[Top 25] Hearthstone Best Cards For Demon Hunter

You learned that the things that once tormented you could give you power

What Are The Best Hearthstone Cards For Demon Hunter?

It's a brand new expansion, and the Lich King's endless army of undead is here to take over. Unfortunately for Arthas, his old nemesis Illidan is here with his band of Demon Hunters to settle this long grudge.

From demonic warblades to Fel spells, the aggressiveness of Demon Hunter is only matched by its supremely powerful cards. Join me in my adventure to unravel the top 25 best cards in Hearthstone for Demon Hunter here:


25. Coordinated Strike

Together we are not easily broken.

A hopelessly weak card on its own, this card can be slotted as a niche spell in the current Pure Spell Demon Hunter deck.

This card helps with refreshing the upgraded Hero Power from Kurtrus and activating other on-death effects.

What’s Great About Coordinated Strike:

  • Refreshes Hero Power: When used in conjunction with Kurtrus, this spell maximizes its effectiveness and enables you to continuously replenish your Hero Power for a 6-damage nuke
  • Tokens with Rush: The Rush effect can be used to safely ping down an enemy, either taking down a high-attack minion or removing the Divine Shield from an enemy
  • No tags: Generated tokens from this spell do not have a tribe tag, avoiding accidental resurrections in your Big Demon Hunter deck

How To Get Coordinated Strike:

Automatically acquired as part of the Demon Hunter Core Set


24. Flanking Maneuver

So, do we have advantage? Can I sneak attack?

Remaining as a powerful removal card, Flanking Maneuver fell in the rankings quite significantly since it got powercrept by the newly released 4-mana spell Fel’dorei Warband.

Nevertheless, this card remains a strong option for your no-minion Demon Hunter deck as the 29th to 30th card, providing added pressure during the midgame.

What’s Great About Flanking Maneuver:

  • Minion generation: The advantage of this card when compared to Fel’dorei Warband is that it generates the threats as minions instead of direct damage, providing more value if your minions can survive
  • Stat distribution: Summoning two 4/2 minions is decisively better than having a single 8/4 as you can split your damage or deal with a single big enemy
  • Spell synergy: As stated above, Flanking Maneuver being a spell card means that it is a strong contender to be included in the currently popular no-minion Demon Hunter deck

How To Get Flanking Maneuver:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Fractured at Alterac Valley card pack, or card crafting


23. Spectral Sight

"Pick a card, any card! Preferably the left- or right-most card."

One of the few unchanged cards since the release of the class, Spectral Sight remains an integral part of all the past and possibly even future Demon Hunter decks. Outliving even Skull of Guldan, this card’s effect of drawing two cards is one that you just cannot live without if you are a Demon Hunter player.

What’s Great About Spectral Sight:

  • Discounted Arcane Intellect: Arcane Intellect has always been the benchmark for cards with draw effects, and Spectral Sight discounts this already solid Mage card by one whole mana in the early game
  • Cheap Outcast card: As a 2-mana card, Spectral Sight can be kept as the leftmost card to be used to cycle for your next outcast card and a draw engine
  • Lady S’theno synergy: Being a cheap spell helps with adding an extra attack for your Lady S’theno card while also refilling your hand as an aggro deck

How To Get Spectral Sight:

Automatically acquired as part of the Demon Hunter Core Set


22. Sinful Brand

My brand!

Sinful Brand’s main usage in this meta is its ability to exploit big minions.

By applying Sinful Brand on a high-health minion such as the Kyrian from Boon of the Ascended, you can deal direct damage to the enemy’s face using smaller minions and effectively bypass any Taunt minion.

What’s Great About Sinful Brand:

  • Token synergy: Sinful Brand exerts the most value from targeting a beefy minion and attacking with small tokens to deal an absurd amount of face damage
  • Lady S’theno combo: The 1 mana and synergistic effect guarantees that any deck with Lady S’theno will have this card too
  • Soft removal: The debuff from this spell forces your opponent to make unfavorable trades

How To Get Sinful Brand:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Murder at Castle Nathria card pack, or card crafting


21. Multi-strike

“I said you get two attack, not two attacks!”

Continuing from this streak of spell cards, Multi-strike has more depth than what its card text shows.

