[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Best Custom Stages

Smash Ultimate Best Custom Stages
You can fight on the desk from the Smash 64 intro!!!

[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Best Custom Stages


10. Offline fun

  Start at 8:16 for Offline fun

This stage is so creative and silly. I truly love it. Custom stages can be functional, fun, or artistically inspired and this one is a clear example of an artistically inspired stage. Everyone has played it, the google chrome “You’re offline” game. Turning it into a stage is a funny idea and it looks great. Not the most fun to play on but it’s the only spinning stage on the list and it’s kinda playable. 


9. MT. Moon

  Start at 2:37 for MT. mooM

Smash Ultimate is a game with many pokemon stages. In the competitive scene, it also has multiple legal pokemon stages. To make a pokemon stage that is actually interesting and competitively viable is a feat. Mt. Moon is that stage. It has a style unlike any pokemon stage in the game and has a unique fun platform layout that is unique in the competitive stage list. 


8. Planet Zebes

   Start at 17s for Planet Zebes

This is a recreation of one of the few stages taken out of smash ultimate from previous smash games. That alone isn’t enough to be one of the best custom stages, but Zebes is a stage with a gimmick hard to replicate. The stage in previous smash games would have acid rise and hit fighters. To replicate that, the creator of this stage made a very complicated system to move a yellow wall (the acid) to move up to the stage and damage fighters. The stage doesn’t break apart like the original, but the acid effect alone makes it special enough for this list.  


7. Clock Town Majora’s mask

Start at 15s for Clocktown

Clock Town is a missing stage concept from the main game of smash brothers. While Great bay is the Majora’s mask stage rep, Clock tower makes a lot more sense. I love the look of this stage. It’s simple but the little tricks to get the details of the Clock tower are so clever. 


6. Green Hill Boss

  Start at 3:25 for Greenhill Boss

The Sonic franchise has two stages in smash and I find them both very underwhelming. This stage is better than the two official stages by a long shot. This recreates the fight with Dr. Wiley in the first level of the original Sonic game. The hazard of the wrecking ball is a fun bit to spice up combat and is reminiscent of the source material. 


5. Tetris

  Start at 3:51 for Tetris

Tetris is a game not represented in smash and considering almost every major game is represented in smash, that is a crime. There are a ton of fan-made tetris stages but this one is the best. While you can’t replicate tetris gameplay in stage builder, the look of this stage is awesome. It’s not that crazy of a stage so it can be really fun to have some casual matches on. 


4. Underworld- Kid Icarus 

   Start at 5:56 for Underworld

Kid Icarus, like Sonic, has a small amount of stages in the game, and the stages in the game are not that fun. Maybe Reset Bomb forest is fun, but when it becomes that forest, it’s not that fun. Also, the stage representing the original Kid Icarus game looks nothing like the original game. That’s where Underworld comes in. This is a super neat stage that looks like the original Kid Icarus game and its simple design makes it fun to play on for some serious matches. 


3. Smash Soccer

   Start at 6:43 for Smash Soccer

This is one of the most fun stages. The mini-games made from custom stages are super fun. Smash Soccer is a super fun mode that resembles… soccer. It’s super fun to play with friends and will end up being a game to play once you’re done practicing on competitive stages. 


2. The Smash 64 desk

   Start at 8:43 for The Smash 64 Desk

In doing research for this list, I didn’t think I’d find anything that would blow my mind. “I know smash brothers!” I thought as I poured over lists of custom stages. This stage was the one thing that made me go “Oh my god!” The desk from the intro of Smash 64 is one of the smartest stage design ideas. I think this idea is good enough for them to make this stage DLC in the future. Super cool idea, and simple enough to have some casual games on. 


1. Smashket Ball 

  Start at 5:26 for Smashketball

Smashket Ball is the most popular use of the stage builder. You can find multiple versions of this stage, all with different designs but the same concept. This is the most popular mini-game amongst smash fans for one reason. It’s fun. Trying to line up the perfect shot is hard when the ball is another player. It’s a perfect concept and maybe Nintendo will see how popular the idea is and make an official stage for the next smash game.

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