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Smash Ultimate Best Players
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Over the years, there’s been a consensus about who the best players in SSBU are. Multiple tournament winnings have confirmed it. These are the current top 10 players in the world today. Every player on this list has earned their spot through blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of games.

 10. Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby

Dabuz and his luscious lips

You should know this  is Dabuz due to his meme-worthy lips. He plays for the United States and has a creative approach to the game. His damage output tops the charts with his Rosalina and Luma and Olimar. With Rosalina, he has above average edgeguarding since she’s lightweight.  He’s also notorious for using Olimar's strong up smash since it’s a high-damaging combo tool.

Some facts about Dabuz:

  • Joined Team Liquid on March 7th, 2019
  • Ranked 1st in New York City Ultimate Power Rankings
  • Takes detailed notes on other players & matchups
  • Uses tags with motivating words of advice to stay composed
  • Sometimes brings Luma plushie to tournaments

Highest achievement:

  • Won the Thunder Smash on May 5th, 2019, earning $20k.

Watch Dabuz in action:

9. Paris “Light” Ramirez Garcia

Light, the super Saiyan 

This is “Light,” who is also known as “Rogue Light.” He plays for the United States and has earned this spot through his impeccable precision. He’s a Fox main and can sometimes have a brash playstyle, though quick. His playstyle will more than likely propel him forward to win more tournaments. Since he plays Fox, he uses high precision, exerts pressure, and reaps the rewards.

Some interesting facts about Light:

  • Joined “Rogue” on February 21st, 2019 and parted ways March 21st, 2020
  • 20-years-old
  • Is actually a Saiyan God
  • No surprise his secondaries are Falco & Wolf
  • Loves “Boy Meets World”
  • His highest achievement is considered to be that he won Super Smash Con 2019 and earned $2,164.

Check him for updates:

8. Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada

Nairo, the hardcore streamer

This player is known as “Nairo” and he mains Palutena while his secondary is Zero Suit Samus. Nairo utilizes a crowd-pleasing playstyle and tends to favor Palutena, which can put him at a disadvantage in certain matchups. Since Palutena is his go-to, his ground game is strong and he tends to go for high-damage grabs.

Some interesting facts:

  • Ranked as the 2nd best Wii U Smash player on PGR100
  • Known as the best Wii U Zero Suit Samus in the world
  • Signed by NRG Esports in 2016
  • In 2016, he won about $33k
  • Live streams have garnered over 10 million views

His highest achievement:

  • The most money he has won at a time was $12,500 at Battle for Vegas on the Wii U.

Watch him on:

7. Enrique "Maister" Hernández Solís

Maister, best Mr. Game & Watch

Maister plays for Mexico and mains Mr. Game & Watch. As a result, he has a tricky and aggressive bait and punish playstyle. His clever usage of throws and aerials rack up massive amounts of damage. He is notorious for repeatedly using Mr. Game and Watch's strong, yet safe smash attacks to condition his opponent to shield more, allowing grabs.

Interesting facts:

  • Is basically always in the “avatar state”
  • Considered best Game & Watch in the world
  • His breakout tournament was Genesis 5
  • Ranked 8th in final Mexican Smash 4 Power Rankings
  • Won 26 consecutive tournament sets in Chicago

One of his highest achievements:

  • Maister won Combo Breaker 2018 with Super Smash Bros on Wii U.

Watch him on:

6. Eric “ESAM” Lew

ESAM, best Pikachu in the world

For years, ESAM has been going strong with Pikachu in SSBU and on Wii U. His secondaries are Zero Suit Samus and Samus. He’s an American player, who is characterized by aggression. His ability to switch to a defensive playstyle is why he’ll continue to move up the ranks. His edge guarding and edge trapping ability is well-known, so if his opponent flies off stage, they’re as good as KOd.

Some facts about ESAM:

  • Favorite pokemon is Dragonair
  • Likes to go by “Mr. Clean” due to his bald head
  • Record on MkLeo in Ultimate is (2-2)
  • When he was 5, he watched his father play Super Metroid, which is why he loves Samus
  • Considered best Pikachu player in the world

A great achievement:

  • A recent notable win is that ESAM defeated Nairo in Genesis 7 in January.

