Smash Ultimate Tournaments List (All Major Tournaments To Watch)

Smash Ultimate Tournaments
Looking to up your game in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Just watch and learn.

What are the biggest and most exciting Smash Ultimate tournaments?

When trying to pick up a new skill, often the best thing you can do is learn through observation. Watching professionals play at the highest level will not only give you a feel for the pace of competitive play, but will help you store strategies to use when you pick up the controller. To help you find only the best material to learn from, I’ve compiled a list of the largest Smash Ultimate tournaments of 2019; sorted chronologically.


GENESIS 6, one of the longest running tournament series

GENESIS 6 is the sixth installment in the GENESIS tournament series. This national tournament runs annually in California, with the latest being hosted in Oakland. This series has been rising in popularity each year, and its Smash Ultimate tournament had far and away the most competitors of any major tournament this year.

Date: February 1-3, 2019

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Grand Prize: $8,420

Entrants: 2,105


2. Frostbite 2019

Frostbite, Michigan's premier event

Frostbite 2019 is the third installment in the tournament series by the same name. The tournament is held annually in Michigan, with the latest being hosted in the city of Detroit. This series has seen tremendous growth over the years, evolving from a regional to a national; definitely one worth checking out.

Date: February 22-24, 2019

Venue: Crowne Plaza Detroit

Grand Prize: $4,956

Entrants: 1,239


3. MomoCon 2019

Momocon, one of the south's most popular events

In contrast to the previous entries on this list, MomoCon is a gaming/comic convention. The convention is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been running since 2011. Aside from featuring all the booths, shows, and pandemonium you’d expect from a convention, the long tenured event has been a staple of the competitive Smash Bros. season, yielding one of the largest turnouts of 2019 so far.

Date: May 23-26, 2019

Venue: Georgia World Congress Center

Grand Prize: $4,500

Entrants: 1,250


4. Smash ‘N’ Splash 5

Smash 'N' Splash kicks summer off with a bang

Smash ‘N’ Splash 5, is the fifth installment of the Smash ‘N’ Splash series. This tournament series has been running annually since 2015, and has been held in Wisconsin for the past 3 years. This tournament has always been a fan favorite as it ushers in the summer season of competitive play.

Date: May 31- June 2, 2019

Venue: Kalahari Resort & Convention Center

Grand Prize: $6,400

Entrants: 1,610


5. CEO 2019

CEO is a guaranteed highlight reel

CEO is a premier fighting game tournament series that’s been running for about a decade. This tournament is celebrated for its elite competition and fiery atmosphere. Held annually in Florida, this tournament is iconic; some of the most famous moments in competitive fighting games have taken place at CEO. I would’ve given it the title of the most important tournament if not for the next entry on this list.

Date: June 28-30, 2019

Venue: Ocean Center

Grand Prize: $5,820

Entrants: 1,164


6. EVO 2019

EVO is, without a doubt, the most important event of the year

The Evolution Championship Series, known as EVO for short, is the largest stage for fighting game competitions. In many ways EVO is the grandfather to all modern day fighter tournaments. Having run annually in Las Vegas since 1996, countless legendary moments and careers have been made. If you’re looking for the highest level of play for any fighting game, Smash included, this should be the first place you look.

Date: August 2-4, 2019

Venue: Mandalay Bay Events Center

Grand Prize: TBD

Entrants: TBD


7. Super Smash Con 2019

Super Smash Con is a fun and welcoming event for all in the community

As the name implies, Super Smash Con is a convention for all things Smash Bros. Held annually in Chantilly, Virginia, this convention is home to one of the largest smash tournaments in the world, with previous installments having yielded over 1,000 participants.

Date: August 8-11, 2019

Venue: Dulles Expo Center

Grand Prize: TBD

Entrants: TBD



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