On top of being a Fel spell, this card is versatile in its ability to be used as-is to kill token minions or be used together with other attack-buffing spells and provide a great removal tool in the midgame.

What’s Great About Multi-Strike:

  • Fel spell: The main reason that this card is included and played in many Demon Hunter decks is its Fel tag, allowing this spell to be recast on your Jace Darkweaver turn
  • Additional attack: The first attack can be used on the opponent hero’s face, providing poke damage while still allowing you to attack a minion for the second hit
  • Lifesteal amplifier: This card is also great when paired with a Lifesteal weapon, particularly Aldrachi Warblades since you can potentially heal twice in 1 turn

How To Get Multi-Strike:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Voyage to the Sunken City card pack, or card crafting


20. Xhilag of the Abyss

When ancient heroes drove a felhunter into the sea, they thought it was the end. But for Xhilag, it was only the beginning...

Xhilag remains a powerhouse for Demon Hunter.

Unfortunately, Xhilag and its stalks being Demons reduced this Colossal’s priority for many. Still, an unchecked Xhilag can definitely steamroll through your unsuspecting opponent.

What’s Great About Xhilag of the Abyss:

  • Self-protection: Xhilag’s stalks can protect themselves the turn it is summoned since it can clear enemy minions
  • Exponential scaling: The four stalks of Xhilag can get out of control if left alive even for just one extra turn
  • Distributed damage: The four ticks of damage and the attacks from Xhilag himself mean that your damage spreads, ideal for clearing out the board as opposed to a single instance of damage

How To Get Xhilag of the Abyss:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Voyage to the Sunken City card pack, or card crafting


19. Predation

No need to worry! The squid is actually being sent to a nice kelp farm upstate.

Predation being a direct damage source places it far above many other cards for Demon Hunter. While there is a restriction for the card, it might as well not exist due to the many Naga minions available for the class.

What’s Great About Predation:

  • Full mana discount: The condition to cast this card for 0 mana is easy enough to fulfill, with the best Naga to play being Lady S’theno
  • Direct damage: Predation can be used to damage the enemy hero’s face directly or remove a minion from the board
  • Fel synergy: A staple card in Fel decks, the instant 3 damage is a welcome addition to Jace’s arsenal of spells

How To Get Predation:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Voyage to the Sunken City card pack, or card crafting


18. Lady S’theno

Only a S'theno deals in absolutes.

With so many Demon Hunter decks purposefully including cheap spells just to activate her effect, Lady S’theno more than deserves her reputation as an early-game powerhouse.

What’s Great About Lady S’theno:

  • Bypasses Taunt: Perhaps S’theno’s greatest asset lies in her effect not being affected by Taunt or Stealth, able to attack any enemy
  • Naga synergy: Having the Naga tag opens up more benefits when this card is played
  • Immune effect: Lady S’theno can be used to chunk out large minions since she ignores their damage altogether

How To Get Lady S’theno:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Voyage to the Sunken City card pack, or card crafting


17. Aldrachi Warblades

The ancient Aldrachi were the greatest warriors in the universe. Imagine their power if they'd put the handle at the END of the blade.

As one of the few ways for Demon Hunter to regain health, the Aldrachi Warblades is now the only weapon from the Core set that sees play.

What’s Great About Aldrachi Warblades:

  • Tempo provider: The cheap cost and the immediate attack it provides means that the Warblades provide an insane amount of proactivity for your turn 3
  • Lifesteal: The main appeal of this weapon is its Lifesteal effect for only 3 mana, able to be used with attack buffing spells for a huge health swing
  • Card type: The card being a weapon means that it can be slotted to a no-minion deck while also being cheap enough to be part of an aggro deck

How To Get Aldrachi Warblades:

Automatically acquired as part of the Demon Hunter Core Set


16. Artificer Xy’mox

"The anticipation to use this relic is killing me! Though, it will more likely kill you."

Previously a more niche end-game legendary, Artificer Xy’mox is making a comeback as one of the three minions for Pure Spell Demon Hunter. With the Relic package left untouched, it’s not hard to see that this card will only grow in popularity over time.

