very resilient against board clears. Hard removal is maybe the only weakness it has. This shrine is good at all stages of the game and that makes it one of the best.

5. Gonk’s Armament

Gonk's Armament

This is the second Druid shrine on our list. And also one of three shrines that utilize the hero power the most. And even though its main ability is not concentrated on hero power it has great synergy with it.

  • Shrine ability says that whenever you gain armor you refresh your Mana Crystals. And since hero power also grants 1 armor you can have that effect every turn. This shrine becomes most effective in the late game when you can play multiple big minions over a couple of turns. Don’t forget that Druid also has a good number of cards that grant armor, so this effect is even stronger with those cards.

  • Starting cards for this shrine are Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Forbidden Ancient, Wrath, Ferocious Howl, Grove Tender, Ironwood Golem, Lowly Squire, Waterboy, Half-Time Scavenger, and Snapjaw Shellfighter.

  • Here you have a lot of options: armor gain, stall and also card draw. Even though this shrine is excellent in the mid and late game, that doesn’t mean it is horrible in early game. Having your mana refreshed every turn after turn 2 can help also help you to push onto the board by putting smaller minions when you have them and trade with your hero power.

  • The best card buckets for this shrine are the ones that give you cards that grant armor. The Feral and Natural Defence are the buckets you are looking for. Branching Paths, Ferocious Howl, and Claw are good examples of cards you are looking for. You should also pick minions from buckets such as Beasts, Going Wild and Wise Decisions.

  • As for teammates, your number one pick should be Succoring Skyscreamer. This card will help you with card draw and make your deck faster. It also has great synergy with your hero power and whenever you use it you will refresh your mana crystals and gain a card. The second one should be Water Spirit. The main purpose of this little guy is to bring you even faster to your late game where you have more mana crystals to use.

  • Your main goal is to make your shrine live longer so you should use either of these two upgrades, Favor of the Gods and Pact with the Loa.

Excellent synergy with your hero power and amazing late game potential make this shrine one of the best in the Rumble Run.

4. Halazzi's Trap

Halazzi's Trap

The best of three Hunter shrines Halazzi’s Trap brings forth a playstyle focused on secrets. Whenever you play a spell card a random Hunter Secret will be put onto the board.

  • Maybe a random part will make you think that this shrine is not that reliable, but that is not the case. AI will need to think about all the possibilities and even though it will mainly attack your shrine and undermine the secrets that are activated by your face being attacked, pure value this shrine brings by using a lot of spells will eventually pay off. Having 8 health is also a no small thing.

  • This is your starting deck: Arcane Shot, Candleshot, Hunter's Mark, Secret Plan, Explosive Trap, Quick Shot, Animal Companion, Bloodscalp Strategist, Baited Arrow, and Burgly Bully.

  • Maybe one of the best starting decks because a number of spells alone are good enough for the shrine’s ability. Maneuvering the spells to always have a constant number of secrets on board and ruining the opponent's play is the main strategy associated with this shrine.

  • What to choose from the card buckets? Primarily spells and Eaglehorn Bow. Spells will make your secret generation always in motion and with Eaglehorn Bow you will have almost infinite durability weapon. Having the spells that generate minions will be the best pick. (Animal Companion, Baited Arrow, and others) To make your deck more resilient a few big minions are also good to have. And if you want more secrets you also have a Secret bucket.

  • The best option for a teammate is for sure Streetsmuggler. Having secret after secret will make AI’s plays even more awkward. But because of that Streetsmuggler may become the number one target after the shrine. Troll Harbringer should be your second choice. Having more spells with this shrine is always useful.

  • As for upgrading your shrine Pact with the Loa and Everlasting Devotion are always a good choice to make your shrine stay longer on the board. If you have card draw problems Boon Reaper is also a good choice.

Having two to four secrets onto the board all the time should be your goal. You must be careful not to waste a spell if you already have five secrets in play. A few big minions and a weapon are essential in the late game to make a strong finish.

3 Akali's Champion

Akali's Champion

One of the three Warriors shrines Akali’s Champion is one of the rare shrines that have direct interaction with the situation on the board. Since this shrine has attack equal to your Armor in the early game it can clear small minions with just the help of your hero power. If you continue to generate Armor this shrine can become a literal beast with very high attack.

  • Having more than 20 Attack or more is not a pipe dream. Having the shrine on the board and gaining armor should be your greatest priority. Control the board with your minions and spells and just hit your opponent in the face with your shrine.

  • Having armor gain is a great part of your starting deck which consists of Eternium Rover, Armorsmith, Drywhisker Armorer, Fiery War Axe, Mountainfire Armor, Emberscale Drake, Waterboy, Hired Gun, Half-Time Scavenger and Dragonmaw Scorcher.

  • Best buckets are the ones that give you armor. Those are Thank UP! and Protection. Smash bucket is also good because there you can find the cards like Shield Slam and Bash. Geosculptor Yip is also a good card from Legendary bucket which has great synergy with this shrine.

