[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Best Beginner Characters

Smash Ultimate Best Beginner Characters
With a roster this big, some characters are bound to be easy to pick up

Are you looking to learn Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Looking for a character that will help you develop the necessary skills to beat your friends without taking up too much time? Look no further! This list will provide you with 10 characters that will give you the best introduction to Smash Ultimate.

10. Ike

Ike, the swordsmen from Fire Emblem wields Ragnell, a sword with range and power that helps him get K.O.s early in the game. Ike is heavy, which means that he is slow but powerful. His power is what makes him an asset to newer players because with just a few hits your opponent will have enough damage to get launched by a powerful attack.

Why Ike is Great

  • Powerful smash attacks that will K.O. opponents much quicker than other characters
  • Good range thanks to his beefy sword
  • A Neutral air that combos into most of his ariel attacks


9.Simon and Richter

Simon and Richter, the newcomers from Castlevania are some of the best defensive characters in Smash Ultimate. They can create walls with their heavy arsenal of projectile weapons including; Holy Water, Cross, and Axe. These three combined will make it difficult for any opponent to get close enough to hit you. They also have their whip, which gives them the ability to outrange almost the entire cast.

Why Simon and Richter are Great

  • Projectiles allow them to wall out their opponent, keeping you safe from incoming attacks
  • Attack range that will frighten even the strongest of attackers
  • Their whip can tether to the ledge, allowing them to recover from a great distance


8. King K. Rool

King. K Rool, the crocodile nemesis of Donkey Kong, is a new addition to Smash Ultimate. This pirate will terrorize you if you don’t know how to deal with him. Armed with his blunderbuss and crown, this character has great projectile options to keep you safe from other characters.

Why King K. Rool is Great

  • His belly armor keeps him safe while he uses many of his attacks
  • Being the second heaviest character, it takes a powerful launch to kill him
  • His down-tilt and down throw bury the opponent, allowing you to follow up with a powerful attack


7. Ganondorf

The King of Darkness has a new moveset in Ultimate, finally allowing the villain of the Legend of Zelda series to wield his mighty sword. This sword provides him with some much-needed range, and while the sword attacks are slow, they can net him some K.O.s at impressively low percent.

Why Ganondorf is Great 

  • High damage output gets your opponent at a risky percent early on
  • Ganondorf is heavy, making him harder to knock out until you get him to high percent
  • His sword can hit opponents on the platforms above him, letting him cover more options


6. Kirby

Kirby has been around since Smash Brothers 64. The pink Dreamland resident is a great character for beginners. His low weight makes him easier to control, and he has plenty of basic combos that are great for beginners to learn smash.

Why Kirby is Great

  • Kirby has five midair jumps, giving you plenty of chances to recover
  • His copy ability allows you to use the neutral special of his opponent
  • If you are in the lead, you can inhale your opponent and jump off the side, just remember that they can break out!


5. Ness

Ness from the Earthbound series has also been around since the very first smash brothers. Ness is infamous for one single move that makes him very popular with newer players; PK fire. This move allows him to grab, launch, or begin a combo on an opponent who is stuck in his fire.

Why Ness is Great

  • With such a strong back throw, you’ll want to grab your opponents a lot
  • Ness has a recovery that doubles as an extremely strong launcher
  • Ness’s PK fire nets him kills, damage, and positioning on the stage


4. Lucina

Lucina, another sword wielder from Fire Emblem was added to the game during Smash 4. She is an echo fighter of Marth, but her slight change from Marth makes her much easier to pick up. While Marth’s sword does more damage at the tip and less at the base, Lucina’s sword does the same damage and knockback wherever it hits. This change makes her less technical, and more consistent.

Why Lucina was Great

  • Her sword gives her great range on all of her attacks
  • She has a run speed in the top 20 of the roster, making her great at quick attacks
  • She does consistent damage throughout your sword, so you have to worry less about spacing your attacks


3. Mario

Mario, the face of Nintendo, and the star of more games than I can count. Mario is specifically designed to be a beginner character. With good mobility, simple but punishing combos, and some flashy fun moves, he is great for any new player.

Why Mario is Great

  • His F.L.U.D.D. allows him to push opponents off the stage, giving him an opportunity to edge guard
  • His combos are simple and often only require his up air and neutral air
  • His crushing forward air can spike opponents, K.O.ing them early


2. Palutena

Palutena, the goddess from the Kid Icarus series got an overhaul from her last appearance in Smash 4. She is now a top tier character, but she is much easier to play than most top tiers in smash. She shines in the air, with fast and damaging ariel moves that will teach you the fundamentals of air fighting.

Why Palutena is Great

  • Her up smash is great for covering foes that are landing above you, but also can hit opponents that are holding onto the ledge for too long
  • Her neutral air carries opponents inside of it, and often links into another neutral air or one of her other ariels
  • Her down throw puts your opponent into a 50/50 where if they guess wrong, they may be K.O.ed early


1. Cloud

Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife is easily the best character for beginners. With a massive sword that deals a lot of damage while also being quick, he holds the number one spot on this list. Cloud offers a unique kit that is boosted when he fills his limit meter, allowing him to unleash devastating special attacks.

Why Cloud is Great

  • With the 11th fastest run speed in the game, he easily outmaneuvers slower opponents
  • His sword provides him with excellent reach, without being slow enough to put him at risk of counterattack
  • His limit meter allows for his special attacks to become killer moves, even at low percent


Hopefully, this list helped you pick out a character to start with for Smash Ultimate! Just because these characters are for beginners doesn’t mean that you should drop them when you get better. Some of the best players in the world used these characters!


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