What’s Great About Artificer Xy’mox:

  • Unparalleled value machine: Xy’mox generates an absurd amount of mana advantage when infused, on top of the already big statline
  • Relic scaling: During the Battlecry, each relic cast by Xy’mox still improves future relics cast, making the Infused version of this card much more potent
  • Brann combo: For decks running minions, a Brann plus Xy’mox combo is often game-ending since the value generated will be too much to handle for the opponent

How To Get Artificer Xy’mox:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Murder at Castle Nathria card pack, or card crafting


15. Unleash Fel

Why'd you put it on a leash in the first place?

The first card to be featured from the latest expansion, Unleash Fel cannot be any more obvious in its synergy with the Fel Demon Hunter deck. Pair this spell with any minions that grant spell damage and you’ve got enough Lifesteal to fight even more aggressively.

What’s Great About Unleash Fel:

  • Efficient AOE spell: This spell costing 1 mana outshines every other early AOE spell in the game even without accounting for its Manathirst effect
  • Jace synergy: An obvious inclusion for Fel decks, this spell acts as a nice addition for your Jace Darkweaver turn
  • Spell damage amplification: Silvermoon Arcanist benefits this spell the most since the unconditional damage to enemies means that this card will still deal damage to the enemy hero

How To Get Unleash Fel:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, March of the Lich King card pack, or card crafting


14. Deal with a Devil

Fine, three Felfiends - final offer.

Another Fel deck must-have, this spell adds a lot more depth to your otherwise lacking midgame. Even without fulfilling the conditions of having no minions in the deck, the initial effect remains mana-efficient and can surely help you out of a sticky situation.

What’s Great About Deal with a Devil:

  • Board fill: Two casts of this spell result in 6 minions, filling your board with Lifesteal threats
  • No-minion deck: A solid addition to the no-minion deck, this card fills the gap in your midgame power
  • Raw stats: The amount of stats generated by this spell amounts to 9/9, a solid statline with an added Lifesteal effect

How To Get Deal with a Devil:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, March of the Lich King card pack, or card crafting


13. Souleater’s Scythe

Would you like those souls for here or to-go?

The progenitor of no-minion Demon Hunter, this weapon card’s power lies in its Start of Game effect.

While the Pure Spell package is good on its own, the Scythe’s ability to add impactful minions to the deck is what makes Fel Demon Hunter one of the most feared decks today.

What’s Great About Souleater’s Scythe:

  • Immediate effect: Since the weapon has a Start of Game effect, all cards in your deck with the “no minion” restriction are activated consistently
  • Anti-disruption: Bound souls generated from this card will not generate minions for your opponent if they steal the spell using Theotar
  • Deck thinning: Souleater’s Scythe guarantees that your minions are consumed if there are only three of them in the deck, preventing them from being included in your starting hand

How To Get Souleater’s Scythe:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, March of the Lich King card pack, or card crafting


12. Fel’dorei Warband

"Felerin, I made you a friendship bracelet!"

"...what? I said WARband, not WRISTband..."

Fel’dorei Warband seems worse on paper than many of the cards in this list but its effect of dealing 4 damage to any target makes this card a high-value pick for Demon Hunter.

What’s Great About Fel’dorei Warband:

  • Direct damage: The direct damage dealt by this spell is significant considering that 40-health decks have fallen out of favor
  • Kurtrus activator: The 1/1 tokens generated by this deck are great for refreshing your upgraded Hero Power
  • Stat-heavy: The raw amount of value from this spell means that it is an auto-include for no-minion decks even without the Fel tag

How To Get Fel’dorei Warband:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, March of the Lich King card pack, or card crafting


11. Mark of Scorn

Threat Level who? Mark of Scorn!

We’re almost at the top ten, and another new spell card makes it into the list! Mark of Scorn forms the foundation of your early turns, along with Chaos Strike as your ideal turn 2 cards.

What’s Great About Mark of Scorn:

  • Turn 2 swing: Mark of Scorn oftentimes evens out the board state for you and generates a card advantage
  • Face damage: Even without an enemy minion on board, Mark of Scorn still affects your opponent by landing the 3 damage on their hero’s health
  • Card cycling: At only 2 mana, this spell still generates value in the late game with its card draw effect

How To Get Mark of Scorn:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, March of the Lich King card pack, or card crafting


10. Relic of Dimensions

A glaive is a glaive, but a mystery box could be anything! It could even be a glaive!

