[Top 25] Best Hearthstone Cards To Craft 2019/2020!

Best Hearthstone Cards To Craft 2019/2020!
With so many cards in the game, it can sometimes be confusing which to craft if you are tight on dust. Here are the 25 best cards to craft in the Saviours of Uldum expansion:

1.  Zilliax

What's awesome about Zilliax:

  • He is the most played card in the game
  • He offers healing to classes that can’t sustain themselves like hunter and rogue
  • He can be played as a strong buff when magnetizing him onto a mech


2.  Zephrys the Great

What's awesome about Zephrys the Great:

  • He is a staple card in all highlander decks
  • He can spot lethal and give you the card you need
  • He can serve as a board clear


3.  Khartut Defender

What's awesome about Khartut Defender:

  • He is a great defensive card
  • He can help you stabilize the game
  • Your opponent must attack him at least twice because of the reborn mechanic


4.  Sludge Slurper

What's awesome about Sludge Slurper:

  • He is used in almost every Shaman deck
  • He is a strong aggressive card
  • You get a lackey


5.  EVIL Cable Rat

What's awesome about EVIL Cable Rat:

  • He can give access to lackeys to all classes
  • He is used in token decks
  • He enables lackey synergies


6.  Mogu Fleshshaper

What's awesome about Mogu Fleshshaper:

  • It is really easy to reduce his cost
  • If you evolve him with “Mutate” you can summon strong minions for a lot less mana
  • You can remove an opponent’s minion before evolving him


7.  Siamat

What's awesome about Siamat:

  • He can remove an opponent’s minion while providing a big body
  • He can be played as a big taunt with divine shield
  • He can deal lots of damage if you choose windfury


8.  Mind Control Tech

What's awesome about Mind Control Tech:

  • He is strong against fast decks
  • He can single-handedly win you the game
  • He is mostly used in Quest Shaman decks, where his battlecry is triggered twice


9.  Questing Explorer

What's awesome about Questing Explorer:

  • She is a staple in all quest decks
  • She cycles your deck
  • She has strong stats and does not slow your tempo


10. Mutate

What's awesome about Mutate:

  • It can offer big tempo swings if played on particular minions
  • You can cheat out a lot of mana with it
  • You can get rid of bad deathrattles like Bomb Squad’s


11. Lifedrinker

What's awesome about Lifedrinker:

  • It can help you kill your opponent
  • He offers healing to classes that can’t sustain themselves like hunter and rogue
  • He can be a great “Mutate” target in Shaman decks


12. EVIL Miscreant

What's awesome about EVIL Miscreant:

  • He is one of the strongest Rogue cards
  • He can offer lots of value if you bounce him back with cards such as Shadowstep
  • He is used in almost every Rogue deck


13. Leeroy Jenkins

What's awesome about Leeroy Jenkins:

  • He is a staple card in every fast deck
  • He can provide you with lots of burst damage
  • He can be used as removal if necessary


14. EVIL Totem

What's awesome about EVIL Totem:

  • It will win you the game if your opponent can’t deal with him early
  • It can provide you with lots of battlecry minions, which are important in Quest Shaman
  • It can give you lots of value


15. Shadowstep

What's awesome about Shadowstep:

  • You can activate strong battlecries with it
  • You can heal you minions by replaying them with it
  • It is used in almost all Rogue decks


16. Corrupt the Waters

What's awesome about Corrupt the Waters:

  • This quest is really easy to complete
  • The upgraded hero power can give you a lot of value over time
  • It is arguably the best quest in the game


17. Sandstorm Elemental

What's awesome about Sandstorm Elemental:

  • It is really strong against aggressive decks
  • It serves as a board clear and also a fairly well-stated minion
  • It enables overload synergies


18. Shudderwock

What's awesome about Shudderwock:

  • This card can be used to make strong combos
  • It can also be used to gain a lot of value if you have played minions that generate cards
  • It can serve as a way to flood the board if you have played minions like Desert Hare


19. Secretkeeper

What's awesome about Secretkeeper:

  • She is one of the strongest one-drops in the game
  • She can snowball out of control
  • She is used in every deck that uses secrets


20. Weaponized Wasp

What's awesome about Weaponized Wasp:

  • It can serve as a small removal
  • It can give you some burst damage
  • It is really strong in Quest Shaman


21. Blink Fox

What's awesome about Blink Fox:

  • It is a well-stated three drop
  • It enables burgle synergies and can help complete the Rogue’s quest
  • It generates value


22. Vendetta

What's awesome about Vendetta:

  • It is  really easy to reduce its cost
  • It can offer you lots of tempo
  • It is a good removal option


23. Pharaoh Cat

What's awesome about Pharaoh Cat:

  • It is one of the strongest one drops in the game
  • There are many strong reborn minions it can give you
  • It can help you activate combo effects


24. Oasis Surger

What's awesome about Oasis Surger:

  • It is really strong, once you complete the Druid’s quest
  • It can remove 2 minions at the same time
  • It can be really mana efficient, providing you with 10/10 worth of stats for just 5 mana


25. Warpath

What's awesome about Warpath:

  • It can be very flexible and serve as both a small board clear and a big one
  • It is used in every control deck, the Warrior has
  • It can help you stabilize the game with ease


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