[Top 5] Hearthstone Best Loaner Decks In The Game

Hearthstone Best Loaner Decks
Hearthstone offers returning players loaner decks they can try out for a while and even keep. But it's not always easy to decide which one you want to make yours. Here are all the pros and cons of each deck.

Free decks? Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn't it? 

If you’re a returning Hearthstone player, then you’re in luck. Hearthstone offers “loaner decks” to any players that are coming back to the game after a long while.

You’re free to play with these decks as much as you want for 7 days. And the best part? You can even keep one of them permanently even after the trial period ends. 

So, if you’re wondering just which one is the best to keep. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

5. Hunter – Beasts of the Deep

Yes, that's a three-headed Hydra. It doesn't bite, promise. 

Deck Card List/Code: AAECAR8I4Z8Ex7IEwLkE57kExO0Eyu0E4O0EpO8EC+rpA6mfBIiyBJa3BIPIBLjjBMHjBMzkBNDkBKqkBa6kBQAA

This is a deck that’s all about overwhelming your enemy with a ton of really powerful and overpowered Beasts. If you’re someone that likes to make tempo players with strong minions in both the early and late game, this may be the deck for you.

Generally speaking, it’s a good enough deck to get you started. Especially if you’ve just recently gotten back to the game and don’t have a lot of cards. 

But as far as the meta-game is concerned, there are definitely better and stronger decks out there. Plus,  none of these loaner decks contain cards from The Festival of Legends, which is currently Hearthstone’s latest expansion.

The best choice would be to select this if you enjoy the Hunter class, but definitely look to expand into other strategies like Big Hunter or Face Hunter eventually, if you want to remain competitive and get a high competitive rank. 

What Beasts of the Deep Excels At:

  • Strong early game due to its large selection of low-cost minions
  • Can be adapted into other decks such as Big Hunter or Face Hunter
  • Tempo-based gameplay since you mostly try to play on curve whenever possible


4. Rogue – Jackpot

Slicing and dicing is the name of the game as a Rogue.

Deck Card List/Code: AAECAaIHBti2BNu5BMygBeigBYukBeKkBQz2nwT3nwTuoAS3swTVtgT13QSS3wT58QTfoAXRowWMpAW9ngYAAA==

It’s hard to define fun in Hearthstone, since everyone likes different things. But if you’re someone that likes the game’s randomness and the ability to generate a bunch of cards in each game, Jackpot is definitely the way to go. 

This Rogue deck is all about discovering cards from other classes. Now, I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly the easiest deck to play. And a big reason why is that it’s just too random.

Sometimes, you can generate amazing cards that instantly win you games. And other times, you can get cards that just don’t synergize well with your deck and class. But still, the fact that the experience is so unique each time makes for a fun time. 

And another plus point is that this deck contains the most amount of legendaries out of all the loaner decks. This makes Jackpot a literal Jackpotif you’re just looking for a lot of dust.

What Jackpot Excels At:

  • Very fun and engaging thanks to random generation
  • Offers a unique experience each time with cards like Jackpot
  • Allows you to try out cards from other classes, which can help you learn the game even faster


3. Warlock – Impfused with Power

You've really gotta be a special type of evil to play Warlock.

Deck Card List/Code: AAECAf0GBOa9BJvkBIfqBMOkBQ2EoATmoATnoAT+tATcvQTivQT50wT60wT/2QSA2gSB2gTL4gSr6gQAAA==

This Imp-centric deck is filled with a bunch of strong cards. The main idea is to fill your board up with a ton of Imps. Then, you simply keep them empowered and strong. This is mostly done thanks to Vile Library, the 2-Mana Warlock Location.

One great part about Impufused with Power is that it’s got some killer draw capabilities. With cards like Impending Catastrophe, you’re never really going to run out of resources. And so, even if your board gets cleared once or twice, you’re just back at it again.

The deck also has some decent finishers with Imp King Rafaam helping to seal the deal in certain matchups. Even Za’qul can be a decent enough finisher if you’ve gotten enough damage done with your curses. 

I also highly recommend this deck if you’re new to Hearthstone and don’t want something that’s too tough to play. Really, with this deck, you just need to keep your board full and empowered, and then whack your opponent’s face for as much damage as you can. Simple enough, right? 

What Impfused with Power Excels At:

  • Fairly strong in the current meta, even though Warlock overall isn’t doing too great
  • Simple to play, since it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about Hearthstone
  • Very card draw capability due to cards like Impending Catastrophe 


2. Warrior – Embrace the Pain

Get ready to embrace some real pain because of Warrior's current position in the meta.

Deck Card List/Code: AAECAQcGi6AEx7IEjskEgdwEhaoFud0FDIygBJ7UBLzbBP/bBL7iBKXkBN3tBJzvBImDBc2SBY+VBZGjBQAA

Now, Warrior has kind of been the laughing stock of the Festival of Legends expansion. That’s mostly because Blizzard decided to give them the weakest cards of the bunch. 

But that’s not to say they don’t have any good decks. In fact, Embrace the Pain really packs a punch for anyone willing to try it out.

This loaner deck is about maintaining tempo, not by damaging the enemy, but by hurting your own minions. It’s filled with minions that gain new effects and become stronger if they take damage.

Eventually, you can really buff these guys up and overwhelm your opponent in the late game. Plus, it helps that a lot of the Warrior cards have been buffed recently, so the deck is performing even better. 

That said, piloting this deck isn’t easy. You’re going to know when it’s best to damage your own minions, and when you should avoid taking in the pain. That’s easier said than done.

And so, I wouldn’t really recommend this deck if you’re a rookie or just generally not that great at playing Warrior.

What Embrace the Pain Excels At:

  • Can surprise your opponents with strong minion buffs 
  • Great option especially for experienced Warrior players because you can make some really smart and epic plays 
  • Even better because of recent Warrior buffs, making the existing cards very powerful


1. Paladin – A Legendary Invitation

A deck all about cheating out Legendary minions? What could go wrong.

Deck Card List/Code: AAECAdG+BQS79wOjtgT5lgXipAUNoegD9PEDiPcDrfcDk/EE1PEEhoMFpJEFpZEF7pEFhpMFiZMF6pQFAAA=

If you don’t want to worry about the nitty-gritty, and just want the best all-around deck, you can’t go wrong with the Paladin loaner deck: “A Legendary Invitation”.

It’s an aggressive deck that takes the board very early. This is done through the help of some super strong early game Divine Shield minions like Righteous Protector and Sanguine Soldier.

Then, you’re going to start buffing these minions up and making them really overwhelming for your opponent. Because these minions have Divine Shield, getting rid of them isn’t that easy for your opponent.

By the time that they manage to stabilize, you’ve already done a decent amount of damage and can end the game with The Leviathan or The Countess. 

It’s a powerful deck, and it’s super fun. I should also mention, it includes 4 Legendary cards that are pretty strong, and will see play later on in the year too. What’s not to love? 

What A Legendary Invitation Excels At:

  • Very strong deck in the meta right now, due to its many useful minions 
  • Great early game and late-game, thanks to early Divine Shield threats and buffing
  • Fast-ending games as a result of its the aggressive playstyle 

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