The strongest and weakest of the Relic cards, Relic of Dimensions can discount a ludicrous amount of mana given the right conditions. Unfortunately, the high base mana cost and effect puts the card at a disadvantage over the other Relic cards, only landing this ultimate value card the 10th spot in our list.

What’s Great About Relic of Dimensions:

  • Mana discount: The base version of the card already pays for itself but further improvements increase this card’s importance tremendously
  • Non-restrictive spell: As part of the Relic package, this spell can be slotted into any Demon Hunter deck since it does not have the additional condition of needing a no-minion deck
  • Turn 5 curve: This spell also acts as one of your turn 5 plays since Demon Hunter does not have a wide variety of 5-cost cards

How To Get Relic of Dimensions:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Murder at Castle Nathria card pack, or card crafting


9. Relic of Phantasms

Xy'mox chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Emerald?"

Bringing back a taste of Jade Druid, the second Relic card remains one of the best late-game threats in Hearthstone, which is impressive given the number of value-focused decks in the meta.

What’s Great About Relic of Phantasms:

  • Relic Vault synergy: While Relic Vault works well with the other two Relic spells, Relic of Phantasms maximizes the duplicate cast from this location card the most by providing a massive amount of stats on your board instantly
  • Xy’mox scaling: Much like the point about Relic Vault, this card also benefits the greatest in being recast and improved in your Artificer Xy’mox turn
  • Non-demon summons: Since the minions summoned from this spell are not demons, this card can still be safely included in any Big Demon Hunter decks

How To Get Relic of Phantasms:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Murder at Castle Nathria card pack, or card crafting


8. Relic Vault

Holds Sire Denathrius' most prized possession - his teddy bear, Jeremy Bearimy.

Serving as Demon Hunter’s location card and amplifier for the Relic package, Relic Vault’s impact on the meta cannot be overstated enough.

From generating 4 beefy minions out of thin air to discounting 4 cards to 0 mana, this card might not have the fanciest effect but it ensures that the Relic package has a place in every Demon Hunter deck.

What’s Great About Relic Vault:

  • Untargetable: Due to being a Location card, Relic Vault is virtually impossible to destroy and thus can be played at any stage of the game
  • Relic amplifier: The Relic card played when Relic Vault is activated is essentially played twice, improving the effects of the 2nd Relic cast
  • Cheap mana cost: Being 2 mana makes this card a viable turn 2 play so you can set the foundation of your Relic stacking early on

How To Get Relic Vault:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Murder at Castle Nathria card pack, or card crafting


7. Relic of Extinction

Faster than an asteroid, and just as effective.

The highest-rated Relic card in this list, Relic of Extinction triumphs above others because of its versatility.

While the prospect of infinite scaling seems nice, usual Standard games only allow so much value, making Relic of Extinction’s rapid scaling and quick threat removal the most solid Relic card by far.

What’s Great About Relic of Extinction:

  • Cheap cost: This card’s strongest point is its mana cost, only costing 1 mana to play
  • Token removal: Even in its worst state, this spell is still a good tool to clear out token minions early on
  • Ideal first Relic: Relic of Extinction is the ideal Relic to begin improving future Relics due to its mana cost as well as its immediate effect on the board

How To Get Relic of Extinction:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Murder at Castle Nathria card pack, or card crafting


6. Sigil of Alacrity

Red means stop. Purple means GO REALLY FAST.

Perhaps the only card that overshadows your Hero Power in turn 1 value, Sigil of Alacrity is frankly overloaded in terms of the benefits that it brings.

An excellent play at any stage of the game, the delayed advantage that this card brings can quickly snowball out of control and bring you victory.

What’s Great About Sigil of Alacrity:

  • Mana efficiency: A top-tier mana discount card, this spell not only generates a card advantage but also a mana advantage
  • Disadvantage mitigation: If this card is cast on turn 1, the potential disadvantage of being a “1 mana, do nothing” card is offset by the fact that the tempo is not yet decided during the first turns
  • S’theno activator: As a one mana card, Lady S’theno can provide immediate effect to this card in the later stages of the game

How To Get Sigil of Alacrity:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, United in Stormwind card pack, or card crafting


5. Jace Darkweaver

As a former mage, making the transition from fire to felfire was quite easy.

