CD Projekt Red Hiring Gwent Esports manager

Do you have what it takes to run CDPR's Gwent team?

Developers of Gwent are currently looking for an Esports manager.

Posted on the developer’s jobs page list an opening for “a brilliant esports tactician, who knows how to tailor a multi-layered competitive gaming strategy suited for GWENT and is the game’s ambassador inside and outside of CD PROJEKT RED.” Those are big shoes to fill but, with the exponential growth in esports over the last few years and elite teams forming every day, you can be sure that CDPR’s going to have plenty of lengthy resumes to go through.

While this may sound like a casual gamer’s dream job, CDPR has been upfront about their expectations, duties, and prerequisites for the position.The manager's responsibilities include communication with marketing, game development teams, and “the creation of communication materials for every studio project.” So if you thought you were just going to game until your butt fell asleep, think again. The manager of CDPR’s Gwent team will be someone who is a full-fledged ambassador and able to communicate not only with the developer’s but with fans, and the esports community as a whole.

The candidate will also need to be someone already familiar with esports and has previous experience in-house experience with an esports team. Obviously management experience is a plus but CDPR wants it to be with esports; a tough prereq as the concept of team managers/CEO’s is a relatively new concept to the fledgling sport.

On the plus side, you get to go to Poland, home of The Witcher! On top of that, CDPR is emphasizing upward mobility and growth within a “booming industry.” The esports manager will have full benefits and work out of Venice Beach or Warsaw. All in all this is a pretty sweet deal and it will interesting to see who qualifies for the position as Gwent and CD Projekt Red continue to grow.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become the next big esports manager? Go to CDPR’s careers page here to apply.

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