  • As for the teammates, there are two obvious choices. First and foremost, probably the best teammate in the Rumble Run. That is Unbound Punisher. Just the first part of its Battlecry which says that it kills all enemy minions is excellent enough on its own. Gaining the armor on top of it is more like an icing on the cake. Then we have Seasoned Pitbrawler who gives double the armor gained.

  • Upgrade options should be obvious. Everlasting Devotion is your number one pick. What is better than one minion with 20 or more attack on board? Two of them, of course. If this option is not available Pact with the Loa is the second choice.

Armor up is your only and biggest strategy with this shrine. Ensure that it stays on board all the time and you will have one or two enormous minions that will smash the face of your opponent every turn.

2.Bwonsamdi’s Covenant

Bwonsamdi's Covenant

Bwonsamdi’s Covenant is a Priest shrine that can damage enemies with the healing cards you use. We all know about Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing combo which is present in the game for a long time. That was one of the most staple board clears Priest used in the game.

  • But Bwonsamdi’s Covenant made this mechanic of damaging your enemies with healing effects even more OP. Whether it is a minion or a spell which can heal you it will damage your enemies instead when your shrine is alive. The best example is maybe Circle of Healing because in this case, it does the double job. It heals your minions and damages minions of your opponent.

  • Starting deck is full of cards that enable this synergy. Circle of Healing, Regenerate, Light of the Naaru, Flash Heal, Voodoo Doctor, Injured Kvaldir, Gadgetzan Socialite, Waterboy, Earthen Ring Farseer and Injured Blademaster. Every card has some kind of an effect made to damage your opponent or heals you. Even Waterboy can be 2/1 body with heal 2 or deal two damage.

  • Killing opponents’ shrine is easy since most of the spells are quite cheap. But look out not to use them all too quickly.

  • Healing bucket is what you are looking for this shrine and those cards that have synergy with your hero power like Prophet Velen, Justicar Trueheart, Clockwork Automaton, and Maiden of the Lake. Picking up Lyra the Sunshard from Elemental bucket or Legends of the Light can also be helpful if you need more spells or card generation. Including other minions from those two buckets will also be useful in late game.

  • Bloodwash Medic and Bwonsamdi's Keeper are number one and two picks when you are looking for teammates. Synergy with the shrine is more than obvious. Bwonsamdi’s Keeper could be seen as on par with Unbound Punisher but only in the case when Priest has the shrine on board.

  • If you want to protect your shrine and make it live longer you should pick Pact with the Loa or Favor of the Gods as your upgrade. If you on the other hand lack decent card draw Boon Reaper is an excellent choice.

Bwonsamdi’s Covenant has great payout when on board, but even when it is dormant you don’t need to worry too much. Since you have a lot of cards with healing options you can calmly wait for it to revive and amount another healing attack at your opponent.

1.Jan'ali's Flame

Jan'alai's Flame

Here is the last shrine on our list and it belongs to the Mage. If there was a list with more shrines there is a great probability that two other Mage shrines would be right behind Top 10.

  • Even though this shrine is one of the ones with the hardest gameplay of all of them it is still on our list and even on number 1 spot.  Great usage of the hero power makes this shrine a total beast among Rumble shrines.

  • Using the minions and spells in unison with the shrine can make it deal damage continuously. And even though Mage hero power only deals 1 damage having cards that make the hero power more powerful like Fallen Hero will make the contest over the board even easier.

  • Arcane Blast, Fallen Hero, Cinderstorm, Dalaran Aspirant, Fireball, Acherus Veteran, Flame Juggler, Blackwald Pixie, Dragonhawk Rider, and Fire Plume Phoenix make very diverse starting deck. But this diversity makes this shrine good against other shrines.

  • Hero card bucket is one and only choice for you even when you already took one or two before. If you don’t have that as an option pick board clears like Flamestrike, Blizzard or Meteor. A lot of times you will have minions with one or two health remaining after a board clear and this shrine will enable you to remove them for good.

  • Fan of Flames is your number one pick for a teammate. Since you will get it at the start of the game you will have upgraded hero power immediately. You could even find Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk in some of the buckets and have Ragnaros on board since dealing 8 damage with hero power is very easy with this shrine. As for the second teammate, there are no particularly good options that go with this shrine. Fireslinger or Frostweaver may be good options at sometimes.

  • As your whole strategy is focused on your shrine you should pick defensive upgrade. Pact with the Loa, Favor of the Gods or Fortified Spirit is the best suited for this shrine. Which one to pick is on you.

Even though this shrine may require a great skill set, fulfillment factor after clearing the Run is very satisfying. Maybe even more than the other shrines. Fun is also guaranteed.

Whichever shrine is your favorite you will have fun with all of them. When AI makes a mistake, and there are mistakes in some cases, you will be both shocked and amused. Rumble Run is a great way to unwind after a long day of the grinding ladder.

Have fun and enjoy.

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