Watch his adventures:

5. William “Gluttony” Belaid

Gluttony, known as the best Wario in the world

Gluttony is from France and mains Wario. He’s also known as the best Wario in the world alongside “Tweek.”. You can watch him throw his heavy bike around with devastating hits. He has been described as having an aggressive playstyle. Some people say he works very well under pressure and describe him as the “clutchest player” or “the king of clutch.”

Some facts about Gluttony:

  • Considered the best Ultimate player in Europe
  • Ranked 1st in French Ultimate Power Rankings
  • First Wario player to place top 8 at a French Brawl tournament
  • Tag is after Fullmetal Alchemist character Gluttony
  • Joined team Solary in 2019

A notable achievement:

  • Won $6,749 from Smash Ultimate Summit (singles). His 3rd place finish made up about 12% of his total prize money won. 

You can watch him here:

4. Tyler “Marss” Martins

Marss, "The Clacker"

Marss is a Zero Suit Samus player from the United States. He is known for his quick and aggressive punish style while in game. He can easily take his aerial characters and create out-of-the-box edgeguards. Since he mains Zero Suit Samus, he goes deep for those edgeguards thanks to the character’s incredible recovery. 

Fun facts:

  • Friends call him “The Clacker” 
  • Known to wear pajama pants during tournaments
  • Ironically known as “ZSS sux” on Twitter
  • Lives in Massachusetts
  • 21-years-old

Recent notable achievement:

  • In January 2020, he KOd MkLeo while wearing pajama pants at Genesis 7 “To be no. 1, I gotta play like I just did today.”

You can stay updated on his channels:

3. Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey

Tweek, switches mains like a boss

Tweek has a methodical, punish-heavy style of playing with all his characters. He switches mains all the time. Due to this, Tweek can kill early in the game.  often uses his character's high-risk,-high-reward combo starters in neutral.

Some facts about Tweek:

  • The most he’s won in a single tournament was $7k
  • Constantly switches mains
  • Has a winning streak at even-numbered Glitch events
  • Mains Wario, Pokemon Trainer, & Wolf
  • Before he turned 18, he won about $2k
  • He has won a plethora of tournaments including Let’s Make Moves, Glitch 6, Frostbite 2019, Get On My Level 2019: Ultimate, Low Tier City 7: Ultimate, and Glitch 8

You can get updates from him here:

2. Ezra “Samsora” Morris

Samsora, best Peach in the world

Bait and punish is how Samsora plays dominates for the United States. Some people say he is one of the most dynamic people to play in Ultimate. Samsora lets the opponent approach, dashes backward to outpace their attack, and then punishes them. He also  uses jump bait and punish since Peach has an uncanny floating ability.


  • Considered best Peach main in the world
  • His tag is based on Grand Chase character “Samsara”
  • At Smash Ultimate Summit 2, he cosplayed as Peach
  • Known for speaking poor English
  • Struggles with the Peach and Mr. Game & Watch matchup


  • Placed 1st at the Shine: 2019 Ultimate, earning about $3k.

You can watch him on his channels:

1. Leonardo “MkLeo” López Pérez

MkLeo, best Smasher in the world

You definitely saw the winner of this spot coming. MkLeo is known for his patient and calculative, yet aggressive, playstyle. This grants him a strong punish game. He also sometimes plays mind games. When Joker summons Arsene, MkLeo closes stocks with precise timing of edgeguards and grab combos.

Some interesting facts:

  • The MK in his tag stands for “Monster Kingdom” which is a local game store owned by his brother
  • He often enters doubles with Gluttony in majors
  • Fan of Korean Pop culture
  • In a Smash 4 tournament at the 2GG Championship, he won $20k
  • MkLeo & his cousin Javi are considered one of the best double teams in the world

Recent achievement:

  • He won SSBU Singles at Frostbite 2020

You can keep an eye on him here:

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