Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Game Poised for Esports

Gwent 2017
Take on the White Wolf if you dare!

The Witcher 3 mini-game takes center stage

Following the recent popularity of online collectible card games (Magic, Hearthstone, Duelyst and more) the folks at CD Projekt Red are making an impression with the release of their multi-platform release title, Gwent. Based on the mini-game within the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Gwent quickly became one of the most talked about features of the title with fans demanding it become a standalone game soon after. CD Projekt Red heard their fans loud and clear and began development back in June of 2016.

Relatively new to the world of esports, Gwent has started to gather a number of talented and celebrated esports players. MVP’s such as Nox and Lifecoach are just a few of the former Hearthstone players who have switched to what they believe is a more skill-based CCG experience.

CD Projekt Red’s decision to host a tournament so soon after Gwent’s release speaks to their ambitions and desire to trump other CCG heavy-hitters such as Hearthstone and Magic. Additionally, it demonstrates an awareness of the growing world of esports which has firmly established itself in the MOBA, FPS, fighting and real time strategy genres. With the addition of a multi-tiered skill-based experience, Gwent aims to become a major player in the esports arena.

Much of the adoration from fans comes from the level of dedication, detail, and diversity the devs have poured into the fledgling card game. Folks familiar with the recent trend in CCG will be familiar with the premise. Point-based cards are arranged on a board (this one including multiple tiers and stages, the battlefield being the most important one). Players have their choice of decks to pick from including Monster, the Northern Realms, the Nilfgaardians and more. Special leader cards can be employed to boost stats, cause instant and drastic changes to the battlefield, alongside the inherent complexity of card-based gaming.

Expectations are high for the fledgling card game and, to promote the recent launch of the beta, a full blown tournament at gamescom is underway. The range of players is quite large and features competitors from across the world including the United States, Brazil, Germany, and the Ukraine to name just a few. The gamescom prize pool is currently at $25,000 just to give players an idea of the stakes as well as CD Projekt Red’s desire to bring in competitive CCG players from around the world.

Players new to the growing esport arena can go to the official Gwent Youtube channel here for a detailed list of decks, tactics, patches, and releases to come.


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