Top 11 Games Like Hearthstone, Ranked Good to Best

games like hearthstone

The Journey to Un’Goro begins soon, but Hearthstone isn’t the only CCG worth exploring right now

Hearthstone’s player base is far from extinct, but some players are looking for a new beast to tame, at least until the spring expansion arrives. With the gargantuan amount online Collectible Card Games (CCG) on the market, players have tonnes of quality options to sink their T-Rex teeth into. Here is’s list of top ten games like Hearthstone.

11) Gwent

Gwent Official Gameplay Trailer

Gwent is a card game that takes place in the world of The Witcher, a mysterious inter dimensional plane where fantastic beasts roam the land hunted by intentionally mutated monster hunters. The cards are based off characters and events from the game world, and players can build decks from one of five factions.

Gwent takes a twist on traditional card games, with players receiving ten cards at the start of a round and not drawing again until the next round. There are three ‘lanes” where players place their units, and these lanes simulate battle lines. There is a front, ranged, and siege line, making unit placement and line interaction very important.

Gwent is still in closed beta, otherwise it would warrant a much higher spot on the list. Gwent will be available on PC and XboxOne. 

Gwent is an epic card battle game featuring all your favourite characters from The Witcher series

10) Heroes of Camelot

Heroes of Camelot Gameplay

Set forth into a land of legend and strike out against darkness in Heroes of Camelot.

Players join the legendary King Arthur on a journey through medieval Britain in search of the Holy Grail, the only hope against the Black Knight’s undead army.

Heroes of Camelot plays more like a traditional RPG than a card battle game. The battles are all automatic, with the strategy coming in the card selection. You travel around the map, defeating enemies and collecting loot. The game also includes multiplayer, where teams of heroes get together to take down large bosses. This is a solid game for those who like RPG gameplay with collectible card elements.

Heroes of Camelot is a free to play game available on the App store, Google Play, and PC

Will you join the glorious knights, or side with the feral druids? 

Dragon Enchantress card 

Dragon Enchantress evolution

9) War of Omens

War of Omens Gameplay

Set in a dark fantasy world of tricks, techniques and troops, War of Omens depicts the evolving military struggle between three warring factions. Gold, food, and magic fuel your armies of beasts, soldiers, wizards, and barbarians.

War of Omens is a single player CCG with puzzle elements. It plays very similar to Puzzle Quest, but with card combat instead of gem swapping. You can play as the Merchant Empire Vespitole, the savage and sacrificial Daramek, or the mysterious Metris and experience a unique story from each factions perspective. War of Omens is a nice balance between card game and traditional RPG, and its deep storyline keeps players going until the very end.

War of Omens is available on PC 

War of Omens is an epic tale of politics, magic, and war.

Rich lore and simple gameplay makes War of Omens a must try for CCG fans

8) Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinders Adventures Official Trailer

Who needs a pen, paper, and dice when you have a smartphone! Pathfinder Adventures is the digital version of the hit tabletop card adventure game. Players jump into the Pathfinder universe and explore crypts, dungeons, cities and more while battling epic foes and collecting legendary loot. All without having to leave the house.

Pathfinder Adventures isn’t technically a CCG, but it has enough elements to warrant a spot on the list. Cards represent a characters attacks, companions and equipment, and you explore the world completing quests and fighting dangerous foes. There are new cards to collect which power up your hero and enable you to take on more challenging foes. There is a multiplayer “pass and play” mode to play with real life friends, and plans for more multiplayer game modes in the future.

Pathfinder adventures is available on iOS and Android.

Rise of the Runelords is Pathfinder Adventures latest expansion and offers players new challenges

7) SpellWeaver

Spellweaver Gameplay

What makes Spellweaver special isn’t it’s unique mechanics, epic lore or nostalgia factor. Spellweaver is very similar mechanically to other CCG’s, and that’s what makes it great. The developers weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, they took solid elements from well established games and refined it. It has a mana system, different factions (called aspects) and rare cards for players to collect. I would recommend Spellweaver to established CCG fans looking to try something different. It is available for PC here

Why fix what isn’t broken? Spellweaver refines classic CCG gameplay for a smooth experience

Every good CCG has fireballs, and Spellweaver is no exception

6) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Game Play

Anyone who went to public school in the early 2000’s remembers Yu-Gi-Oh! You either loved it, or made fun of the kids who played it. If you're the former then Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is for you. This is the same game you know and love, with favourites like Summoned Skull, Dark Magician, and the mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon making appearances. You can play against classic characters like Yugi, Joey, and Seto Kaiba, or challenge real players in online duels.

