10 Best Smash Ultimate Custom Stages

Smash Ultimate best Custom Stages
Sometimes using the same old stages can get boring, let’s mix it up!

Which Are the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Custom Stages?

In previous versions of Smash, the stage builder feature had often been met with indifference. It seemed as though the majority of the community lacked interest in taking the time to create their own stages. However, with the latest version upon us, we’ve seen what can only be described as a renaissance. Due to the increased capabilities of the program creative minds across the community are producing just about any and every possible stage imaginable. Today we’re going to highlight the finest art the Smash community has to offer. If a stage is present on this list it’s because it falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Extremely creative
  • Funny
  • Adds a new dynamic to the game

10. white sedan (ID:GW3DY2DT)

"Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

As anyone with a childhood can tell you, this stage is a reference to the iconic episode of Sponegebob where the immortal line, “Is mayonnaise an instrument” was first uttered. To be perfectly honest, I was impressed not just by the accuracy of this stage’s design, but even more by the fact that someone thought to create it. This stage is a huge fan favorite and is a must-download for sure. 


  • Moving stage
  • Hilarious design
  • Accurate to source material

9. Smashket-Ball (ID:1CPHDTB0)

A fan favorite minigame in the Smash community

“Smashketball” is a fan made mini game adding a new spin to the typical combat dynamic. As the name implies, this stage is aimed at being a fusion between basketball and Smash. This is evident by the goal of the game, which is to throw your opponent into the downward facing cannons (simulating hoops). This is a fun and easy way to revamp your gameplay if you need a break from a traditional free for all.


  • Excellent design
  • Creative concept
  • Unique dynamic is added

8. Attack on Titan (ID:0RV42QLY)

On that day, everything changed

Fans of the hit anime series “Attack on Titan” will surely remember this as the scene that started it all. The Colossal Titan breaking down the wall cemented Attack on Titan as a pop culture icon, and this stage immortalizes it in wonderful stage form. 


  • Excellent design
  • Accurate to source material
  • Capitalizes on the ‘crossover’ quality that defines Smash

7. Kirby WorldEater (ID: 8HTXQ04V)

Iconic scene from 'Kirby: Right Back at Ya!'

Beyond being an adorable reference to a scene from TV series “Kirby: Right Back at Ya!” what sets this stage apart from others is its dynamic quality. The majority of custom stages are purely aesthetic changes.. This stage, on the other hand, has platforms (designed as food of course) being inhaled toward Kirby. This added bonus to an already visually gorgeous stage earns it a spot on this top 10.


  • Unique design
  • Creative stage mechanics
  • Uniquely changes up the way games are played

6. Smash-Ception (ID: 6XG7P25V)

Smash-Ception is one of the more innovative concepts on Stage Builder

As is clear by the name, “Smash-Ception” is the artist’s attempt at creating a game inside of a game. Although the stage design itself is somewhat minimalistic, the concept is extremely innovative. Additionally, the fact that the only kill window is off the top, with lava at the bottom guarantees someone is going to get trapped bouncing endlessly off the walls. If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, this is the perfect stage for a long, and drawn out war.


  • Innovative concept
  • Lava floor
  • Extends matches by making kills more difficult.

5. Tetris (ID: KVL5SP0X)

The always popular Tetris stage returns in Smash Ultimate

With every version of Smash comes another version of the infamous Tetris stage. While I’m not here to pick and choose which version is the best, I will say that the version in Smash Ultimate is truly something to behold. With a vibrant color scheme and mesmerizing tetris blocks swirling in the vast and murky unknown of the cosmos, this stage is truly beautiful. I’d love to see an update where the background tetris blocks are converted into floating platforms though.


  • Checks ‘obligatory tetris stage’ box
  • True to the source material
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Bonus: you’ve got to love the tetris music paired with the stage

4. SquidwardChokes2 (ID: 4FC02NL5)

*Choking noises*

This has got to be one of the most obscure references to a show someone could conjure up. I never would’ve expected to see a callback to Squidward choking on a fork at all, let alone as a stage in Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the sheer absurdity, and comedic value inherent to this stage, I couldn’t help but give it a spot in the top 5.


  • Easily one of the funniest stages out there
  • The fork is designed to pivot back and forth
  • Someone took the time to make this

3. DVD Logo (ID: 3377R452)

Oh, the nostalgia

For some reason Smash’s stage builder is forcing me to access the deepest crevices of my childhood memories in order to understand what I’m looking at. How someone was able to recall the bouncing DVD logo baffles and mystifies me. Something about the DVD logo platform moving gracefully about the black backdrop is oddly satisfying.


  • Peak nostalgia
  • The logo moves in accordance with the real world inspiration
  • Someone took the time to make this

2. Wah! (ID: PBP3F58R)

Maybe someday...

In a strange way, some of my fondest memories of my favorite games have to do with the build up and anticipation leading up to their release. For Smash Ultimate, one thing I looked forward to with each and every Nintendo Direct, was new ways they would make a mockery of Waluigi’s exclusion from the game. Despite the constant Waluigi taunting on the internet, it seems he’s finally made his way into Smash. Unfortunately for him, it’s from the inside looking out; beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.


  • Extremely creative
  • Absolutely hilarious
  • Grants Waluigi’s final wish

1. Smash64 Desk FIX (ID:BY4K8Y68)

Back to where it all began

Fans who’ve been lovers of the Smash Bros. franchise since the very beginning will instantly recognize this stage as an homage to the opening cinematic for Smash on the N64. Every last detail of the desk is designed perfectly. Beyond simply inducing nostalgia, this stage really puts into perspective just how far the beloved series has come. The simple design is reminiscent of the original N64 graphics, which contrast starkly with upgraded scale of things we get to experience today. Nevertheless, the realization that the magic of the series is just as potent as it’s ever been is touching, making this the ultimate feel-good stage.


  • Strongly appeals to nostalgia
  • Aesthetic style mimics original N64 graphics
  • Creative and fitting concept for a stage


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