[Top 25] Gwent Best Cards That Wreck Hard!

Gwent Best Cards
For those looking to wreck people online, here you go!

With 880 cards the question is which one’s pack a punch. And today we’ll find out just that. Investing in the right cards early will save you some scraps, and get you more wins.

25. Triss: Telekinesis

A mighty mage and powerful ally with unyielding potential.

A talented and powerful mage, from the Witcher. Here she is guaranteed at the beginning to get easy Alzur’s Thunder from a beginner. Using your opponent’s deck against them. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Your opponent is bound to have special cards, this will make it your advantage. 
  • This unit could be very reliable at the first legs of getting into Gwent. 
  • Reliable when it comes to using cards you may not have.

24. Korathi Heatwave

Barren and cracked land, has its uses.

How do you squash a civil unrest? Get it a Heatwave. Big units or artifacts can be removed for the remainder of the game. 

 What’s good about this card: 

  • Can answer more damaging moves made by your adversary. 
  • Very effective against decks that require set up and powerful units. 
  • Some enemy tactics will require things to be in the graveyard, banishment makes the tactic unusable.

23. Matta Hu’uri

A dance can be many things, this one is enticing.

A dancer and a very effective agent. She’ll get you your highest unit and they get their lowest.  

What’s good about this card: 

  • It’ll save you the trouble of luck giving you your highest card. 
  • Very simple unit to use. 
  • And easily getting exactly what you require from your deck.

22. Royal Decree

Many things can come of a decree, in your hands a blessing.

What’s better than royalty? With this decree you can play a unit straight from your deck. You can play any unit you so desire. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Get you a better outcome in a pinch. 
  • This gives you more utility regardless of cards in your hand. 
  • Who needs luck when you get to choose? 

This concludes the neutral cards section, now on to the factions. Each faction has its own best cards.

21. Yghern

Large and ruthless, best not to challenge this creature.

The bigger the insect the more devastation it rots. The shell of this beast getting higher with the number of cards you have in hand is invaluable. 

 What’s good about this card: 

  • Having the ability to armor up definitely allows for this unit to take quite the punishment. 
  • It is a powerful unit or tall ally, meaning it can get you the numbers if it goes unchallenged. 
  • Good set up fodder for a Necrophage unit.

20. Endrega Larva

These larva can grow to be quite the force to be reckoned with.

Another little critter that can become overwhelming. It can grow very quickly from the start of any round. And that makes it a must have in Monsters. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • This unit will summon a second possibly giving you 4 growing units. 
  • It thrives meaning for every ally unit with higher power then it added to the field boosts it. 
  • Shielded ally as well, giving it some damage mitigation as it grows. 

19. Bribery

You can harness the power of anyone, have you the right amount of coin.

Floren gets around and in this case, can get you plenty of value. Plenty of potential with this one card. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Against good adversary decks it can be quite the boon. 
  • A card that can definitely give you plenty of value. 
  • Plays well in most situations.

18. Ramon Tyrconnel

A knight truly dedicated to his members and cause.

Quite the soldier and knight, with an interesting bond with other units. He has quite the skill on the battlefield once deployed. This card has perfect tempo with other hard hitting, armored cards from the Nilfgaard faction. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Its ability alone makes it a versatile unit when working with Ard Feainn soldiers. 
  • And it can work well with none Ard soldiers as well. 
  • Very powerful in Nilfgaard decks. 

17. Usurper Officer

From the grips of low class soldier to ruler, Usurper, knows a thing or two.

A soldier then emperor, known only as the Usurper. A perfect set up for more points against unwitting opponents and potential row locking. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • A very synergetic unit. 
  • Strengthens how valuable spying can be. 
  • Gives flexibility to long game plans. 

16. Braathens

You may disagree with his harsh treatment to the young boy, he is still invaluable.

A strong Mage and Nilfgaard unit, much stronger than it looks. A very flexible unit in creating a chain of events that will take down your opponent. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Works well with spies and creates crazy combinations. 
  • Assimilate can be triggered pretty easily by other cards, boosting this unit. 
  • It is definitely able to keep a long game from getting dull. 

15. Bloody Baron

There are things no one can take back, perhaps.

Many ways to make this Father useable as a soldier. Each of his abilities either on melee row or range row is quite formidable. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • It can reset the power of units, due to Formation. 
  • With either a melee or a range placement, this ally can make do. 
  • Can make plenty of powerful plays. 

14. Falibor

Falibor, more then ready to gut any who cross him.

A bear of a unit, wielding quite the skill. Racking up Deathblows with this unit will increase its value once played on the field. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Due to the amount that can be gained from the total damage, this unit's value can be much greater. 
  • Multiple kills made with this unit is possible so long as they are low powered. 
  • End game and power play unit.