Currently the hottest commodity for Demon Hunter, Jace Darkweaver is the core card for Fel Demon Hunter and its biggest value card.

Capable of dealing an absurd amount of damage with the recast Fel spells, Jace’s importance to Demon Hunter is not fading anytime soon.

What’s Great About Jace Darkweaver:

  • Fel synergy: As the central card of Fel Demon Hunter, Jace’s effect of repeating spells synergizes well since most Fel spells are offense-oriented and can deal direct face damage
  • Brann synergy: Outside of the specific no-minion deck, doubling Jace’s Battlecry with an 11-mana combo from Brann is almost guaranteed to kill your opponent
  • Prioritizes enemies: The Battlecry effect of this card targets enemies whenever possible, preventing accidental friendly fire

How To Get Jace Darkweaver:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, United in Stormwind card pack, or card crafting


4. Fury (Rank 1)

Rank 3 is when your mom uses your middle name.

Outright the best damage card that Demon Hunter currently has access to, Fury is already a decent card on its own but the card truly shines when it ascends to the next rank.

What’s Great About Fury (Rank 1):

  • Potent vanilla card: At its base state, this spell already powercreeps your Hero Power at turn 1 by providing you with +2 attack
  • Fel synergy: Jace Darkweaver further elevated this card since this spell has the Fel tag
  • Damage buff: Fury is also great to combo with Kurtrus since the damage buff from this card is even greater than the upgraded Hero Power

How To Get Fury (Rank 1):

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Forged in the Barrens card pack, or card crafting


3. Kurtrus, Demon-Render

There is no measure to my fury!

Being the only Hero card for Demon Hunter, Kurtrus is an auto-include for any Demon Hunter that wants to add more late-game insurances.

The strongest point of this Hero card lies in the fact that the original Hero Power is not drastically changed but instead improved upon to capitalize on Demon Hunter’s aggressive style.

What’s Great About Kurtrus, Demon-Render:

  • Hero Power upgrade: Kurtrus keeps the 1-mana Hero Power and improves upon it by adding +1 attack while also adding in a refresh mechanic
  • Scaling tokens: The tokens generated when Kurtrus is played naturally get stronger since Demon Hunter’s Hero Power is often used, unlike other classes
  • Token synergy: The upgraded Hero Power works well with the current spells of Demon Hunter, many of which generate a minion with Rush

How To Get Kurtrus, Demon-Render:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, Fractured in Alterac Valley card pack, or card crafting


2. Fel Barrage

Kurtrus leapt over a tombstone towards the demonic invaders, yelling "PEW! PEW!" as he shot them down with fel magic.

Fel Barrage stands tall as one of the best Fel spells in the game right now with its 4-damage burst.

That’s only talking about its base damage, partnering this spell with Silvermoon Arcanist brings this card’s damage from ticklish to a very real threat.

What’s Great About Fel Barrage:

  • Spell damage scaling: Pairing this card with any spell damage buff further doubles the buff since the damage is applied twice
  • Target switch: The spell can target 2 separate enemies since the second shot is calculated after the first shot and any other effect has finished dealing damage
  • Fel synergy: A necessity in any Fel Demon Hunter deck, recasting two copies of this spell will surely prove to be a great boon for you in the later parts of the game

How To Get Fel Barrage:

Unlocked through purchasing the Standard card pack, United in Stormwind card pack, or card crafting


1. Chaos Strike

"What do we want?" "CHAOS!"

"When do we want it?"


Unexpectedly climbing the ranks as the best Demon Hunter card, Chaos Strike has been the most played card for Demon Hunter since release.

Combining aggressiveness with value as well as card draw, this card is the whole package and is undoubtedly the best turn two play to start the game with.

What’s Great About Chaos Strike:

  • Jace activator: The Fel tag on this card makes it a prime target for Jace to refill your hand while also buffing your attack
  • Draw engine: The card draw on top of the attack makes the effect relevant for any stage of the match
  • Cheap mana cost: The cheap mana cost of this card also makes it viable in Lady S’theno decks

How To Get Chaos Strike:

Automatically acquired as part of the Demon Hunter Core Set


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