What sets Yu-Gi-Oh! apart from other CCG’s is the lack of a “mana” or resource type system. Other than a few large monsters, all the spells, traps and monsters can be summoned without cost. It makes learning the game very easy, and makes the game very friendly for those new to CCG’s. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is available for iOS and Android

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a blast from the past for fans of the series

5) Magic Duels

Magic Duels: Aether Revolt Gameplay Trailer

When I hear Magic: The Gathering I think of Fire-breathing dragons in hand to hand combat with giant wizards, hurling meteors at each other while elves and goblins run around fighting at their feet. That’s (almost) exactly what you get with this slick and pretty “arcade” version of the worlds most popular CCG, Magic Duels. The new expansion takes you to the land of Kaladesh, a desert plane full of tinkerers and corrupt magistrates vying for political power.

Players can use preconstructed decks to complete single player challenges in story mode, or create their own decks and sling spells with fellow Planeswalkers online. The most interesting aspect of Magic Duels is the unique game mode 2 Headed Giant, where two players share minions, HP, and take their turns together, duking it out against another double headed monstrosity.

Magic Duels is a fun option for fans of the series and new players alike, and is available on Steam, XboxOne, and iPhone/iPad.

Magic Duels latest expansion, Aether Revolt, takes players to a desert land of artifice and invention. 

4) Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Chronicle: Runescape Legends Gameplay

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is far from your typical card battle game. Based on the hit RPG by Jagex, Runescape Legends has players embark on a quest across foreboding lands, accompanied by your faithful companion, your opponent. Yes, Runescape Legends is a player vs. player game where your two heroes travel together, fight together, loot together, and eventually kill each other. It’s a unique twist on typical CCG gameplay, and is well executed.

Players draw a hand of cards, and pick four of them to play face down. Your opponent picks four cards, and once the cards are set the round begins. Cards are revealed one by one and their effects take place in turn. Once the round is over you pick four new cards, and continue until one hero is defeated. The game forces you to not only think a step ahead, but five or six. Its a great twist on the usual CCG, and is worth checking out. Chronicles: Runescape Legends is available on PC.

Runescape Legends takes players on an epic journey across Gielinor

I think I would rather fight the Gnome

3) The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Elder scrolls Legends Gameplay

When I think of The Elder Scrolls series, I imagine hostile lands brimming with dragons, draugr, and demons begging to be explored and looted in the name of some vague divine quest. Since much of the elder scrolls series focuses on exploration, combat, and questing, it was hard to imagine trading your battleaxe, armor, and followers for a measly deck of cardboard. But once you do you may never head back out into the harsh lands of Skyrim ever again.

Elder Scrolls: Legends is your typical online CCG. There’s mana, minions, spells,all the things you expect from a good card game. All your favourite characters are present, from Lucien Lachance, to the Emperor of Tamriel, and even the infamous Adoring Fan. The game plays like Hearthstone with one key twist: the board is broken up into two different lanes and creatures in a lane can only attack creatures in that lane. It adds an element of strategy not present in other games, and combined with the great art, lore and intuitive user interface, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a must play for CCG gaming fans. It is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Elder Scrolls Legends gives your favourite characters and places from the series a new life

2) Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG Official Gameplay Trailer


Another blast from the past for 90’s kids, but unlike Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links, Pokemon TCG has grown up as much as you have (and probably more). Experience epic battles between the elements and summon your favourite Pocket Monsters from the past, or meet new friends and fall in love with Pokemon all over again. This stunning piece of digital card game goodness will keep you coming back to the Pokecenter time and time again.

Pokemon TCG has always been unique, instead of mana it uses “energy”, and Pokemon battle each other one at a time. You have a “bench” of Pokemon waiting in the wings to jump in the ring if your first one goes down. This adds an element of strategy not present in other games, since your opponent will know what threats you have before you play them. Pokemon TCG is a great game for those new to the CCG scene, for fans of the series, and for hardcore CCG fans. It is available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Pokemon TCG’s latest expansion Sun and Moon brings you to the tropical land of Alola for epic battles

Pokemon TCG has come a long way since the first Game Boy edition

1) Duelyst

Duelyst Gameplay

Duelyst (no that’s not a typo) is a seamless marriage of CCG and tactical RPG gameplay, science fiction themes, and 8-bit nostalgia. Players choose heroes and units from one of 6 factions to create unique decks. It is very similar to Hearthstone in many aspects, and shares a lot of the games core mechanics. The big difference is the interaction with the game board. Heroes and units are free to move around the board, interact with squares on the board, leave behind traps, block other units from advancing, and it adds an interesting strategic element missing from Blizzards game.

Duelyst is free to play, players can collect packs (orbs) with in game currency or real money. They offer casual play, ranked mode, and a draft mode similar to Hearthstone’s Arena mode. It also has a crafting system so you can alleviate some of the randomness associated with opening packs.

Overall Duelyst throws a great twist on Hearthstone’s gameplay and is a must play for online CCG fans. It is available on Steam for PC and MAC.

Duelyst is beautiful to look at, simple in its mechanics and deep in its strategy.

Whether you’re a seasoned CCG vet or a new player, Duelyst has something to offer every player

April still feels like a long way away for die-hard Hearthstone fans, but with so many quality options out there in CCG land, you’ll always have a fresh spell to sling.

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