13. Philippa: Blind Fury

She may not hit the intended target, but, whoever does will know her fury.

A wicked mage with quite the potential damage output. Possibly could take 4 whole units off the field in her blind assault. 

What’s good about this unit: 

  • A control card of the highest power in the game. 
  • Able to eliminate 4-point engines. 
  • And though it is random after the initial Deploy damage, it has potential. 

12. Amphibious Assault

It's like tic tac toe, when you get the boats in the right locations.

Controlling the sea is just one step to taking a kingdom. A very consistent assault on the field due to its ability, Echo. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Creates a push in any Northern Realm deck, in first round. 
  • Turns bronze cards into gold cards in immediate setting of a unit, tempo. 
  • And helps play cards from your deck, thinning your deck. 

11. Barnabas Beckenbauer

Goat, the only way to travel and vendor goods.

Gnomes are rare in Gwent and that makes it a Thrive trigger unit. The boost for the separate types of races in Socia’Tael makes it quite valuable. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • It got tempo, base play for 6 which is good. 
  • But besides that, it can potentially play for 12 with boosts. 
  • Being a gnome is good. 

10. Call of the Forest

Will you heed its calls, to be amongst your own? 

Brokilon calls to those who are her children, this card calls whomever you like amongst them. Much like Royal Decree, it has any type of play you desire along with a boost. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • A faction specific card, though still very useable. 
  • Getting a boost never hurts. 
  • This can play some synergies with certain units. 

9. Water of Brokilon

Water to see, waters to forget.

A drink that will cleanse you of all troubles. High synergy and ability to call down more units creating more value out of this card. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • The two that it spawns are 4-points each. 
  • And the Harmony turns them into engines, or boosted value units. 
  • With many other cards to this faction the way it can be played is vast. 

8. The Great Oak

Even trees can grow angry of pests.

An interesting treant in communion with all the trees. A very powerful unit on either row in terms of them being stacked. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • The Great Oak can be boosted heavily by ally units. 
  • Or deal heavy amounts of damage. 
  • And do to it being a Treant it will boost Harmony units. 

7. Gigascorpion Decoction

Potent and very lethal, just a drop to drop the mightest foe.

Ah Alchemy at its finest. Very good at removing units from the field. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • A damage card, plain and simple. 
  • If you require a bit of set up for Bloodthirst, this will do. 
  • Wipe out units just as easily with using all six on one. 

6. Wild Boar of the Sea

This boat takes the tides as a weapon, washing out your foe.

A boat with a lot of power, Skellige has quite the tide rolling in with this ship. And the damage can turn the tide of battle quickly. 

What's good about this card: 

  • For its provision cost, bottom right, it can play for a lot. 
  • Considering that it can deal 2-points to damaged units. 
  • And deal just 1-point of damage to all enemy units, can take many points from your opponent’s side. 

5. Harald An Craite

A man bests a bear and the pain sharpens his blade.

A warrior and a bear tear into each other in the woods, transforming a man. An engine, meaning it builds value through its abilities. And it makes it incredibly good including its ability to consistently deal damage. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Random damage that feeds into other Skellige cards. 
  • Veil making status effects unable to stick to the unit. 
  • Can be brought back to the field with a faction effect, second wind. 

4. Blood Eagle

Very picture of being amongst the birds.

Many tortures are considered gruesome, this one is for the opponent. Another Echo that makes it possible to gain more value in a separate round. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Many warriors are within 8 or less in provisions. 
  • The Deathblow ability can be triggered in two ways. 
  • Consistently good for its respective faction. 

3. Street Urchins

Teach them young and they will be able to rob anyone blind.

The underground can exchange stolen goods for a comfy life, kids can get it done. Syndicate Faction is all about the money and this card is for profit. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • It pays for its own boost through initial profit gain. 
  • Being a Blindeyes it will aid with the faction scenario card. 
  • 3 profit is always nice.

2. Pickpocket

It may be criminal, but it has its place in the underground.

Helping yourself to another’s unaware wares. Straight profit for spending which gives lots of value. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Doesn’t take anything from plays. 
  • Gives a lot of profit to work with. 
  • Inactive gain, is all good things about this card. 

1. Philippa Eilhart 

Justice may be blind but so too are rulers.

Taking what is yours, is all about price. This one is all about set up and preparation, it will play off in a long game. 

What’s good about this card: 

  • Seize, you get to take an enemy and make it an ally. 
  • Through the fluid exchange of profit to the enemy unit, gives a potentially 9 power makes unit. 
  • And at its max pay you get triple value out of this ally. 

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